November 17th, 2005

Jansen Kaim and Ming what the hell?

Looking for items and selling items ^^;

Hi there, first off I've just created a selling journal to get rid of a load of stuff I don't need anymore. Some of the items I have on offer are:
Final Fantasy X & X2 PS2 games
Manga [I.N.V.U, Bride of Deimos etc.]
and a load of other random stuff

You can find that at genkimaniasales ^_^.

I'm looking for:
Chobits DVD's 2+
Jrock posters [Offer any and I'll tell you if I want one ^^;]
Fruitsy/Decora clothes, accessories
Manga: Crazy Love story 5, other shojo romance manga
Newtype magazines [with posters]

I live in the UK so you need to be able to ship to here and I would prefer items that aren't over £30 [thats around $60] because I don't have a hell of a lot of money xD.

Selling excellent condition mangas!

I'm selling EACH for $5, and it INCLUDES shipping. :D
*NOTE TO PEOPLE I ALREADY TRANSACTED WITH: I have already sent out your mangas! All except for one person, I need to clear their check first. Thanks!*

Alice 19th Vol. 1
Alice 19th Vol. 2
Confidential Confessions Vol. 1
Confidential Confessions Vol. 2
Confidential Confessions Vol. 3
Eerie Queerie Vol. 1
Model Vol. 1
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Tom Felton by Rachel

Flyers! for sale

I have a plethora of flyers available for sale. My plan is to sell groups of 10 or more flyers for $12 and up, including shipping. The list below is what I have available at the moment. I have multiple copies for many of the flyers, but a few are limited to one copy, so ask about availability. A specific list of 10 flyers is fine, or just list a few that you want, and I will fill in the rest with what I have available at the time (not neccesarily with flyers on this list). In the case that a flyer you requested is no longer available, I will let you know, and we can fill the gap with another flyer.

The list will be updated as I run out of flyers by a particular band, and when I have a good supply of new flyers, I will make a new post with an updated list.

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Payment is as follows:

up to 10 flyers = $12 s/h from Japan included in all prices
15 flyers = $15
20 flyers = $20

I accept PayPal, money orders, and cash to my US address. Once payment is recieved, the flyers will be shipped in a large envelope to avoid folding them (any folds in flyers were there when I recieved them).
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DVDs & goods for sale!

Selling a bunch of items including:

-Final Fantasy Unlimited DVD 1 w/box - $15
-Armitage Dual Matrix DVD Lunchbow set with limited Todd McFarlane Figure - $20
-.Hack DS Grunty Plush w/ tags - $10
-Shaman King Anna OFFICIAL cosplay necklace & bracelet - $40
-Fruits Basket Complete Licensed DVD box set - $60
-Dragon Drive DVD 1 - $6
-Dragon Drive DVD 2 - $6
-Battle Royale HK DVD - $8

Prices do not include shipping. I will ship worldwide. I accept Paypal, POSTAL Money Orders, & Concealed cash! Payment must be in within 7 days of payment or items go off to the next buyer!

I can provide pictures if needed but all items are pristine!

I have over 900 positive comments on eBay, so buy with confidence!

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Furuba Yuki Rat

Manga for Sale

Hi. ^^
I am a new member here, so I don't really know the best way to mention what I am selling on ebay currently, so I am just going to do my best.
Currently I have two manga series' for sale. The first is the entire Chobits series, translated by Tokyopop. They are used books, I read book one twice and books 2-8 once. Book one sustains the most damage, which is basic wear and tear. The description on the auction is better.
Also for sale is the Psychic Academy series, which isn't yet finished. I am selling volumes 1-9, and again they are translasted by Tokyopop. Excellent condition, only read once. My email is and my ebay username is Tirdaelyn.
Links for both auctions are as follows...
Chobits Auction
Psychic Academy Auction

Thank you. ^^
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