December 4th, 2005

Hellsing Anyone?

Hi - My little brother is really into Hellsing and I only bought him the first book. Does anyone have the other books for sale in English because I would love to add onto his collection. I may be interested in the DVD/VCDs too.

Thanks : )
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Good gift for a Yu Watase (Fushigi Yuugi) fan~ :3

Ceres Celestial Legend manga.

Volumes 1 and 2.

First edition.

$3.00 each.

Shipping is a flat rate of $1.00 for Media Mail (USPS quotes that it takes only 2 days to deliver).

I wanna reiterate that these are the bigger ones that retailed for $15.95 each and they're in super condition ^___^.

I accept cash, PayPal (preferred), money order.

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If you'd like a picture, please ask. :3
all must go!

ANIME DVD - $10each - includes shipping
- GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka v1 ( 4eps )
- Dirty Pair Flash: Random Angels ( 125 min. )
- Argentosoma v1 ( 5eps )
- Arc the Lad v1 ( 3eps )
- Rave Groove Adventure v1 ( 12eps - bought off ebay/japanese w-english,chinese subs )
- Ceres, Celestial Legend v3 C-Genome ( 3eps )
- Ceres, Celestial Legend v7 Requiem ( 3eps )
- Descendants of Darkness v2 Devil's Song ( 3eps )
- Haibane-Renmei v1 New Feathers ( 4eps - includes original inside book )
- Eden's Bowy v1 The Hunt is On ( 5eps - includes mini poster )

ANIME DVD BOXSETS - $15each - includes shipping
- Sakura Wars ( includes box w/ v1: Opening Night - has original inside book )
- RahXephon (rare box + movie //has space for the tv series & the movie// )
- Neo Ranga ( includes box w/ v1: A God is Risen )

ANIME VHS - $5each - includes shipping
- Fake ( shounen-ai - japanese w/ eng subs )
- Level-C ( yaoi - japanese w/ eng subs )
- Martian Successor Nadesico v1 Invasion ( 3eps - dubbed )
- Martian Successor Nadesico v2 Desperate Journey ( 3eps - dubbed )
- Black Heaven v1 Rock Bottom ( 4eps - cover says it's dubbed, but the actual video is japanese w/ eng subs )
- Sailor Moon S: The Love War ( 3eps - dubbed, original uncut version )
- Cardcaptors v1 Tests of Courage ( 3eps - dubbed )

MANGA - $7each - includes shipping
- Hikaru no Go v7 ( original japanese version )
- DN Angel v1 ( original japanese version )

CD's - $9each - includes shipping
- Aucifer: Limit Control sent out! / amy_the_yu
- DN Angel: Trilogy
- Sailor Moon: Complete Vocal Collection vol.1
- Something Corporate: Leaving Through The Window
- AFI: Sing The Sorrow
- Kylie Minogue: Greatest Hits
- Shedaisy: Knock on the Sky
- Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral
- Enrique Iglesias: self-titled
- Nate Sallie: Inside Out
- Jennifer Lopez: On the 6
- Mandy Moore: So Real
- Cleopatra: comin' atcha
- The Moffatts: Chapter 1 - A New Beginning
- Audio Adrenaline: Underdog
- The Beu Sisters: Decisions
- LFO - self-titled
- The Calling - Camino Palmero
- The World of TRANCE: vol.2 ( 2cd's ) received! / _spacecadette_
- Luscious Jackson: Fever In, Fever Out

REG. DVDs - $10each - includes shipping
- Josie and the Pussycats

I accept paypal / money orders / well concealed cash (I am NOT responsible if lost or stolen).

Selling more stuffage

Before I post these on eBay, I was hoping you would all be interested in them first:

Necklace from Lunar Eternal Blue omake box - $10

Art Books
Kenshin - $15
Ranma 1/2 - $24
Fushigi Yuugi - $15

Posters - $1.50 each Please note that some of these posters have been hung before and have tape on corners to protect from tearing. There are no tears in posters, but may have small thumb tack holes in corners. They've been kept rolled up in a tube, so that's why they look curled in the pictures.
Ayumi Hamasaki
2 Full Metal Alchemist
Hikaru no Go
3 Chobits
2 Full Moon wo Sagashite
2 Gravitation
4 Fushigi Yuugi
2 Kenshin
4 Ranma 1/4
Cowboy Bebop
Princess Mononoke
Urusei Yastura
Video Girl Ai

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me either through commenting here or email me at:
everglade_myst [at] yahoo [dot] com

Or for quick service, you can even contact me on AIM! I should be on most of the day:

