December 1st, 2005

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EDIT: I am really trying to get as many of these items sold before Christmas break as I can. If you are interested, please take a look! The prices that I have down are what I am trying to get for the items, but I will consider offers as well so don't hesitate to ask! Any questions, please contact me!

Also, some deals fell through so take a look and see if maybe something that was crossed out is once again up for taking!

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Please ask if you would like a track list for any of the CDs :)

-All magazine will be flat rate $3.85 to ship to the USA only - international shipping will
be more.
-Shipping for the CDs will vary by weight so please ask :)
Payment Options:
-concealed cash - please let me know if you will be sending cash so that I know to look for it.
-PayPal cash - NOTE:I cannot accept credit card payment through paypal any
-money order
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Random stuff for sale-

All of the Shojobeat magazines so far- potentially minus September (It is at my parents house)

This also includes the preview magazine from the last issue of Animerica.

Chobits 1 and 2

Clover 1- with vellum cover

Kare Kano- 3

CLAMP- To the one I love

Make an offer- I can only take Paypal, check, or cash, not money order.
Ruiza Ver1

NYC this Sat- want anything??

This sat (Dec 3rd) I'm going to NYC and going to these stores:

and just Chinatown in general...

If you're interested in getting some new mags etc please comment with what you're looking for and I'll see if I can get them(only for items up to $20 unless you are willing to send me a deposit through paypal which I will refund if I can't get what you're looking for). For mags please specify the month/issue number you're looking for(recent months/issues only!). Please comment only if you seriously want something. I do not want to go and buy something for you and then have you back out. I will be charging a 3 (more or less depending on the price of the item) dollar fee onto each item to cover tax, gas, lugging around huge bags of stuff XD etc.

Here are what some mags cost at these stores(I've never had the chance to go in these stores so I don't know the definite price. These are the prices on their sites):
Cure $11
Shoxx $17
Cutie $14.80
Zipper $11.60
Kera $11.60
*i'll add more once I find out the prices.

Shipping will be determined after I get the items. I can ship media mail, parcel post, priority mail, etc.. I always get delivery confirmation. Insurance is optional.

I can take cash transfer through paypal, postal money order, and concealed cash at your own risk

Stuff still needs to go

In lue of Christmas, I am in need of cash and fast, so I am selling some of my anime and manga. No starting prices, just what sounds fair. Also, if you want any sets split up, just ask. Payment must be recived before I will ship, But I have paypal, and would prefer to use that. I will also set up said item(s) as an E-bay auction if you wish. Thank you Buyer pays for shipping, That should be well known but... I will ship any method
you pick, but you pay for it
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