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Amy the Yu
24 December 2005 @ 03:37 am
Image hosted by Photobucket.comON HOLD

I'm selling a very bright and cute brand new set of Yukata (cotton summer kimono) and double sided hanhaba obi (half width casual obi) including an illustrated instruction sheet on how to tie the obi. The yukata is 65 inches in length (shoulder to bottom hem) and will fit any size. This is a rather long yukata, so it will fit even the taller girls up to almost 6' tall! (Most kimonos tend to be made according to common Asian heights, which is rather short.)

$40US (I need the space more than the money...normally a set like this would cost over $100).
Shipping is $15US for Canada and the USA. $20US for international.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
(80cm long loose socks pictured)

Also selling 2 pairs of loose socks (the same kind that Japanese school girls wear with their uniforms! I have my own pair that I absolutely love. They're great fun to wear with a cute skirt and I even incorporate them into my cosplays (like Hakufu from Ikkitousen). When the weather gets chilly, they also work great as thigh highs (though they're actually longer than your legs are, but I always fold the top down) to keep you warm so you can keep dressing cute even when the weather doesn't cooperate. ^^

Shoe size: Women's US 6-9, UK 4-7.
80cm: $25
100cm: $30
Shipping is $10US for Canada and the USA. $15US for international.

I take paypal (preferred), International Money Order (must be cashable in Canada) and concealed cash (no coins).

Please leave a comment or feel free to email me at amytheyu@yahoo.ca if you have any questions or would like to buy an item. ^^

Also, still accepting orders for custom Katamari/Sanrio/Cutsy cell phone straps and keychains.
24 December 2005 @ 07:25 am
(The main post is at the anime4sale community, please check that for any updates. Thanks!)

All CDs are original Japanese releases. Shipping is $2.50 for first-class mail for up to 2 CDs; any more than that, shipping is via priority mail and will be calculated. Payment by Paypal preferred but I will accept money orders via snail mail. International buyers welcome; shipping costs depend on your country and the weight of the items.

CDs are used but in excellent condition, no scratches or scuffs, unless otherwise specified.

Please respond to this post if interested or if you have questions. All requests are dealt with on a first-posted, first-served basis. Thanks for looking!

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Hi hihi..I really need help ...I tried looking at all the different sites " Cd japan, Yesasia..Amazon..even E-bay".. yet that cd album was either not available for sale.. or it wasn't in the list to begin with.. so please help me out.. I am willing to buy !!??
.I really want this Plastic Tree << is a j-rock/indies band) ..The album from them that I am looking for is called " Puppet Show"..so please ..if you have it..or there is some way to get to me a ( rather good condition cd...without scratches and stuff).I don't mind if its second-hand and stuff..then I need to buy it from you!!?

( Please respond ASAP..if you are selling this particular item..)

-mangoo XP
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Suave Stud
24 December 2005 @ 01:27 pm
I am looking for any items related to the manga Wallflower or otherwise known as Perfect Girl Evolution, besides that I am also looking for any jrock indies stuff that people are willing to trade or sell to me~~<33

What I am looking for:

~ Indie Bands... or just anything jrock appart from Gackt, Laruku and Malice Mizer
~ The Wallflower merchandise or manga in japanese

Have a merri xmas everyone~~<3!
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24 December 2005 @ 03:14 pm
I can accept basically any type of payment you want to give me - Paypal, credit card Paypal, money order, check, concealed cash.

Shipping is not included in prices, but I promise it will not be high. I will ship internationally (I'm in the US), but be prepared for the cost.

If you want an item, please leave a comment or email me at Dynamint at livejournal. I'll go by chronology rather than asking for higher offers if more than one person wants the same item. If you find a price too high, please let me know. I probably won't accept trades, but you can try me. Anything that doesn't sell here is heading for eBay, then the trash.

Pictures for anything are available on request. Links lead to pictures.

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24 December 2005 @ 03:28 pm
So there are bills coming up next month that need to be paid off... so I'm selling some manga!

Bleach 1-9
Gravitation 1-12 [all]
Prince of Tennis 1-6
Fake 1-7 [all]
Until the Full Moon 1

I prefer to sell these as a full set and not break them up. All offers considered. Payment via paypal ONLY [no credit card].

Shipping available upon request. I will ship internationally at your cost.

drop a comment here if you're interested!
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Lauren Christensen
24 December 2005 @ 04:47 pm
Was wondering if anyone had an Hyde posters or magazines they were selling? I've been looking all over ebay, to no avail. Please comment if you have something for me to look at. I'd appreciate it.

Love and Peacea!

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24 December 2005 @ 10:58 pm
hi all,

here's what i have for you:

sorry the picture quality is not the best >_<

i have 2 in stock. just $3 each! (: shipping is one 37-cent stamp or 37 cents via paypal.

i accept paypal and cash (USD) ^^*
24 December 2005 @ 11:02 pm
Hello, I was searching at many online stores for some older cds but didn't find them, so I'm asking you if somebody accidentally sells one of them xD. I can only pay with cash because I don't have a paypal account or something similar ...

looking for the following cdsCollapse )

Hope somebody can help me T_T
24 December 2005 @ 11:04 pm
Hi,i was wondering if anyone has a spirited away dvd that are selling or the outlaw star collection thanks!