January 2nd, 2006

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POSTERS and DiGi Charat Figures...

Hey everyone! :3 I have a bunch of posters from various series and two DiGi Charat figures. I accept PayPal only, I ship worldwide. Make offers, please. Conditions noted (I'm very honest, keep that in mind, so things may sound worse than they are). Shipping is extra.

Behind cut.

Teaser image:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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EMAIL ME at mkdaly30188@yahoo.com or COMMENT HERE. <3 Thanks so much for your interest!
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I'm selling a slightly used Volume 4 of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. This is the hardcover special edition and is in Japanese; comes with a case/cover for the book, the book itself, of course, and two postcards.

Front of the case:

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It has slight wear, but I'd like to get at least $8 for it. Although the price says 1143 yen, I paid about $15 for it (which included import fees and such). I'm very careful with my books, but most of the copies that were sold at the store were slightly scuffed anyway, so I tried to choose the cleanest one.

I'll take offers until 6 PM PST Wednesday, shipping will be $2 (more if you're international). I take payment in all forms (concealed cash at your own risk), and will have to tack on $1 if using debit or cc Paypal (due to the new fees).
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i`ve got a couple of bags, shoes, and shirts for sale or trade!

-a brand new hot pink kipling bag, with tags.

-a super zoo japanese tote bag. ^_^;
-a hello kitty reversable hobo purse.
-a monchichi plush head bag.

pink polka dot flats & star flats; sizes 9-1/2 to 10!

shirts, youth large!
& MORE! just check out my photobucket!!


i`m currently looking for faux louis vuitton bags, or replica designer purses and cutesy japanese items!
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Anyone living in Japan?

Hello~ I'm hoping to find someone living in Japan to purchase a website membership for me.. I have PayPal and will cover the cost of membership + extra for their help, like a service fee.

If you can help out please leave your e-mail address or other means of contact. Pretty please? ^^;
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Currently listed some of my anime items on ebay. Kenshin, Sailor Moon DVD's are all in one lot, PS2 items all in one lot, and the Roy Mustang plushie is up on ebay also.
Some items currently on ebay: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsundance_sg1QQhtZ-1

Other items here: heathers_junk

Also, does anyone happen to have any YAOI DVD's R1 or good anime series on hand? I'm looking for some interesting series just show me what you got. :-)

Items for Sale! JP & ENG manga, Chobits items, JP mags w/ extras, and misc. series stuff!

Hello everyone!

*Need to Know Information*

~I am not doing trades at this time,we need money to pay the bills.

~These items do not include shipping, but if you don't mind waiting a week, media mail is only about $3 to really anywhere in the U.S.

~I accept paypal (if paying by e-check the items will not be sent out until it has cleared), money orders, and well concealed cash at your own risk.

~ Selling Policy- I'm going to give the chance to buy it to the first person that posted (according to date and time) wanting the item.
If they pass then I'll go to the next and so forth.

The prices are what I want to get. However, I am willing to work out prices if you want multiple items.
I keep my items in very good condition. They are from a pet, smoke - free home.
Please click on the like below for my ebay feedback.
I have +100 positive feedback in both buying and selling.


Here is a list of all the items I have for sale.

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If you want any info or pictures comment and I will do my best to help. Comment if you would like something. ^_^

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
- Sailor Moon SuperS: Diana's Secret // 4) Baiting the Trap, 5) Perfect Couple, 6) Much Ado About Kitten
- Sailor Moon SuperS: The Dream Mirror (Special Uncut Version) // 10) Forest of Illusion! Invitation of a Beautiful Fairy, 11) Drive to Heaven! Love Riding on the Car of Dreams, 12) Try for the Best of Japan! The Worries of a Beautiful Girl Swordsman

Sorry for the blurry image! $1 each. Dubbed. x-posted

You can also get a free gift with this purchase: stuff2sell
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On a mission.

Hello, I'm on a mission for the following items:

Gothic Lolita Bibles.
Ceres Vol.2+
Fruits Basket Vol.10+
Pullip or Blythe clothes, wigs and eye chips.
Fruitsy or Sweet lolita clothing.

I can pay with Cash, or MO and quickly. Preferably someone in U.S but not neccessary. E-mail me at ichigo_chan_@msn.com if you can help me out. Thank you much!!
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