December 6th, 2005

Selling Manga

Pictures upon request

Peach Girl #1-8 $40 *ON HOLD
Peach Girl: Change of Heart #1-8 *ON HOLD
(If you buy Peach Girl #1-8, you'll get Peach Girl: Change of Heart #1-8 free)

Magic Knight Rayearth #1-6 complete set $25
Paradise Kiss #1-5 $30
Mars #1 $5
Mars #6-10 $25
Love Song $4
Sensual Phrase #1-6 $25
Kill Me Kiss Me #1-2 $8
Erica Sakurazawa set #1-5 $20
(1st edition)
Fushigi Yuugi #1 $5
Fushigi Yuugi #3-6 $20
Girl Got Game #1-4 $15 *SOLD
GTO #1-3 $10
Marmalade Boy #2 $4
Sailor Moon Supers #3 $4
Ceres Celestial #1-2 $8

Ai Yazawa - Artbook : Tenshi nanka janai $25 *ON HOLD
Nana - Artbook : Nana 1st Illustrations $28
HEART Mito Orihara Illustrations $10

I need to sell all of these by December 16. That means if you buy from me, i must recieve the payment by this saturday or next wednesday so i can have them ship to you on the 17th. I'm leaving for seattle on the 18th. Therefore everything must be sold!! If there is a way, I would definitly bring them with me, but my sister won't let =="
I can do trades if you have any Gackt merchandise like photobook or magazine.

NOTE to beth: I really need you to email me at . I need your address again to send you your package. My gmail isn't working properly >,< so i don't have your email address ==" so please contact me!
DOGinthePWO; group

Got a few things for sale ^_^

Hello this is my first time actually selling things so I don't have that much. Holidays are comin and I need what little dough I can get :D

Here's what I got


-Revolutionary Girl Utena The Black Rose Saga (good condition only some pin holes in it) $4
-Full Metal Panic! The Anime Mission/RahXephon Bible (good condition only some pin holes) $3
-Newtype Centerfold Mia from .Hack (excellent condition never put up) $3
-Newtype Centerfold Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion (excellent condition never put up)$3
-Samurai Gun reverable (theres a guy on one side and a girl on the other/excellent condition never put up)$3

-Knights of Ramune $10

-Planet Ladder Vol.1&2 $7 BOTH
-Tenchi Muyo! Sasami Stories $7
-King of Bandits Jing Vol. 1&2 $10 BOTH

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Does anyone happen to have Kozi's Catharsis CD that they would be willing to sell to me? New or used is fine as long as it comes with everything it should and is in great condition. Please let me know your price + shipping. I live in the United States and I really want to get this for a friend for Christmas, but all the online stores are sold out. T____T

Thanks so much.
Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

More Stationary!

I have been diggining in the bottom of my closet and I never realized I had so much extra stationary that I will NEVER use~ X_X!

Everything listed here is NEW, NEVEROPENED and in MINT condition! ^_____^
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If you have any questions please ask.
And Yes I can combine shipping~! <3
I accept Paypal, Money Orders, Personal Checks and Cash at your Own Risk.
Thanks SO much for looking! ^_^ Happy Holidays!

♥Pantheria's Realm EBay Sales + Direct Sales♥

♥Tons of of stuff to "BUY ON LJ" or "BID ON EBAY" including some Authentic Gothic & Lolita clothing (MAM, Metamorphose, Putumayo), Gothic Lolita Shoes, Lisa Frank Bags, Fruits Accessories & Clothing, Kiss Figurines set, Pullip Accessories, Tons of cool Accessories lots, Anime & Manga, .Hack Gashapon, Emily Strange Knee High Socks & Tops, Retro Commodore 16 & 64 Consoles, Cosplay Sailor Fuku Top + Tons more on "EBAY" or "FOR DIRECT SALE" (Please only comment "HERE" about the things for direct sale or if you have questions!)...

♣Hugs & Rainbow Sparkles♣

Posters and other stuff for sale

Still some posters left. Please read description under the pictures to see which posters are left.
PayPal is prefered, or concealed cash at your own risk!
Poster tube is $2.19. Protected bubble envelope for art books is $1.85.
Shipping within the US priority mail is $3.85. Slower shipping is $2. Pick which ever you'd like.
I'll ship around the world. Should be around $5, but check with me (let me know where you are from) to make sure.
Please contact me by commenting here with which you are interested in. Thank you! :)

Necklace from Lunar Eternal Blue omake box - $10

Art Books
Kenshin - $15
Ranma 1/2 - $24
Fushigi Yuugi - $15

Posters - $1.50 each Please note that some of these posters have been hung before and have tape on corners to protect from tearing. There are no tears in posters, but may have small thumb tack holes in corners. They've been kept rolled up in a tube, so that's why they look curled in the pictures.
Ayumi Hamasaki
Full Metal Alchemist
Fushigi Yuugi
Ranma 1/2
Video Girl Ai

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j-music [pierrot, siam shade, gackt]

Okies, I have some tunes that I would like to get off my hands. These are all official Japanese releases.

- ID attack - (full album)
2003, Universal UPCH1272

FIRST PRESS - cardboard digipak with 14 cards with lyrics
disc is in mint condition
outer edges (spine area) minor wear and tear
still has plastic sleeve (although the bottom is missing from where I tore it off)
[SOLD!] - macabre_mask

Siam Shade
- Siam Shade VI - (full album, 2discs)
1999, 2000 SME Records, SRCL 4880-1

discs are in mint condition
case has seen better days, slight cracks on the front
booklet is in mint condition, nothing is missing
obi included... it's tucked inside the case
[HOLD!] - uninformed

- December Love Song 「12月のLove Song」- (single)
2002.12.15, Nippon Crown, CRCP10024
disc is in mint condition
case is in mint condition, still has out wrapping of plastic (although the bottom is missing from where I tore it off to get to the CD)
obi included
2 tracks

- Wasurenai kara 「忘れないから」- (single)
2002.04.23, Nippon Crown, CRCP10025
disc is in mint condition
case is in mint condition, still has outer wrapping of plastic (although the bottom is missing from where I tore it off to get to the CD)
obi included
special clear photo included
3 tracks

- Kimi ga oikaketa yume 「君が追いかけた夢」- (single)
2004.03.18, Nippon Crown, CRCP10037
disc is in mint condition
case is in good condition, no cracks, just minor scuffing
still has plastic sleeve with the adhesive flap
obi included
special photo included
4 tracks

- Mizerable - (single)
1999.07.15, Nippon Crown, CRDP-221
disc is in mint condition
cardboard case is in great condition
still has plastic sleeve with adhesive flap
3-inch single

I would prefer to sell. I may trade if you have Janne da Arc albums (excluding Joker) or Miyavi's Miyavism.
My EBay feedback is here.

I haven't listed prices, but please be reasonable with your offers. :)

Shipping is up to the buyer. So, it is based on your location and your prefered shipping method.
A single CD (or 2 singles) to the US is probably going to be like $2 ... for lettermail.
I will ship internationally.
Insurance is optional and up to the buyer.

If two people want the item... it's up to you to work it out amongst yourselves. I will hold things for one week only. No exceptions. If you decide you don't want the item anymore... PLEASE tell me! I will be less annoyed if you tell me rather than just not saying anything. I will then offer to the next person interested.

(Geez, this sounds like me EBay listings!)

or post here.