December 10th, 2005


Auction has abouot 3 days left.

It's for 3 complete Gundam Wing mangas. Blind Target, Episode Zero, and Ground Zero. These are the monthly paper comics. I've read them a dozen times and they are in GREAT condition:

First set is Gundam Wing Blind Target issues 1-4. Story by Akemi Omode, and art by Sakura Asagi. Takes place after the TV series, and before the movie, different story than Ground Zero.

Second set is Gundam Wing Episode Zero issues 1-8. Story by Katsuyuki Sumisawa, and art by Akira Kanbe. Tells the story of the pilots before the TV series, ends with issue 8 after Relena, and ends kind of abruptly.

Third set is Gundam Wing Ground Zero issues 1-4. Written by Reku Fuyunagi, this takes place after the TV series, and before the movie.

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free shipping sale

the following manga are in english. they are $5.00 per volume. shipping is free within the united states.

kare kano vol. 1 (vol. 2-3 sold!)
negima! vol. 1-5
tsubasa vol. 1-5
xxxholic vol. 1 (vol. 2 on hold, vol. 4 sold!)

i accept paypal, cash, and money orders (:.

(still accepting offers for the lost universe box set if anyone is interested!)
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Lucifer Singles (Chinese/HK version) - $3
Laputa Singles (Chinese/HK version) - $3
La'cryma Christi Singles (Chinese/HK version) - $3
X-Japan Singles (Chinese/HK version) - $3
Ryuichi Kawamura - Love (Japanese version) - $5
Shazna - Raspberry Time (Japanese version) - $5
Shazna - Sophia (Japanese version) - $5
Shazna - Golden Sun and Silver Moon (Japanese version) - $4 (some water damage, CD is in great condition though)
Blue - Misty (Japanese version) - $5
Lucifer - Carnation Crime (single) (Japanese version) - $3
SADS - Tokyo (single) (Japanese version) - $3


Crayon Shin-chan DVD Vol. 1 - $5
Boogie Pop (live action version) DVD - $5
Tokyo Pop VHS - $4 (features a cameo from Japanese rock group X-Japan)

Manga (in Japanese)

Hana Yori Dango vol. 1 - $4
Double Moon - $4
GTO vol. 1 - $4
Vision of Escaflowne vol. 1 - $4
Missing Piece vol. 1 - $4
Angel Sanctuary vol. 1 - $4
Cipher vol. 1 - $4
Ayashi no Ceres vol. 1 $4
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e vol. 1 - $4
Otenami Haiken! (by Yuu Watase) - $4

Manga (in English)

Blue Spring by Taiyo Matsumoto - $5
High School Girls vol. 1 by Towa Oshima - $5

Doujinshi: Vision of Escaflowne (Folken x Van) - $5
Doujinshi: Weiss Kreuz (Yohji x Ken) - $5

E-mail me at if interested. Shipping for the first item (in the United States) is $2.00 and .50 for each additional item. PAYPAL ONLY! I'm willing to ship out of the states, but the cost for shipping will be higher, of course. At the moment, I am not willing to trade. Sorry!

Pictures of everything available upon request.
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I have the following under the cut::
- Saiyuki Pin
- FMA Figurine
- Gundam SEED Destiny furoku
- Fruits Basket plush
- Saiyuki note pad
- A*Princess, Anime Play, Anime Song, Animage Magazine
- Bambi, La Esperanza, Ninja Scroll Posters
- non-no, Pati-Pati, FRUiTS Magazine
- Under Code Production poster
- L'Arc~en~Ciel, TMR Singles
- hide pencil board
- Mashi Maro purses
- Lolita Style Hair clips
- scarves, banadanas
- cell phone straps (hello kitty, sanrio, cute stuff)
- mini pens and pencils from Morning Glory and Sanrio
- Sanrio/San-x Notebooks/Note pads
- Kitty playing cards
- window plush
- gift bears

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Final Update Before Christmas Break

Hey again! Same stuff as before, but I am really trying to get it all sold before I have to go home for Christmas. Please take a look and if you see anything that you like, let me know! Thanks!

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-Magazines are flat rate $3.85 to US ONLY - international shipping will be more
-CDs depend on weight, so if you are interested please respond with your zip code/country

Payment Options:
-concealed cash - please let me know if you will be sending cash so that I know to look for it.
-PayPal cash - NOTE:I cannot accept credit card payment through paypal any
-money order