December 28th, 2005

manga for sale

i'm reluctantly selling my manga because i am very broke. they're all in very good condition; i read each once and since then they have sat on the shelf. they're in english, i hope that's okay.

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i'm not really sure about pricing, so i skimmed the community to see what others are asking for manga and it varied so much..! so i'm going to ask those interested to make offers and i'll keep my fingers crossed. paypal is preferred, though well-concealed cash or a check may also work.
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For Sale ... Ju-On DVD ....

Hello all. I have for sale the DVD of Ju-On. It is the original Japanese version that inspired the American remake The Grudge.
I will sell it for the best offer.

Concealed cash in American currency is the perfered method of payment, although, I will also accept personal check, and paypal.

Comment to this post, or email me if you are interested! (My email is my LJ user name
we all live in a perma-quarantine

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Offering the Kouga Yun (Loveless, Earthian) artbook, Your Eyes Only, at $15+s&h. It's like new except for some dust jacket wear, which is how it arrived from

Payment: Paypal (credit cards accepted, but add 5% for fee), money orders, checks, and cash. I ship internationally.

Edit: Also offering Shirahime-Syo (hardback) for $7 and Bleach 1-7 for $30 as a set.

Sale/Trading Cards

I still have a ton of stuff to sell, please look at my list.

I also just went through every last extra trading card I have, and it's quite overwhelming. The more you buy the cheaper! Also if you have any cards I need then I will pay you handsomely. :)
I should note I also have a Sailor Moon CCG Sailor Mercury deck, open, but in great condition up for grabs too.

Just reply here.
I now accept paypal! (credit card users will be charged extra)
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For Sale and Trade: Sailor Moon, Tenjou Tenge, Tenchi, Soooooo Much Different Anime Stuff...

All this stuff really needs to go. I simply don't have room for it anymore, ESPECIALLY the posters. Shipping depends on the items you buy. Like, for instance, if you buy 3 posters, you only have to pay for shipping for one poster, because I can fit them all into one poster tube. If you buy 1 poster and other items, you still have to pay full shipping for the poster plus whatever it costs to ship the other stuff. Please let me know what items you want and ask for a shipping quote if you aren't sure. If you get a bunch of things, 99% of the time they can be combined for a lower shipping cost.

I take paypal, concealed cash (at your own risk), and Money Orders. I prefer paypal, its safer and people get their items faster. Except for weekends, I almost can always mail out items within 24 hours of receiving payment.

I do like trading, please send me a list of everything you have to trade and I promise to look it over. I really want RE4 for PS2 right now and the US Sailor Uranus plush, if you have those...I would be so happy @_@ Anyway, here are the items!

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I'm in search of cheap Fruits Basket manga. I just started the series and am in love with it. If anyone's willing to sell Vol's 2+ let me know. Thanks!