November 30th, 2005

Selling Rare Naoko Takeuchi Items on Ebay YoshihiroTogashi Kingdom

Hi this is my first post here.
I am desperately in need of money for holidays so I must part with three of my most beloved items. Please help me find them a good home.
First is Naoko Takeuchi Zenin Sagittarius Mug Cup of Nakayoshi I believe. It is perfect condition and very cute.
Second is Togashi Kingdom vol. 37-38 from 1999 August Summer Comiket. It is made by Naoko Takeuchi and Yoshihiro Togashi. Features rare Takeuchi Art and Hunter X Hunter Art! Soo nice Sailor Moon art!
With it I am also including Togashi's Hunter X Hunter Note Book! Both mint condition also! Both only available in limited quantities at 1999 Summer Comiket~they are even rare and hard to find in Japan!
I will list more sailor moon lots soon! Please check them out, also if I made an error or post incorrectly please let me know and I'll fix it.
Here are the links:
I placed images on those pages as well as under this lj cut!
Please email to me if you have a question, please though spread the word, not because of money, but because I really hate to let them go so I want to make sure someone who really loves them will get them.

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Anime and Manga for Sale

I have a bunch of R1 anime and manga up for sale - make me an offer on anything! I accept PayPal, cashier's checks, or money orders, and I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world. My email address is my journal name (mordath) - email me or comment here if you see something you want!

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~ JRock CDs & Anime Items~

At the moment, I have some JRock CDs up for sale, as well as anime items. (Many of the CDs are no longer available on CDJapan (last time I checked), and I'm offering them up at some good prices- cheaper than I originally paid.) So, please feel free to bid on them~ (Starting bid prices are listed for each item.)

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- If anyone is interested in gothic&lolita items, please check out my sales here

(All sales on gothic&lolita items are ending soon~ Sales for those end on December 1st~ So please check them out. ^_^)

Please Note:
- I accept most forms of payment: PayPal, credit card through PayPal, concealed cash, and money order. All payments MUST be in USD (US Dollars), and MUST be recieved within 7-10days after the completion of the auction(s).
- I'm willing to offer various shipping options, but the flat-rate for sending out one of the above CDs should be considered at $3.85USD. (Shipping costs will be higher for international shipping.)
- I will definately ship internationally~
- If you have any questions about the items, please feel free to comment here or send an e-mail to me at pierrotseven[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Please do the following so that I can properly get one of these wonderful items into your hands:
(1) Comment here with a bid.
(2) Check back with me- I will usually send an e-mail or reply to your comment to let you know if you've once an item- and send the needed information to me.
(3) If you've won and item/items please comment or e-mail me at pierrotseven[at]hotmail[dot]com with your method of payment, if you live outside the United States, and (if needed) your address for me to send the item to.
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Stuff that must go

In lue of Christmas, I am in need of cash and fast, so I am selling some of my anime and manga. No starting prices, just what sounds fair. Also, if you want any sets split up, just ask. Payment must be recived before I will ship, But I have paypal, and would prefer to use that. I will also set up said item(s) as an E-bay auction if you wish. Thank you Buyer pays for shipping, That should be well known but... I will ship any method
you pick, but you pay for it
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CD/DVD rack overpopulated...>_<;

Anyone interested in the following CD/DVDs?
I accept NC paypal, MO, checks, concealed cash @yor.
s/h will be $3 per item, +$1.50 per additional item (US)

x-posted... selling it to whomever can pay me the fastest.

$20 alice nine - "namae wa mada nai" (maxi single)
$20 alice nine - "gion shouja no kane ga naru" (maxi single)
$20 BUCK-TICK - "aku no hana" (full album)
$30 GAZETTE - aku yuukai (mini album) SOLD! thanks!
$25 GAZETTE - zakuro gata no yuuutsu (CD/DVD single) SOLD! thanks!
$25 GAZETTE - madara (mini album)
$20 GAZETTE - [reila] Lesson.G (maxi single)
$8 Shazna - "Sophia" (digipack w/ photobook) SOLD! thanks!
$8 Shazna - "Gold sun and silver moon" (digipack w/ 2 photobooks) SOLD! thanks!
$8 Shazna - "Promise Eve" (1st press lyric book special ed) SOLD! thanks!

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Still Selling/Trading... Make an Offer

If anyone is interested I still have (lol, and really trying to get rid of due to lack of space on bookshelf):

Sensual Phrase V. 10
Devil Does Exist V. 3
Tokyo Boys & Girls V. 2

The Wallflower V. 5 On Hold
Kare First Love V. 5 Sold

Contact me at Azulchica311[at]aol[dot]com if your interested since whenever I do get a reply on lj I don't recieve a notice -_-


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My one week replay!

Selling Dir en grey's TOUR 04 THE CODE OF VULGAR[ism] DVD. This is the special, two disc (second disc has footage from 2003 tour) with slipcase first press edition. In good condition, but slipcase has light scratches from being against other DVDs. It is out of print, and when available (more than a year ago) retailed for about $65, so I'd like to get $40 for it, but I will take less if there are no other offers and will take more if it is offered over other $40 offers. Shipping within the US will be $3, international shipping is on a unique basis. I can only accept concealed US cash or an international/domestic *postal* money order.

DVD picture 1
DVD picture 2

Thanks for looking, and please feel freeeee to ask anything about the DVD~
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Holiday Clear-Out!

Image hosted by

All items must go before the end of December! A lot of the items here are GREAT for gifts--i.e., photo frames, idol goods, books, et. al.

In terms of Japanese goods....still a few J-pop CDs available [Ayumi Hamasaki, LUNA Sea, Aiuchi Rina] and some idol goods. Come and take a look!

If you buy more than one item, a discount may be included. =) Happy Holiday Shopping!