November 26th, 2005

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Paradise Kiss


I'm in desperate need of cash right now. So please help a poor girl out. I also have a small lot of artbooks on sale at my journal as well.

Manga - $6 or best offer.

- 50 Rules for Teenagers #1
- B.B. Explosion #1
- B.B. Explosion #3
- CLAMP School Detectives #1
- CLAMP School Detectives #2
- CLAMP School Detectives #3
- Clover #2 ($10)
- Clover #3 ($10)
- Clover #4 ($10)
- Couple #1
- Couple #2
- Crazy Love Story #1
- Crazy Love Story #3
- Cross #1
- Demon Diary #1
- Demon Diary #2
- Demon Diary #3
- Demon Diary #4
- Demon Diary #5
- Demon Diary #6
- Demon Diary #7
- Dolls #1
- Erika Sakurazawa's Angel Nest
- Erika Sakurazawa's The Aromatic Bitters
- Instant Teen #1
- Instant Teen #2
- Instant Teen #3
- Kill Me Kiss Me #3
- Madara #1
- Musashi #9 #1
- Neck and Neck #1
- Neck and Neck #2
- President Dad #1
- Saber Marionette J #5
- Saiyuki Japanese #3
- Sensual Phrase #1
- Sensual Phrase #2
- Sensual Phrase #3
- Sweet and Sensitive #1
- Until the Full Moon #1
- Until the Full Moon #2


I've added some new things for sale and updated everything. (I'll probably continue to update as I go ^^) I really need the money right now...
Everybody I am trading with, I have either sent out your items or I will send them out on Wednesday.
Here is my site, please take a look. ^_^

For Sale
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Moving sale

I just moved to another state and don't have a lot of room in this apartment. So I'm slowly seeing what I can part with. Just a few things at at time :)

All items are in near mint condition. Some manga still in original plastic wrapping! Just never got around to reading most of them, but I had to have them at the time.

Name your price! Reasonable offers will be considered. Shipping is through USPS flat rate box shipping for manga, large bubble envelope for manga. Let me know your zip code for accurate shipping cost. PayPal or conceled cash accepted.

~ 2002 Anime Bible in Japanese
~ Eerie Queerie manga (vol 1-4 complete) in English
~ Original Kenshin Japanese manga (all in raw Japanese) vol 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28 (final)
~ Peach Girl Manga (vol 1-8) fisrt edition (read left to right) in English
~ Fruits Basket manga (vol 1-8) in English.
~ Rurouni Kenshin Brilliant Collection 3 CD box set with mini booklet (in Japanese)

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(no subject)

All prices include shipping and handling within the USA. The magazines will be sent by the flat rate priority envelope, and the mangas will be sent by media mail. I accept concealed cash and money orders, but no PAYPAL.

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the last  l o l l i

selling selling!


hey everyone~
i have a LOT of things to sell...
all the pictures of the items are in the photobucket account. if you're interested in anything or need a better picture, please leave a comment here or feel free to e-mail me at synchronized.rockers [at]

prices are negotiable... these things must go~

please check it out- you may find some great christmas presents!
CDs, VCDs, DVDs, posters, plushies, magazines...


Jrock Magazines FOR SALE!

I'm selling more of my Jrock magazines. Please take a look at what I have!

All prices include shipping within the USA and Canada! Otherwise, please just ask and I will tell you how much shipping will be to your country. I really, really prefer paypal. However, if you absolutely can not pay via paypal, I will also accept money orders and very well concealed cash at your own risk. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or email me:

I'm going to look through my posters later too, so I might have more to offer, but for now...

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(no subject)

Does anyone have a Hellcatz phone strap or big bag? Like an over the shoulder bag. I have the mobile phone holder and can only find the purses..which I don't want...x_x I love the Hellcatz characters so if anyone has anything or any information..I'd be really greatful ^_^
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hay guyz!

again with lowered prices

lowered prices and added some things.


$2 Chelsea "Trash" dt rare 1,000 limited with 2 tracks
$5 Cascade "80*60=98" slight tear on cover, but cd and plastic lyric sheets in great condition. 13 tracks
$5 Cascade "kodomo z" cd. 13 tracks slight wear on the cover, but cd and booklet in great condition.
$10 Danger Gang "Crash" cd. 4 tracks in great condition.
$10 Living Dead "Adabana" cd rare 500 limited in great condition with obi strip. 2 tracks
$5 Palette "Atelier" cd. 6 tracks
$10 Aliza Marie "Hakanaki michi hate no sora" 2000 limited cd. 2 tracks
$10 Aliza Marie "Hanayagu michi hate no chi" 2000 limited cd 3 tracks


