December 5th, 2005

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hi! i'm looking for beth...? who bought SailorMoon SUper #1 from me. The package was sent out to the wrong address and i got it back yesterday ==" My gmail crash and i couldn't contact you. I need your address again!! So please reply here or email me at

I'm so sorry about this~ I should have check carefully the address. So please email me!! so i can have your address again to send you your package!

Oh and If anyone have any Gackt related item please reply or email me ^^

There was a girl here who was selling a Malice Mizer Tanbi Jikken Kakumei book. If its still for sale please contact me! Thanks
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Doujin, anime, manga, sanrio, etc for REALLY awesome prices.

Lots of doujinshi from DBZ, Evangelion, Yuyu Hakusho...Sailor Moon plushies, and lots of anime and manga for really cheap prices (like 5 and 6 dollars). This is my friend cleaning out her goods, shes very reliable and professional.

goods galore! pass it on!

all items are shipped with delivery confirmation for tracking!
we TOTALLY ship overseas!
any qs? send them to it's checked daily.

If you buy, please mention you saw the link on GarageSaleJapan! This gives Shirono comission money for groceries. ^_^

PS, don't be too afraid of the domain name. I dont think theres anything very offensive on the sale site.

Selling Japanese CDs (ROCK + POP) + AYU '&' poster, Flyers, Postcards, etc ^___^

Hi I have CDs + Japanese Pop Items For Sale.

Please Visit My LJ: Das_Fusk
Click here for Items + Pictures ^__^ !
** I have an AYUMI HAMASAKI "&" Poster for sale
excellent condition (no pin holes or anything)
Same cover as the MAXI -- $16.00 (including S&H)
**I take Paypal (please use paypal if possible)
My Paypal Email Address IS:
Prices lowered too : )
For trades: I trade with some items by AYU, AI + WaT (EIJI or group)

Thanks <3
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BRAND NEW MANGA ($5 each volume, not set)
Flame of Recca 1-6
Fake 4
Sailor Moon 1-3
Cardcaptor Sakura 2 (first edition)
Fushigi Yuugi 1-9 (first edition)
Peacemaker Kurogane 1-2
Yu Yu Hakusho 1
Kodacha 1
Trigun 1-2
Trigun Maximim 1-2
Ah My Goddess! Queen Sayaoko, Childhood's End, The Fourth Goddess, Devil In Miss Urd, Ninja Master, Queen of Vengeance, Terrible Master Urd, Final Exam, Wrong Number

BOOTLEG CDS (Sonmay, Smile, EverAnime for $6 each album.)
Fushigi Yuugi Single Collection, OVA 3 OST, Best Vocal Collection, Character Vocal Memories, Everlasting Story Mini-Album
Get Backers OST 1-2
Weiss Kreuz Piano Solo, Weiss Kreuz Gluhen Dramatic OST I, Weiss Kreuz Die Bleibende Erinnerung

Official CDs
Fushigi Yuugi Mini Album Star of Love $10
The below are OUT OF PRINT CDs
Fushigi Yuugi Drama CD Books 2-4 $40 each
Fushigi Yuugo CD Drama Books 1-5 (used, good condition) $200 for the set
Fushigi Yuugi CD Drama Books 1-6 (nearly perfect, comes with booklet and poster for the most part) $250 for the set

Regionfree DVDs (boxsets are complete TV series)
Trigun Boxset $15 SOLD
Flame of Recca Boxset $15 SOLD

Yu-Gi-oh Boxset 1-4 plus Volumes 10-13 $50
Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 1 $8, Movie 2 $8, Vol 1 The Clow $5
Love Hina Boxset $15 SOLD
Love Hina Final Selection $8
Love Hina Again $15
Fushigi Yuugi OVA 2 $8, Fushigi Yuugi OVA 3 $8
Weiss Kreuz Gluhen Boxset $10

Payment: Paypal (mandatory for international orders), USPS MO, concealed cash (mandatory for international orders), personal checks with a waiting period of a week.

