December 25th, 2005

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Jrock, Jpop, and Japanese clothing for sale.

Hey everyone!

Lately I've become less attached to my things, and in an effort to earn money for my plane ticket to England next year, I've decided to sell in hopes of making enough cash for my flight. :D

I accept only PAYPAL and will only be accepting payements from the US. If you're going to pay by credit card via paypal, I'll be expecting for you to cover the 5.5% deduction that they take off. Thanks!

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I'm looking for some new anime. I know there is so much more out there and I want to see it, so if you have something you want to sell cheap, I don't care what it is (it would be helpful if you could give me a short description of the storyline, but not necessary) just give me a price, and if I like it, I will buy.
Both vhs and dvd are fine.
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netsuke cell phone strap <3

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anyone interested in these cute red netsuke straps for your cellphone charms? ^^ imported from japan! i have 3 available. asking for $1 each. free shipping within the US ^^.

cash (USD) only, because paypal would take like 30-40 cents D;. unless you want to pay the fee for me XD