$1 Ramune Shitajiki
$5 set of 8 complete digimon puzzle cards. All form together to create one big image of the 8 main characters photo and another photo
$2 Gundam Wing doujinshi about 28 pages cover and inside
$5 2001 September Animage issue with Saiyuki cover photo
$4 each Card Captor Sakura original Japanese manga volumes 2 and 7 - 9
$2 Card Captor Sakura (Japanese) volume 5

Gothic/Punk brandname clothing
(I decided for all clothes I would do an auction type direct sale here)

Putumayo black tank with skeleton and putumayo logo design (in white felt) with white bow. top photo and design. The size is free so it will fit any size. starting price...$30

Sexpot Revenge punk t-shirt black/pink striped with d-rings and skull/engrish print. front and back and engrish closeup! Size, just like Putumayo is free.
starting price...$30

all shirts bought direct from the flag shops in Japan yet...I really haven't had a chance to wear any of them so I can assure you that both are in great condition.

Shipping prices ARE
for anybody in the US
$3.50 per cd, dt, mangas, or books
$1.00 for shitajiki
$5.00 for clothes

but if you want more than one thing OR are from out of the US Let me know so I can calculate the shipping cost.

I accept money order, check, or concealed cash and paypal. (Paypal is a bit preferred)

~Sales Reminder --- SALE ENDS TOMORROW~

I just thought I'd remind everyone here, in case you were out of town for the holidays and didn't catch it... I have some JRock and Sailormoon items for sale that I mentioned in this entry. They all start at reasonable bidding prices, but if you'd like to negotiate or trade (I'll only accept Lareine or gothic lolita items at the moment), I'll consider that too. So, please check out my sales!
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Apologies for the wants post!

I hope this okay, being as it pertains to the community. :)

I can trade from my journal or maybe buy

I need:

any japanese makeup/cosmetics
cell phone holder w/ strap (in typical kawaii style or japanese, you know what i mean)
japanese brand clothing in XL sizes, hehe. Or cute sayings tees that say tokyo or ...just whatever.
any old issues of jap. fashion magazines.. hopefully for cheaper
posters or whatever featuring Edison Chen, Andy Lau, Anthony Wong, Ekin Cheng
anything japanese *BESIDES* mangas/anime please!!!! Link me to your stuff!

thank you!!!

Foolsmate September 2005 issue for SALE

Hey everyone!

I'm selling the September 2005 issue of FoolsMate. It features Kirito and Kiyoharu on the cover as well a couple pages a piece of each w/ interviews. Others featured are the NEW Vidoll, D'espairs Ray, Gazette, Buck Tick, Gargoyle, Shelly Trip Realize, Miyavi, Antique Cafe, D, Nightmare and a few more bands that I'm not familiar with. Here are some links:

Asking price $15 and shipping in the USA will be $4.00.
Ruiza Ver1

Looking to buy jrock flyers-- and I'm selling some things..

Hi, I'm looking for jrock flyers especialy of D and D'espairs ray. If you are willling to part with some I will buy them from you. I will also look at other flyers if you have them. E-mail me or leave a comment with what you have or a link.I'm also selling a bunch of stuff so I can have spending money. I currently accept cash through paypal, money orders and concealed cash at your own risk (I am not responsible for lost cash in the mail). All items will be shipped USPS media mail or parcel post unless you are willing to pay more for priorty mail.

Sorry but I am not really looking to trade(except for flyers) but I will look anyway. All prices are negotiable but make a reasonable offer. Prices do not include shipping, please ask for an estimate. Okay, no more boring stuff, on to the goods :D

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Items for sale!


Newest items:
Clothing is now featured.

View selling lj: j_sales for more...

Also, I am currently selling some J-rock merchandise, mostly Miyavi/Miyabi, hide, and various other Jrock/VK flyers and items. Also, for the EGA/EGL/Gothic lovers Ihaveafew corsets also for sale.

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contact nikki at

Only email me if you are SERIOUS about making a purchase and are ready to pay within a couple days, a week the most.It is too hard to keep track of orders from weeks to months ago.
And yes.. I'm willing to negotiate prices!
Money orders and concealed cash are accepted.
Paypal is NOT accepted at this time.

For Sale...

Hello! It has come to my attention that I update OFTEN, I've added MORE things to my for sale site! I've actually got some Jrock things up for sale now. Whoo. ^^
Check it out and let me know if you see anything.
You can comment, but LJ is being mean and I don't get a lot of my comments, sooo...I'd prefer you leave me an e-mail!
On with the site!

Click Here!
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