December 11th, 2005

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Hi, I may be interested in the Nana Anime Books in japanese if anyone has them for sale.
Also clippings or anything of Eiji Wentz (WaT) - "卒業TIME" is something I'm looking for too. ^__^

Thanks Much! : )
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Yard Sale of DOOM for yous!

Hello there everybody!

I've come to tell you about a great sale we are having at babybias ...

We have a lot of CDs for you to choose from (of JRock and JPop variety), magazines, posters, anime books, manga (Japanese and English), and a whole bunch of Gackt stuffs (including some rare items!).

So, come on and stop by if you are interested! The post is here: Yard Sale

This is all, Thanks (*-*)!

hide-ish clothing? +anime, j-pop

Does anyone have any hide-ish clothing they are willing to part with?
Anything related to hide at all, shirts, stuff w/ the radioactive symbol? anything that looks like something he would have worn?

also, still have lolita, fruits, anime, jpop, pokemon things here:
You know that hoodie from j-list, the cute white one with the green Japanese exit sign? I have it in size XL, barely worn to sell! very soft and comfy! If anyone is interested I can get pics. Will include the unopened j-list tissure packet that came with the original purchase XD
Also selling TMR's first two American release cds, some damage to jewel cases. Can also get pictures.

Concealed cash only payment/accepted please.
Thank you!

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All prices include shipping and handling within the USA. The magazines will be sent by the flat rate priority envelope, and the mangas will be sent by media mail. I accept concealed cash and money orders, but no PAYPAL.

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Hi! I was wondering if someone in Japan aren't too busy maybe?
So they could pick up this Hellcatpunks bag for me. I really really want it. It's a bag with clothes. I think the price was 5250 yen. I'd be veeeeeeeeeery grateful (;~;)
Cause I want it so badly. I tried to get it last year but it ran out of stock. So please could someone help me?

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Final Countdowns!

Only seven hours until all these auctions end! Please have a look if you haven't already for the chance to snag:

  • Buck-Tick CD | Kyokuto yori Ai wo Komete Release: 2002/02/20

  • CRUSH OF MODE Flyer | Metronome; lab.; Phantasmagoria; etc. + Meto cosplay gloves | I never ended up using for cosplay. Colors are fluorescent yellow and orange. :|

  • Blade & Constantine | Japanese motion picture release flyers.

  • Assorted Indies Flyers | + Club Indies & Closet Child Bags

  • Fatima Exit Flyer | + Tour Goods (Compact Mirror) / Shibuya O live schedule publication.

  • Daishi / Psycho le Cému | First Independent Maxi Single Flyer

  • Ayumi Hamasaki | 2-sided Poster (FLAME), Tour Photos, Tour Bag

  • Miyavi | 2005-6 Calendar

  • Miyavi | Kekkonshiki no uta - Kisetsu hazure no Wedding March Wall Poster

  • Miyavi | Kekkonshiki no uta - Kisetsu hazure no Wedding March / A re you ready to ROCK? [Regular Edition] CD + Button + Fotus Bag

  • Miyavi | Photoset I

  • Miyavi | Photoset II

  • Dir en grey | The Manipulated Life UV/Ultra Veat Special

  • Dir en grey | Tour Sticker + Kaoru Photoset (Still in plastic)

  • Dir en grey | Pull out Kaoru & Die, circa Child Prey (Kyo's on the back) + Dir en grey Mini-magazine - 8 pages

  • Zappy November 2003 | CD, BoA, Dir en grey, Hyde, w-inds, FLAME, Lead, Plastic Tree postcards, Daigo Stardust poster, etc

  • Zappy February 2004 | with CD, Glay, L'Arc~en~Ciel, BoA, Lead, Dir en grey, Psycho le Cému, SHINHWA, etc

  • PopBeat Super Live Vol. 2 July 2002 | Aucifer, Sophie, Dir en grey, Pierrot, Penicillin, Puffy, Sex Machineguns, Access, T.M. Revolution, etc

  • Kagerou | Tour Stickers

  • Anachronism | Poetry of Marie Matteucci, X-Japan's Dalia PV Model

  • Men's Preppy | Ryuhei Matsuda, Hair and Style Magazine, May 2005


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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has a Sesshoumaru Plushie that they want to sell. I can either pay my concealed cash or money order. I perfer one with good condition, and someone who can provided freebacks. 8 inches tall please Thank You! ^-^
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Selling Manga, Stationeries, random figurines.
I also included some freebies if anyone's interested.

I accept Paypal, check, money order, well-concealed cash (at your own risk). Please note: I will be out of town beginning of December 19, if your payment arrive on or after this day, I will have to send out your stuff on January 5th, which is when I come back.

As for shipping, unless noted, check with me for your total and shipping amount.
My email is

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Fatima & Penicillin stuff anyone?

Hi all~

I'm looking for Penicillin (Hakuei and Machine things too) and Fatima. Singles, albums, posters, flyers, magazines with pictures of them etc. Good condition only. Please show me photos of what ya got. I can pay only with paypal (credit card, maybe with cash if that's necessary for you) and cash in mail (Euros only, sorry). I'm bad at offering, so name your prices. I'm located in Europe (Finland) so please tell me the shipping charges also. And umm. I guess that's it. Comment here or email

Kthanks. ^___^;
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Have a Merry Jrock Holiday!

Please look around for any items of interest! ALL items are not priced so one should suggest a preferred amount. 98% of the time I will accept the buyers price so long if it is reasonable. Currently, I only take postal money orders or concealed cash. I reside in of the US. If outside of the US shipping rates will be higher.
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♥Pantheria's Realm EBay Sales + Direct Sales♥

♥Tons of of stuff to "BUY ON LJ" or "BID ON EBAY" including some Authentic Gothic & Lolita clothing (MAM, Metamorphose, Putumayo), Gothic Lolita Shoes, Lisa Frank Bags, Fruits Accessories & Clothing, Kiss Figurines set, Pullip Accessories, Tons of cool Accessories lots, Anime & Manga, .Hack Gashapon, Emily Strange Knee High Socks & Tops, Retro Commodore 16 & 64 Consoles, Cosplay Sailor Fuku Top + Tons more on "EBAY" or "FOR DIRECT SALE" (Please only comment "HERE" about the things for direct sale or if you have questions!)...

♣Hugs & Rainbow Sparkles♣

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<a href=><img src=></img></a><p>
<a href=>[click]</a></center>
Ruiza Ver1

Prices Reduced! DVD's, Cutie mag, J-rock Flyers

Selling a few items. Prices have been reduced for some of these.

I always ship the cheapest method(which also means slowest in most cases). Faster shipping is available but it'll cost you more. I usually get delivery confirmation for larger items(magaziens etc). Insurance is available if you want it.

cash transfer through Paypal (no credit card) *reccomended*
postal money orders
very well concealed cash *At your own risk!!! I am not responsible for cash lost in the mail*

Items come from a smoke free home but I do have a cat :3

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