January 1st, 2006

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11:57 pm ( magnets and stickers to stick all over everything! )
11:18 pm ( magazines with recipes and healthiness! AND ZINES )
5:32 pm ( accessories )
5:18 pm ( jewelry )
5:04 pm ( haircare/skincare/fragrance )
3:30 pm ( play with make-up! )
(1:11 am ( miscellaneous )
12:25 am ( clothes, socks )
12:18 am ( manga/anime make you happy )
( stationery and writing stuff! )
12:09 am ( reading is good for you! ) BOOKS

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feverlights feverlights feverlights
Updated alot since I last x-posted!

Anime DVD sale on Ebay, cheap! x-posted @ anime4sale, shopanime

Hey! I'm selling an anime lot on Ebay for pretty cheap, considering the titles that are for sale! The auction can be found HERE.

I'm selling:
Cowboy Bebop vol. 1 DVD
Cowboy Bebop vol. 2 DVD
Evangelion vol. 1 DVD
Evangelion vol. 2 DVD
Evangelion vol. 3 DVD
Hellsing vol. 1 DVD
Hellsing vol. 2 DVD

That's 7 dvds for only 45 bucks... pretty good, considering if you bought all of those, you'd be spending an extra 50 bucks or more! All are in mint condition and are waiting for a home ;_; so please check it out! Thanks. ♥
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Manga for sale

all manga/anime is in english. all in good condition and most only read once.
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please if you do not intend to buy dont make the offer. Its not fair to others. feedback is loved. and happy shopping ^_^
love above

legwarmers, tsubasa, fruits grab

until i can borrow a decent camera, i'll just put up the stuff that don't need visual aids.

1. plain black 19" knee-high legwarmers - no flare, but rather, elasticy on the ends - $6.00 shipped

2. tsubasa reservoir chronicles english manga vol. 1-5 - currently being lj-auctioned, starting at $5.00 shipped each

3. FRUiTSy surprise! grab bag - 18 FRUiTS postcards, postcard case, 4 assorted pins (including an ALBA ROSA pin), and at least 12 pieces of cute assorted colors jewelry - at least a $20 value - $10.00 shipped

located in the u.s.; will ship int'l for a bit more; accept paypal, cash, and money orders.

please leave your email address in the reply! thanks! ^^

grab these before shipping rates go up (jan. 8th)! happy new year!! (:
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Pokemon Activity Book + Trading Cards

※I have found another Pokemon Movie 2000 Activity Book. You could only get this book as a promo from staying at Comfort Inn.
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※I also have a bunch of used Pokemon cards looking for a new home. I've taken good care of them while they were in my possession, however the kids before me not so much.
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Please make offers. I really want to get this stuff on to new homes.
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Paypal/concealed cash/check/money order

Anime/Anime related
Full Metal Alchemist anime Edward rubber cutout keychain - NEW but no packaging $4 inc shipping
Galaxy Railways vol 1 DVD - $13 inc shipping
Newtype USA magazine issue 12 - gundamn Seed cover Vol 4 December 2005 issue 12 - shrinkwrapped w/DVD - $8 inc shipping
Anime Insider magazine issue 27, Dec 2005 Naruto cover - $5 inc shipping

Looking for Chobits DVDs Vol 4,5 and 7
and seeing if someone has a good Naruto boxset with GOOD english subs, and not garbled bas translations that make no sense
:'D Afro rilakkuma!


Hello, everyone!
^^;; Happy New Year!~

Anyway, I'm helping out a friend to sell some of her mags namely Band Hotline : October 2002, SHOXX : May 2004, FOOLS MATE : October 2002 and FOOLS MATE : December 2002~ Please do take a look~ :3


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Thanks a lot for taking your time looking at these! ♥
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Ruiza Ver1

Stationary sale!

I need to save up money so no trades for this stationary. My camera is super crappy. All the items are brand new and look much better in real life ^^;

A few other items, etc.

- well concealed cash(at your own risk)
- postal money orders
- paypal (sorry, I can't take credit cards though)

Shipping costs(for USA):
- stationary ships via first class mail.
- shipping for stationary sets(memos) are 1 stamp or 39 cents a set.
- shipping for letter sets range from 60 or 80 cents or same amount in stamps.
- combined shipping is available, just ask for an estimate when you are done picking out items.

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