December 14th, 2005


blythe collectors?!

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any blythe collectors out there? i have a groovy groove blythe for sale and she's practically new.
smoke free home and will come with ALL her accesories. she's been mildly customized, sand-matted, blush/eyeshadow removed and her pull string has been beaded as you will see in the photos under the cut. hair is NOT cut, no scratches and excellent condition.

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since she's one of the more sought after blythes and is pretty rare..
i'm asking $155 usd (she goes for me on ebay)
i take paypal. shipping will be $15.00 worldwide

Anime/manga for sale - PAYPAL ONLY ONEGAI!

I need some money for Christmas ^^; so unfortunately, I'll have to sell some of my beloved books/dvds. Prices exclude shipping. I can't guarantee arrival before Christmas but it should be no trouble as long as you get to me quickly so I can post as soon as I receive payment. I will receive trades but e-mail me at for negotiations or reply here ^^


Fushigi Yuugi Complete First Series//£12 (approx. $21 or negotiable). Region Free. New. Comprises of the Suzaku set and Seiryuu set. Never watched, unfortunately T_T. I would prefer to sell this as a set since they are separate boxes.

Escaflowne (volumes 1-3)//£10 ($14) for set or £4 ($7) each. Region 2. Perfect condition. Only watched once. I don't mind whether these are sold separately or not.


A.I. Love You Volume 1(Ken Akamatsu)//£2 ($3). Perfect condition.

.hack: Legend of the Twighlight (volumes 1-3)//£6 ($6) or £2 ($2) each. Perfect condition. Again, it is the complete series of that manga so whether you want it as a set or not...

Oh, and as for trades, I may be willing to exchange stuff for anything Jrock-related, EGL-related and Hello Kitty.