November 24th, 2005

  • daryl

Manga and CD for sale

All items are in used but excellent condition. The manga have some slight wear on the corners. Shipping is $2.50 via first-class mail to anywhere in the U.S. for 1 CD or book; anything over that, shipping will be via priority mail and costs will be calculated. International buyers welcome; shipping costs depend on your country and the weight of the item. Paypal preferred but I will accept money orders via snail mail.

Please respond to this post if interested or if you have questions. Thanks for looking!

Manga: $5 each

  • Boys Over Flowers vol. 8 (Hana Yori Dango) by Yoko Kamio
  • Bride of Deimos vol. 5 by Yuho Ashibe and Etsuko Ikeda
  • Swan vol. 1 by Ariyoshi Kyoko

CD: $10
Natsukahi no TV Anime Shudaika - Memorial Shoujo Anime-hen (Shoujo anime theme song collection): COCC-10805. Obi is NOT included. 18 songs. CD has slight scuffs that do NOT afect playback. Liner notes include lyrics in kana/kanji.

cheap kodona stuff?

Hey everyone! XD
I used to be a gosurori and I still love it, but I've cut off my long hair and now it doesn't suit be quite as well.
I'm looking for some cheap kodona clothes~
I wear shirts in juniors M/L and pants size 8-9
do hats have sizes? o_0
I'm looking for a top hat too~
I can only use concealed cash, btw

and I can sell/trade? this dress
it's on a friend but it fits my measurments (37-27-38) with some room to spare.
DIY two layer dk blue loli dress, with small sunflower theme, comes with matching headdress.
I can put it on and take some pictures if any one is interested, though with my short hair, I can't wear the headress.

Thank you!

(no subject)

Hey everyone~

Selling Dir en grey's TOUR 04 THE CODE OF VULGAR[ism] DVD. This is the special, two disc (second disc has footage from 2003 tour) with slipcase first press edition. In good condition, but slipcase has light scratches from being against other DVDs. It is out of print, and when available (more than a year ago) retailed for about $65, so I'd like to get $40 for it, but I will take less if there are no other offers and will take more if it is offered over other $40 offers. Shipping within the US will be $3, international shipping is on a unique basis. I can only accept concealed US cash or a US postal money order.

DVD picture 1
DVD picture 2

Thanks for looking~
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god hates me

It's gotta goooooooo ;___;

Ok! I deffinately need help you guys. I have to get rid of this stuff NOW. I've put prices as low as I'd like to sell for, but if you wanna haggle for cheaper you're free to go for it. :O


$3 Chelsea "Trash" dt rare 1,000 limited with 2 tracks
$6 Cascade "80*60=98" cd wear and slight tear on cover, but cd and plastic lyric sheets in good condition. 13 tracks
$6 Cascade "kodomo z" cd. 13 tracks slight wear on the cover, but cd and booklet in great condition.
$10 Danger Gang "Crash" cd. 4 tracks in great condition.
$10 Living Dead "Adabana" cd rare 500 limited in great condition with obi strip. 2 tracks
$6 Palette "Atelier" cd. 6 tracks
$10 Aliza Marie "Hakanaki michi hate no sora" 2000 limited cd. 2 tracks
$10 Aliza Marie "Hanayagu michi hate no chi" 2000 limited cd 3 tracks
$2 Pierrot/Yoshiki poster Pierrot side and Yoshiki side

I also have a billion Flyers so if you want I will sell a pack of 20 for $5 or 40 for $10 if you can tell me what bands you like. To give an example I have Panic Channel, 12012, alice nine, phantasmagoria, kagrra, vidoll, miyavi, kisaki project, gazette, karen, kodomo a, Noiz, Mask, Nightmare, ect ect ect..


$1 Ramune Shitajiki
$5 set of 8 complete digimon puzzle cards. All form together to create one big image of the 8 main characters photo and another photo
$2 Gundam Wing doujinshi about 28 pages cover and inside
$5 2001 September Animage issue with Saiyuki cover photo
$4 each Card Captor Sakura original Japanese manga volumes 2 and 7 - 9
$2 Card Captor Sakura (Japanese) volume 5

Shipping prices ARE
for anybody in the US
$3.50 per cd, dt, mangas, or books
$1.00 for posters/shitajiki
$1.75 for 20 flyers and $2.50 for 40 ._.; Didn't look up postage rates correctly and it's a bit more expensive than I though. If you've already bought flyers from me by now you don't have to worry about paying that extra costs. I'll just handle it.

but if you want more than one thing OR are from out of the US Let me know so I can calculate the shipping cost.

I accept money order, check, or concealed cash and paypal. (Paypal is a bit preferred)
ALSO! I can only get to the PO on Wednesday and Fridays so any patience would be GREATLY appreciated!

If you have any questions <-- mail me.
  • cjk15

Cure 2005-12 Magazine

needs money in paypal ^^; so i'm selling my Cure 2005-12 Magazine for $15 (shipping included) with NO poster.

artsists include:: all Under Code Production bands, Ayabie, bis, BLOOD, D'espairsRay, Kagerou, KuRt, and Henzel...


Please check out my journal for more jrock stuff including flyers, a L'Arc~en~Ciel Single and a couple TMR Singles. I also have anime related stuff, and Hello Kitty, San-X, and Morning Glory Stationary.

Jrock Mags and Dir en Grey Calendar page!!!!

Hello! I have a few things I'd like to sell for a little extra holiday cash. ^___^ All items are in excellent condition unless otherwise noted. Prices include shipping (within the United States)

Magazines - $15 each

UV. 108 - Pierrot on cover.

Shoxx March 2005 - Kagrra on cover. Poster included. ON HOLD

Newsmaker No. 193 April 2005 Tetsu (L'arc en Ciel) on cover.


Dir en Grey Calendar Page/Poster (September/October) - Has been torn off the metal bar that holds the calendar together. Top edge is slightly rough, but barely noticeable. $7 in tube

2nd Effect VHS "Toxic of Pictures" 5 PVs, limited to 500 copies. autographed on inside of cover insert. $10/make offers

Payment: I accept and highly prefer PAYPAL to anything else. But will also accept money orders (international postal if outside the U.S.), personal checks, and very very well concealed cash at your own risk

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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