November 29th, 2005

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Updated List

EDIT:I am keeping all the items up here just in case something falls through. However, items that are crossed off have been claimed :)

Also, if you see something you might be interested in, please don't hesitate to reply. I want to try to get everything sold before Christmas break!

Hey everyone! Here are some more things that I dug up when I went back home. I am putting up some more CDs as well as more Magazine. All of these items are in very good condition. The prices listed in the cut are my asking prices without shipping. Shipping for the magazine is a flat rate of $3.85 to the US. If you are outside of the US please respond to this post and I will get back to you with shipping. Shipping for the CDs will vary, so please ask for that as well. As before, I will accept offers on the items other than the asking price if it seems fair. I am always willing to negotiate :) With that said, please have a look!

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Please ask if you would like a track list for any of the CDs :)

Payment Options:
-concealed cash - please let me know if you will be sending cash so that I know to look for it.
-PayPal cash - NOTE:I cannot accept credit card payment through paypal any
-money order
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well i'm looking for some stuff since xmas is around the corner that aren't expensive and in good conditions
here is what i'm looking for i lost some emails before sorry
-Kenshin Plushie
-Kenshin Poster
-Naruto Stuff
-Inuyasha stuff not plushies
-furuba stuff not mangas
-garfield plushie
-star wars movie any
-Airsoft grenades
-love hina movie
-martial arts weapons
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Looking for Sailor Moon Single Issue Mangas

Hi, I'm looking for the single Mixx issues of the Sailormoon manga (domestic). I already have 1-5, but if you want to sell yours in a set or something, I will buy them again. I know there was someone who was selling a bunch but I can't find their post anymore T_T Yarg...Anyway, if you are selling ANY issue of these, please send them my way so we can make a deal. I really want to collect all of these before Christmas as a gift for someone.

I will trade any items I am selling or buy them from you. Here is a list of the anime-ish things I have for sale:

My other journal with non-Japanese items is:

Please let me know if you have anything. Thanks!
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Christmass is coming, and orders are coming in thick and fast at Candy Violet and Gaijin Geisha

Just wanted to put a little message out that all orders for the holidays must be placed by December 10th for on time delivery if any one was thinking of sending something from the sites for Xmas.

Also why not add us to your wish list? You can build custom wish lists at Wish list Central with your favorite Vivcore goodies, as well as items from your other favorite indie shops!
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No trades. Shipping is domestic USA through USPS unless otherwise stated and is not included with the listed prices. All items are new to like new condition. Please email REAL buying offers to You can ask questions or get me to hold stuff here for up to one week. Please be nice and let me know if you don't want anything anymore. The courtesy would be appreciated.

Payment: Paypal (mandatory for international orders), USPS MO, concealed cash (mandatory for international orders), personal checks with a waiting period of a week.


BRAND NEW MANGA ($5 each volume, not set)
Flame of Recca 1-6
Fake 4
Sailor Moon 1-3
Cardcaptor Sakura 2 (first edition)
Fushigi Yuugi 1-9 (first edition)
Peacemaker Kurogane 1-2
Yu Yu Hakusho 1
Kodacha 1
Trigun 1-2
Trigun Maximim 1-2
Ah My Goddess! Queen Sayaoko, Childhood's End, The Fourth Goddess, Devil In Miss Urd, Ninja Master, Queen of Vengeance, Terrible Master Urd, Final Exam, Wrong Number

BOOTLEG CDS (Sonmay, Smile, EverAnime for $6 each album.)
Fushigi Yuugi Single Collection, OVA 3 OST, Best Vocal Collection, Character Vocal Memories, Everlasting Story Mini-Album
Get Backers OST 1-2
Weiss Kreiz Die Bleibende Erinerung, Gluhen Dramatic OST, Piano Solo (Held for payment)

Fushigi Yuugi CD Book 2-4 $40 each (rare and out of print)
Fushigi Yuugi CD Book SET 1-6 Price upon request
Fushigi Yuugi CD Book SET 1-5 PUR

Bought Jedi Robes of (great seamstress) but I've never worn them outside my bedroom. So I need to sell them. Pic here. Any offers? $80 for BLACK cotton. Custom made up to a person of 5 feet 6 inches and up to 150 lbs Robe Jedi"

Alivans (The Harry Potter cosplay store) robe Pic here. $75, for the robe at ADULT S/M Robe HP

Cure Magazine

Hi! I'm posting here again, as I'm still looking for the following four issues of Cure:

1, 5, 7 and 14

-> Images of the covers here

If you have any of these issues in good condition and would be willing to part with them, please let me know what you would be asking for them!
You can email me at
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Glass Neko's?

Does anyone happen to have any glass Neko figures? Anything six inchers or bigger? Even a cookie jar size. My mother keeps telling me she wants one of those but I can't find them anywhere around where I live unless I ask someone to take me 3-4 hours from where we live to go seek out one.

Would like to trade If I can some items also I am still looking for on this link and the link to my selling LJ:

Huge Lot of Items for Sale *updated* 12/13/05

Hello everyone!

I updated what's been sold and added descriptions for each magazine and the extras included.

*Need to Know Information*

~I am not doing trades at this time, my husband has lost his job and we need money to pay the bills (guess it's a good thing I collect so much anime stuff huh)

~These items do not include shipping, but if you don't mind waiting a week, media mail is only about $3 to really anywhere in the U.S.

~I accept paypal, money orders, and well concealed cash at your own risk.

~ Selling Policy- I'm going to give the chance to buy it to the first person that posted (according to date and time) wanting the item.
If they pass then I'll go to the next and so forth.

The prices are what I want to get. However, I am willing to work out prices if you want multiple items.
I keep my items in very good condition. They are from a pet, smoke - free home.
Please click on the like below for my ebay feedback.
I have +100 positive feedback in both buying and selling.

Here is a list of all the items I have for sale.

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If you want any info or pictures comment and I will do my best to help. Comment if you would like something. ^_^