November 14th, 2005

JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Wanted: Paradise Kiss Manga

Hi! I really want to finish Parakiss! I only read the first two books before I got in a fight with the girl who was letting me borrow it...Ugh, that was a few years ago. Anyway, I REALLY want to read it, and I am wanting the entire series. If anyone could sell it to me in a set I would love it, but of course I will buy/trade from as many different people as I have to to complete my collection XD

-I don't care what covers they are, I know there is an old and new format, but I'm not picky.
-I'd prefer if they were in nice condition (so if you have pics...hurray ^^)
-I would prefer to trade over purchasing, but if the price is right there is no way I'm gonna say no ^_^
-I would also prefer to pay only with Paypal, I don't have access to a post office right now so I can't mail money quickly enough.

If by some chance you want to trade, my items that are for sale/trade are here: <---This is my selling journal.

Anyway, please comment here if you want to help me.

Gothic Lolita Items, Manga, Movies!


I'm currently obsessed with the band Clavier and am looking for -anything- with their name on it. If you have any Clavier items please reply here!

ware die

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Here is what I have left from the last few times that I have posted. If you have looked before you will notice that I took the prices off the X Japan CD and DVD. I am asking for people to offer me what they think is reasonable. Please, please do not offer something like $5 :) All honest offers will be considered. Other changes have been made to prices as well. If you are interested in something, please respond to this post and I will get back to you. I can accept cash and PayPal. Sorry, but no credit card payment through paypal will be accepted. Shipping is included in the prices that I have stated in the cut. If you are going to make an offer on the X Japan CD or DVD please do so without shipping added on - I will tell you how much it will be for shipping on those two items. Thank you for looking!

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Jansen Kaim and Ming what the hell?

Selling games, manga and a load of random books

I'm selling Final Fantasy X & X - 2, Bride of Deimos 1-2, I.N.V.U and Under the glass moon as well as a load of buffy the vampire slayer books and a random assortment of other books.
I really need money and everything is cheap so please take a look ^^;


I also need to ask anyone that I bought items from to leave positive feedback for me in the feedback post at kawaiigaihan so that people know I am reliable.

Thank you!