December 22nd, 2005

Sleep to Dream by kiku_kitten

Seeking and selling

I'm seeking:
Shoxx with Gazette, Panic Channel/Panic*ch, or An Cafe features (I have Nov 2004, Jan 2005, and Oct 2005)
Cure with Gazette, Panic Channel/Panic*ch, or An Cafe features (I have Dec 2003, Dec 2004, June 2005, and August 2005)

Panic Channel vs Panic*ch CDs (I have Zenkoku taikai sanbon sen ~Iyagarase~)
Gazette CDs
An Cafe CDs (I have Cosmos, Amedama Rock, Escapism, and *waiting to hear back* Karakura Hitei -- I really want Tekesuta and Merrymaking)

Phone straps! For just about any band! Panic Channel vs Panic*ch, PLC, D'espairsRay, Gazette, etc etc.

SexPotReVenGe stuffs and Vivienne Westwood... (( it's worth a try lol ))

I'm selling:
(( Still got some stuff here, adding more later ))

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Anyone interested in the following (All can fit from an 8UK up to a small 14UK):

-Black Floral Metamorphose Dress
-Sweet Lolita Floral Metamorphose Dress
-White MAM Blouse with detachable Sleeves
-Metamorphose Brown Cardigan
-Putumayo Black & Red Cutsew
-Putumayo Blue Velveteen Cutsew
-White Indies Brand Schoolgirl Blouse with lace
-White Sweet Lolita Indies Brand Red Gingham Blouse
-Pink Maryjanes size 5/6UK
-Blue Maryjanese size 5UK
-Size XL Blue Sweet Lolita Nurse Dress with Detachable Sleeves
-Size 10/12UK Sweet Lolita Pink Gingham Dress

I can provide pics if you want: or you can view them HERE & I will consider all offers at this stage but please be reasonable & consider the value of each item carefully...