Prices are negotiable. No trading please. I can combine shipping on as many items as you would like, except in the event you would like an art book and a poster (tube and envelope...can't fit together). PayPal is the prefered method of payment. Personal checks please give time to clear. Concealed cash at your own risk. Not responsible for damage during shipping. If you would like the items insured, please let me know. Poster tubes are $3.50 each, and bubble envelopes for art books are $2.50 each. Please add that onto shipping cost.
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Looking for a couple of things

The Holidays are coming up and I'm short of cash for Christmas presents even though I am willing to pay a pretty small amount for some things. Here's a list of things I'm looking for:

- Gackt related merch
- Fullmetal Alchemist related merch
- Pierrot related merch
- Harry Potter Doujinshi (or anything related to HP actually)
- Gankutsuou related Merchandise

I'll probably think of more things later. Anyway, I'm looking for anything related to the things I mentioned above, from pins to T-Shirts, poster, CDs, etc etc, it doesn't matter just please don't charge me too much for it .__. Also, I'd rather trade from my selling journal caff3ine_junkie I can also do partial trades if need be, I'm very flexible =)

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Selling Spam


Sorry, if you get this more than once. I just wanted to say I updated my doujinshi for sales page: located here.

I have the first set of Naruto plushies, a lot of PoT doujinshi, as well as smaller amounts of Bleach doujinshi, Seed doujisnhi, HikaGo, Naruto, and various Clamp series.

I'm also selling a lot of items on eBay people might be interested in. (items include yaoi Loveless SoubixRitsuka doujinshi, some SeishirouxSubaru doujinshi from X/TB, FuumaxKamui from X, and some Tsubasa doujinshi.

I have positive feedback as both a seller and a buyer on eBay and I've sold things privately from my site before.

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My first ever selling post

Hey! This is my first time selling on here, yoroshiku. ^_^ Check my 100% eBay feedback (miyavi-desu) if you want to be sure of my integrity. ^_^ Behind the cut you'll find for sale various Sailor Moon items, a couple Gundam Wing items, a Janne Da Arc poster, and some shoes. ^_^

I will take offers on the items, and the item will go to whoever offers me the most within four days after this is posted. Even if you think what you would pay is really low, go ahead and offer, there's no harm, and I won't be offended. ^_^ I'll keep the post updated with the most current offers for others' reference, and I'll let you know if someone gives me an offer higher than your own. I still will reserve the right to refuse an offer by the end if it seems abysmally low, but, I don't think that will happen. ^,^ If you need me to, I can hold something for you for up to a week, and your offer will still be valid.

I'll accept Paypal (though I will charge 5% of your total extra to help pay for the fees) and money orders only. If you don't live in the United States I'll require that you pay with Paypal, for simplicity's sake. ^^; If you'd rather e-mail me than leave a comment, send it to nibun at pacbell dot net, but be sure to leave your lj username. I'll tell you your shipping options and costs, based on the item and your location.

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Japanese Cosmopolitan and/or Cosmogirl?

My sister was curious, so I thought I would ask here: Does a Japanese version/equilivant of Cosmopolitan or Cosmogirl exist in Japan, only with all Japanese celebrities? My sister is an avid cosmogirl, and she wanted to know, also, if they are avalible, where can you get them? Any info would be appreciated!
Sheila Rozann
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Direct sale and auctions

My anime sales including posters, books and DVDs:

A separate post with just Gundam Seed / Destiny stuff:

Another post for T.M.Revolution, 12 Girls Band, and Gloomy:

Finally, eBay auctions of rare anime goods:

Thank you very much!
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Sailor Moon DVDs

Hi, I really want to complete my Sailor Moon DVD collection and was wondering if anybody had any of these-

Sailor Moon Season Two Uncut Version (Official ADV region 1 version)
Pretty Guardain Sailor Moon Vol. 1-12 (Official region 2 versions)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Special Act (Official region 2 version)
Pretty Guardain Sailor Moon Act Zero (Official region 2 version)
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Kirari Live Event (Official region 2 version)

I know the odds of finding one of these is slim to none, but it won't kill to ask! If you are willing to sell me one or more of these, I'd be VERY VERY happy! Just let me know!

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(no subject)

I am selling my Roy Mustang plushie from the FMA movie Asking $31.00 shipped to the US for him. I've only had him 4 weeks so he is in good shape. Heres a link with a picture of him:
Please check out my other anime/non-anime items for sale: heathers_junk

I may trade for him but PLEASE read my list of items I am looking for I am still looking for Vol's 4-6 + the box of the UNCUT FMA dvd's