Questions?: or comment here!

Xposted around so I apologize if you see this again...

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i am currently selling off a large piece of my asian stationery collection (to make room for more...ha!). the lot includes:

* 40+ 5.5x3.5in sheets, various designs
* 30+ larger sheets, various designs
* 30+ envelopes of various sizes and mixed designs
* aprox. 50 character die-cut sheets (primarily hello kitty and other sanrio) + 1 full die-cut weiss kreuz (ken) mini memo pad
* aprox. 50 memo and mini memo sheets of various sizes and mixed designs
* a few stickers

that's around 200 pieces

brands include both sanrio and san-x, as well as orange story and some others i'm not familiar with. characters include (sanrio) hello kitty, badtz maru, landry, my melody, (san-x) kogepan, (that orange head guy), momo panda, (the...tomato...thing), and some lovely white.

please post here if you are interested and i will get back to you as soon as i can to work out a price and provide additional details if necessary.
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A few J-rock items left for sell..

Anyone interested please e-mail

Please mind that I'm located in Europe and accept payment by cash (euro) only.

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tarina tarantino

Stuff looking for a good home :)

Hi! I'm trying to make some extra last-minute cash before Christmas. Most items are Sailor Moon, Utena, Hello Kitty and EVA...with some misc. Shipping is included in all prices for US orders. For international shipping, just contact me. I accept non-credit card Paypal, money orders/cashier checks, and well-concealed cash. No personal checks, please. *Paypal users add an extra 6% to cover fees. If there's something you really want but think the price is too high, make me an offer and I'll see what I can do. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or Email me at Happy looking! :)

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love above

CD sale!

First Class shipping is just $1.00 per CD (within US).

- Namie Amuro [LOVE 2000] Single: 100% legit, import, with obi, good condition $4 pending
- Ranma 1/2 Opening Theme Song Collection: 100% legit domestic release, rare, good condition $3 pending
- Slayers NEXT Sound Bible I: 100% legit, import, authentic, with obi, good condition $3 pending
- Tenchi Muyo OVA Best Vol. 1: 100% legit domestic release, colorful!, good condition $3

- Gundam Singles History (Album): sonmay = bootleg $1
- Final Fantasy IV OSV: with obi, everanime = bootleg $2 sold (:
- Ah! My Goddess OST Vol. 1: sonmay = bootleg $1 pending

- BoA [MeriChri] Japanese Single: 100% legit, import, with obi, only listened to once, still comes in neatly-opened packaging $6 pending

Prices negotiable; Paypal preferred; cash and money order also accepted.


New Sodmy/Lareine cd-singles FOR SALE


I was doing some clean sweeping and found that I still had the New Sodmy cd singles. For those not familiar that was the band Kamijo and Mayu were in together after Lareine broke up for the first time. Here is a website with more info. as well as the discography etc.

I have White Lie, Style and Jealousy (x-mas single). They each have three tracks a piece. I'm looking for best offer and shipping would be $2.50. If someone buys all three or offers a really good price I'll throw in an autographed picture of the group. All interested parties e-mail

Thanks for looking!
darkside, anima, carson

Lots of goodies up for grabs

My sister and I have choosen to get rid of our Kenshin TV series, and more anime DVD's + Non-Aniems for sale. Also some Playstation 2 items up for grabs. I will only trade for FMA things or Best Buy gift cards. I really need the money more currently for X-Mas gifts.

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NamiZoro - Explore Possibilities


Hello, again! Finally got around to putting some of the things I wanted to sell. I've got both English and Japanese manga as well as some doujinshi for sale and I've put them up on eBay if anyone cares to take a look.

Auctions include manga by Miki Aihara, Miyuki Kitagawa, and Chie Shinohara. Also English-translated Korean manwha and Harry Potter, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, Inuyasha and One Piece doujinshi. Please check it out! =)
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