December 7th, 2005

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Pictures upon request

Peach Girl #1-8 $40 *PENDING
Peach Girl: Change of Heart #1-8
(If you buy Peach Girl #1-8, you'll get Peach Girl: Change of Heart #1-8 free)

Magic Knight Rayearth #1-6 complete set $25

Paradise Kiss #1-5 $25

Mars #1 $5
Mars #6-10 $25

Love Song $4

Sensual Phrase #1-6 $25 *PENDING

Kill Me Kiss Me #1-2 $8

Erica Sakurazawa set #1-5 $20

(1st edition)
Fushigi Yuugi #1 $5
Fushigi Yuugi #3-6 $20

Girl Got Game #1-4 $15 *SOLD

GTO #1-3 $10

Marmalade Boy #2 $4

Sailor Moon Supers #3 $4

Ceres Celestial #1-2 $8

Ai Yazawa - Artbook : Tenshi nanka janai $25 *PENDING* lil_asian_kitty

Nana - Artbook : Nana 1st Illustrations $28

HEART Mito Orihara Illustrations $10

I need to sell all of these by December 16. That means if you buy from me, i must recieve the payment by this saturday or next wednesday so i can have them ship to you on the 17th. I'm leaving for seattle on the 18th. Therefore everything must be sold!! If there is a way, I would definitly bring them with me, but my sister won't let =="
I can do trades if you have any Gackt merchandise like photobook or magazine.

Random stuff for direct sale

Well it's that time of the year, everyone is selling their stuff, so now I'm jumpin' on the bandwagon!
everything is in very good condition.

Manga (english unless stated otherwise)
-Guardian Angel Getten 1,2,3 ($7 dollars each)
-The Complete Collection of Count Cain Vol 1 & 2 [Japanese] ($11 each) Sold
-Doll Volume 3 ($7)

-Oh! My Goddess DVD Vol 1 ($12)
-Inu-yasha "Secret of the new moon" DVD(Brand New, never opened. $19)
-Lain VHS vol 1 (Japanese) It includes everything it came with, including a fold-out thing with pictures etc. A nice thing for Lain fans even if you don't speak Japanese. (Uhh best offer I guess. I'm not even sure if anyone will want this.)

I accept paypal, money orders, and well-concealed cash. Shipping to be calculated based on where you live. :)

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More Sailor Moon Items! Please Check them out!

I will offer better shipping this time but please give a look! Thanks!

New Sailor Moon Official Bandage w/case stickers & more 5p.
New Sailor Moon Official 1998 Big Poster Calendar Japan!
New Sailor Moon Official 1997 Poster Calendar CHIBI CHIBI!!
New Sailor Moon 50+ laminated lami posters + wall scroll!
New Sailor Moon American lot 60+ items 25 dolls+more cd vhs
New Sailor Moon Gashapon Rei Hino Mars Bathing Suit figure
New Sailor Moon Gashapon Usagi Tsukino Bathing Suit figure
New Sailor Moon Gashapon Usagi Tsukino Bathing Suit figure
New Sailor Moon Movie 2 Photos Rare Official Mint Perfect!
New Sailor Moon Super 18 p Mint Bromide Cardass Japan RARE
New Sailor Moon 6 RARE StickerSeal Card JAPAN OFFICIAL MINT

Also Anyone Still Interested In: Pictures are available please ask!

Young You Manga Magazine Most issues in good condition from 1997-2003
Please ask for available issues! also:
Feel Manga Magazine
Kiss Manga Magazine
Chorus Manga Magazine
Young You Colors Manga Magazine
Nakayoshi Nakayosi 2005 5 May Sugar Rune Pretty Cure
Nakayoshi Nakayosi 2002 July August October Tokyo Mew
and lots of Nakayoshi Furoku!
I'm Selling them for 99 cents each and $5 flat shipping anywhere in North America! If you buy more than one its better shipping! I will combine shipping!
Also I take as payment: paypal biddpay echeck personal check money order cashiers check well concealed cash sent at your own risk! etc!
I proudly do business with international customers too! So any country is welcome!

The big plush Sailor Moon is 99 cents plush shipping ->

I still have Naoko Takeuchi Sailor Moon Rare Zenin Mug Nakayoshi and Yoshihiro Togashi Naoko Takeuchi Doujin Hunter X Hunter Sailor Moon from Comiket! I will consider best offer since it did not sell!

Thank you so much for your time!
I will have rayearth, morning musume monogatari, oh my goddess, evangelion, pichi pichi pitch, tokyo mew mew and many more manga/anime for sale if you are interested!

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I'm really looking for 12012 stuff...! Flyers, cds, posters...

I dropped the prices on my remaining things because I really need to get rid of them.

$20, shipping included.

$15, shipping included.

$15, shipping included.

Dir en grey's kisou cd, $20, shipping included. Also includes a FREE bootleg of 5 Ugly Kingdom and a Kaoru guitar pick.

baroque's gakidou cd, $12, shipping included. The case is cracked.

