December 20th, 2005

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small game post

hey guys ^^*. i wanted to put these up on garagesalejapan before i turned to ebay. i only have a couple of items though.

1. final fantasy x-2 set

includes: ffx-2 ps2 game (domestic release, first edition - not greatest hits; great condition with no scratches, hardly played), ffx-2 limited edition strategy guide (this one has the collectible yuna cover, comes with art book and poster; in very good condition save for a small crease near the bottom corner), ffx-2 yuna play arts figure (great condition, comes in neatly-opened package with all parts)

price: $50 shipped. this includes priority shipping to anywhere in the united states.

2. tekken 5 set

includes: tekken 5 ps2 game (domestic release; great condition with no scratches, hardly played), tekken 5 strategy guide (in perfect condition, very lightly used, comes with poster), the art of tekken art book (perfect condition, only available to those who preordered the limited edition tekken 5 set, not sold in stores), tekken collector's dvd case (perfect condition, only available with the ultimate collector's edition bundle)

price: $50 shipped. this includes priority shipping to anywhere in the united states.


i will ship internationally, but shipping will be a bit more.

i accept paypal, cash, and money orders.

please comment if interested. i'll consider offers, selling separately, etc.

CD sale!

Hi~ I'm selling the following J-rock CDs if anyone is interested. And one Jpop CD. XD
All is in
ALL CDs ARE MADE IN JAPAN! Comes with obi except for Exile CD.

Dir en grey (each $8.00)
-the final
-drain away

Sugizo & The Spank Your Juice ($10.00)
-dear life

HYDE (10.00)

J ($12.00)
-best of J

Exile (10.00)
-Cross -never say die-

Thank you. Please reply here or on the site. Thanks.
we all live in a perma-quarantine

Kouga Yun's Your Eyes Only

It came down to keeping this or buying a copy of Earthian, so I'm selling my copy of Your Eyes Only. I've only read it twice, so the pages are all crisp, clean, and intact, but there is some dust jacket/cover wear on the corners, which happened when shipped it to me.

I've seen it going for anywhere between $35 and $40 around the internet, so I'm going to ask $27 for my copy + shipping and handling (priority probably being around $4, and media being considerably cheaper). I hope that's fair. ^^;

Payment: Paypal (preferred; add 5% to cover their fee), checks (must clear), money orders, cash at your own risk.

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Mal Yay ^_^ -scary_lullabies

Trades ooooo trades !!!! I wanna trade for some trades ^.~

Now some of these are a lil worn on the binding,but just a lil bit
I take great care of my graphic novels/tankubons and they are all shiny
in good to great condition and TIGHT

This is what I have to offer

Reveloutionary Girl Utena 1,2,3 and 5
.hack Legend of the Twilight 1 and 2
Kare First Love 2,3,4,5
Hot Gimmick all through 1-9
Kare Kanno (His and Her Circumstances) 1-4
Marmalade Boy 5,6,7, and 8
Death Note vol 1
I.N.V.U vol 1 and 2 (both a lil worn on binding but tight and in great condition otherwise)
Alice 19 vol 2-7
The Wildflower vol 1
Tramps Like Us vol 1
Planet Ladder 1 and 3
Silent Mobius vol 2

What I want ^___^

Ceres celestial Legend
vol 2 and up

Sailor Moon
vol 1,3,4,5,6,7,10

Sailor Moon SUPERS
vol 1

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
1 and 2

Silent Mobius vol 6,9 and 11



The Queen of Vengence
Love Potion No.9
Sympathy for the Devil
1-555- Goddess
Terrible Master Urd

These are not for sale,I only mention these cause they are the ones I own and Darkhorse doesnt number these graphic novels.I will take anything in that series that is not on the list above.

Please if your interested email me your Email ^_^
or email me at
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adrien brody

(no subject)

Ok, this is actually more chinese (but fitting with "asian" on info page), but if someone knows of a more appropriate commnunity, let me know and I'll gladly delete.

I'm looking for *anything* with Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
posters, books, etc., with Andy Lau
soundtrack cd to Infernal Affairs
DVD- Seoul Raiders

other likes:
Ekin Cheng
Edison Chen

I have things to trade or can buy. Let me know please!
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Katamari Damacy and Sanrio Custom Cell Phone Hangers

My friend kesteral is selling custom made Katamari Damacy and Sanrio cell phone hangers.

All the Katamari beads (as well as the dolphin, fish and fruits) are hand made glass beads. The Sanrio danglies are all cute bells. ^^

The smaller beads on each dangly might vary in the exact style since every one is individually made, not pulled out of a stock pile.

$4US each with free shipping anywhere in Canada or the USA. International shipping to any other country is $1US for the first 2 and $1US more for every additional 3 (ie. if you buy 8, it would be $3 for 2+3+3)

Payment can be taken via concealed cash (at your own risk), International Money order (must be cashable in Canada) or Paypal (free for direct deposit Paypal, additional $1 fee for Credit/debit card paypal).

If you have any questions or would like to buy a cell phone dangly (can be chosen from the image below or from a custom design), feel free to email me at or leave a comment here. ^^

(Image is approx. life size on a 1024x768 resolution monitor)
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by