December 27th, 2005

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I won this hot, authentic, Lovers Rock wristband from Yahoo! Japan Auctions. Straight from Japan and in excellent/almost new condition. It's black and white leopard print with beige suede. Because of the design it doesn't fit my wrist right so the biggest wrist it will fit approximately is 6-6 1/2". I paid quiet a bit on auction for it so would like to get as near to what I paid as possible. I'm asking for £13.00/$22.52 including postage anywhere in the world.

If you live in the UK, I accept cash [AYOR], cheques and uncrossed postal orders. Everywhere else, Paypal ONLY.

My last two Wk drama CDs...

These are my last two Weiß kreuz drama CDs left for sale, and I'd really like to see them off to new homes as well. If you're interested, please email me! Priced to sell separately, or will sell together as a set for $20 (save $3)!!

Weiss kreuz Radio Selection
Main VA: Koyasu Takehito, Yuki Hiro, Miki Shinichiro, Seki Tomokazu
Product code: MMCM-1004
Original release date: 11/21/1997
Retail value: 2500 yen tax-in (about 22 USD)

Weiss kreuz Wish a Dream Collection I ~Flower of Spring~
Main VA: Koyasu Takehito, Yuki Hiro, Miki Shinichiro, Seki Tomokazu
Product code: MMCC-1023
Original release date: 6/27/2001
Retail value: 2800 yen tax-in (about 24 USD)

Payments can be made in the form of a Money Order, a personal Check (with holding time to clear), USA cash (not recommended) or through PayPal (where credit cards are accepted). NO TRADES! Shipping and handling can be regular post for $2 or Priority Mail 3-5 day shipping for $4. Email for Global rates. I'm not responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail!

Items were purchased USED from Yahoo Japan auctions, but are in great condition! First come, first served. I have 100% positive feedback with eBay! Thank you for looking! :)
Bleach // Hitsugaya - Frozen Heaven

Sales and searching

I'm selling these!!!

Most the following manga are in french. I don't have interest in the following series anymore. They all going to be individual.

Volume 1 to 11
Volume 14
Volume 15
Volume 28 to 42
Volume 3 (a 3-in-1 volume)

L'apprenti mangaka (from the DB author. Mangaka tricks)

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YGO Trading Card Game packages

I’m still searching for buyers for my YGO packs. All cards are in excellent conditions and rarely used in the game.

Here again is the packs:

Dragon Pack #1

Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Forteress #1 (SDY-003)
The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave (LOD-037) 1st Edition
Ryu-Ran (SDP-003)
Crawling Dragon (MRD-012)
One-Eyed Shield Dragon (LOB-087)
Manga Ryu-Ran (SDP-022)
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon (SDP-020)

Price: 4.00$ + shipping

Dragon Pack #2

Gray Wing (LOD-041) 1st Edition
Twin-Headed Fire Dragon (PSV-042) 1st Edition
Baby Dragon (SDJ-003) 1st Edition
Blackland Fire Dragon (MRD-062)
Curse of Dragon (SDY-008)
Pitch-Dark Dragon (MFC-008) 1st Edition
Kiryu (MFC-009) 1st Edition

Price: 6.00$ + shipping

Dragon Pack #3

Lizard Soldier (LOD-038)
Dragon Zombie (SDY-014)
Tyhone #2 (MRL-017)
Koumori Dragon (SDK-006)
Gray Wing (LOD-041) 1st Edition
Armed Dragon LV3 (SOD-EN013) 1st Edition
Troop Dragon (LOD-042) 1st Edition

Price: 5.00$ + shipping

Warrior Pack #1

Throwstone Unit (LOD-017) 1st Edition
Wall Shadow (MRL-056)
Zombyra the Dark (LON-074)
Horus’ Servant (SOD-EN016) 1st Edition
Amazoness Paladin (MFC-059)
Trap Master (SKE-018)
Kojikocy (SKE-005)
Battle Ox (SKE-002)
Price: 5.00$ + shipping

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I'm currently searching for anything CDs from Weiss Kreuz. If you guys have any, it will be welcome. Althought, I have three of them already (I can't remember the titles by heart), 2 being OST from the show and the OVA and the other is an album from the group.

Please, comment here or contact me by email.
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Yaoi fans?

Are there any yaoi fans here? Because I'm not, and I have some titles looking for more appreciative homes. O_o Everything is second-hand, but in excellent condition. I really would like to sell it all as a complete set (price is open to negotiation!!) but will entertain offers on induvidual items if I must. Please check it out at the link below, and email me if you have any questions.

( Follow the fake cut for info and images! )

Must SELL! Payment and shipping can be discussed at time of sale. I'm very flexible to work with and have 100% positive feedback with eBay! Thank you for looking! :)


This GAZETTE CALENDER 2006 is bought at the ZEPP OSAKA PEACE & SMILE TOUR 2005. It's very new and rare! I'll be auctioning this off here.

Image hosted by

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Give me your best offer, and I'll think it over. ^_^ It took me quite some time to come to this decision, since I don't use calenders anyway.

Bidding starts at USD $45. Shipping is $5. Sorry, international postage is more expensive than I thought, so now I go according to here:

Only serious bidders, please!
Ruiza Ver1

trading/selling mags, flyers, misc items

I'd prefer to trade most of these items but I'm willing to sell as well. I will trade magazines for other magazines, flyers for other flyers etc.

- I accept non credit card paypal, money orders, and well-concealed cash (at your own risk).

- I prefer to ship out at the same time or I'll ship first.
- delivery confirmation is a must

- I use the cheapest(=slowest) method possible unless you prefer a different method
- I ship as soon as I recieve payment
- I always include delivery confirmation

♣Magazines I will buy/trade for (excellent-good condition preferred):
Cutie August 2005
Frau aug 2004
Fujinkoran no 1163 pub 10/22/04
Invitation sep 2004
Kera Vol 53
Men's Joker sept 2005
Misty mar 2005
Non-no feb 2003
Non-no nov 2003
Non-no oct 2004
Spring Oct 2004
Spring april 2005
Streeet Jack sept 2004
Zipper Oct 2004
Zipper Nov 2004
Zipper Dec 2004
Zipper June 2005

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