I'm open to trading, again, for 12012 stuff, including VA cds. If you want an idea of what I'm looking for, check here, which is really a list of the cds I plan to buy once I get overseas. >x>

When commenting, leave your email since LJ is being a jerk and isn't emailing comments to me. I can't ship out until after Dec 13, because I'm at college.
Tom Felton by Rachel

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I have a plethora of flyers available for sale. My plan is to sell groups of 10 or more flyers for $12 and up, including shipping. The list below is what I have available at the moment. I have multiple copies for many of the flyers, but a few are limited to one copy, so ask about availability. A specific list of 10 flyers is fine, or just list a few that you want, and I will fill in the rest with what I have available at the time (not neccesarily with flyers on this list). In the case that a flyer you requested is no longer available, I will let you know, and we can fill the gap with another flyer.

The list will be updated as I run out of flyers by a particular band, and when I have a good supply of new flyers, I will make a new post with an updated list.

( Over 40 bands' flyers available! )

Payment is as follows:

up to 10 flyers = $12 s/h from Japan included in all prices
15 flyers = $15
20 flyers = $20

I accept PayPal, money orders, and cash to my US address. Once payment is recieved, the flyers will be shipped in a large envelope to avoid folding them (any folds in flyers were there when I recieved them).

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Jansen Kaim and Ming what the hell?

Selling and looking

Well I still have a lot of stuff in my selling journal genkimaniasales that I desperately need to get rid of ^^;. I'll be lowering the prices in order to get rid of them.
I have manga, video games, books... all sorts ^^;.

I am looking for:

*Cute stationary/notebooks [sanrio, stuff like that]
*NewType/NewType posters [I specifically want posters from them, so please only offer ones that have a poster and please specify what the poster is]
*Japanese learning books/Hiragana and Kanji books/Japanese - English dictionary
*Plushies [I would really like Mini Moni plushies specifically]
*Anything gloomy bear
*Gothic Lolita sewing books [In english, or with translation ^^]
*Aya, Seek, Daishi and Lida PLC figures [the little action figures wearing the Wish PV outfits]
*Jrock posters [SCISSOR, Panic Channel, Psycho le cemu]
*"Visual Kei" clothes
*Elegant gothic lolita clothing [Brand name or not]
*Young king ours [Please tell me if you have it, or you know where I can buy it.]

selective wants list

Mostly looking to trade with the stuff I've posted in here; all sorts of things there, those of Asian interest include a Scrapped Princess t-shirt, manga, Murakami's Hard-Boiled Wonderland... paperback, Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her CDs, more. I'll also consider buying if it is desperately, insanely cheap. So, do you have any of the following?

* Tamala 2010 debris: postcards or t-shirts would be particularly great.
* I am fascinated by San-x's Nyanko line. Cats, that are also food. Even more disturbing than the hamsters in the food, don't you think? Small stuff like stickers and stationery preferred.
* San-X's "Nekono Panya" line is also growing on me, but without the disturbing undercurrent.

*The Woman With the Flying Head: And Other Stories (Japanese Women Writers in Translation series) by Yumiko Kurahashi and Atsuko Sakaki
* Beauty Labyrinth of Razors by Jun Hayami, the new Eng. translation preferred
* Hell Baby by Hideshi Hino, Eng. translation preferred
* Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo, vols. 1 - 4, English translation only please
* The Push Man and Other Stories by Yoshihiro Tatsumi, English translation only please
* The Comics Journal Winter 2005 Special Edition (manga focus)
* Back issues of Pulp - let me know what you have
* Scanslated issues of the Gantz manga on CDR - need not start at beginning of series, only at chapter following the grim conclusion of the Buddhist temple battle. Also looking for a hard (paper) copy of the first vol., Jap. lang. ok as I'm only using the subway decapitation for collages - several VERY GOOD QUALITY photocopies of these pages would work too
* Books on Asian mythology, especially ghosts/monsters and animal folklore

* Sunao Inami CDs

* Kuroneko DVD
* Hiruko the Goblin DVD
* Eternal Family (fansubs ok)

Thanks for reading....
Art by Sin

Cel auctions ending tomorrow...


New auctions on eBay under seller felicity-chan or in my store: The New Oasis.

Almost everything has a Buy it Now price on it!

Animation cels:

Bubblegum Crisis/Crash - Nene

City Hunter - Funny Ryu, The Professor, Punk Kaori

Clamp Campus Detectives - Cass Blanca, other great stuff

GTO/Great Teacher Onizuka - Amazing pan cel!! (I still can't believe I'm selling him) + a few others

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust - Nolt Markus test cel

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Fabulous New Japanese Items! J Rock / J PoP

Please Visit My LJ: Das_Fusk
Click here for Items + Pictures ^__^ !

Japanese Flyers, Postcards, Books, Clothing, Toys, J Rock/Pop CD Albums + Singles
**I take Paypal (please use paypal if possible)
My Paypal Email Address IS:
Prices lowered too : )

For trades: I trade with some items by AYU, AI + Especially WaT (EIJI or group!)

Thanks <3
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