January 7th, 2006


brand new shoes from Japan and more

I have four pairs of shoes on sale right now - two are brand new shoes from Japan in a women's size eight (Japan 24.5), I also have really cute sneaker-creepers from TUK which are black with pink hearts, and a pair of ballet flats for sale (neither of which are Japanese but would look cute with fruitsy outfits, decora, vkei, etc. depending upon which pair you go for). For more information on the shoes and for photos please click here.
Fruits Basket - Black Haru - RHAR

Email to Fraudulent Seller

First off, I will preamble this by stating that I would like for all of us frauded or possibly frauded by the seller harahetta to remain in contact with one another. While we cannot display personal information through livejournal, each of us have email addresses and many of us have AOL Instant Messanger. If it falls through that I am also being frauded, I will likely start a chat for all of us involved or interested in resolving this matter to discuss the seller and trade pertinant information (including contact information) to aide one another in resolving this issue.

I also thought that each of you would be interested in seeing the email that I will be sending momentarily to harahetta.

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Hello all! I'm going to Sakura Con this year and I'm going to be cosplaying. I am going as the Mad Hatter EGL style, though it could turn into many things. ^^
I am wondering if anyone here makes costumes? I had one person in contact, but I can't get ahold of her. j_j Please e-mail me at:
Please let me know!
(I have some specific pictures of what I want)
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love above

pokemon manga!! (:

wow.. i was in the midst of cleaning when i found my old pokemon manga collection!! anyone interested?

- issues 1-4 (complete) of the electric tale of pikachu $1.25 per issue
- issues 1-4 (complete) of pikachu shocks back $1.25 per issue
- electric pikachu boogaloo graphic novel $5 (PENDING)
- surf's up, pikachu graphic novel $5 (PENDING)

all in pristine condition, the graphic novels come with the full-color pinups too!

each issue retailed for $3.25 and each graphic novel retailed for $12.95.

the art is pretty cute.. i miss old school pokemon with misty and brock ^_^.

anyway, the prices above do not include shipping. it will probably only be around $1-2. if you choose to buy all 4 manga series as a set, then it'll just be $20 flat with free shipping and freebies ^_^.

as always, i accept cash, paypal, m.o. (:
Ruiza Ver1

Seller nyanpanda- anyone else have problems with her?

Okay, so way back in early November I purchased a Hello Kitty "Lolita" Plushie Clip and Hello Kitty Blue Change Purse from seller nyanpanda. I paid by money order and still have my reciept and the sender half of the money order stub. She confirmed she got my payment and gave me an estimated shipment date. I have not heard from her since. I have tried emailing her many many times and I even commented on her selling journal post several times here:


I am not the only one who has not recieved their items as can be seen at the link posted above. I'm starting to get really pissed off. She won't reply to any of my emails, commnets, etc. I even tried emailing from different email accounts as well, just in case). Anyone else have similar problems?

cd sale..

i have cds in EXCELLANT condition that i just dont listen to..
PAYMENT: paypal, conceild cash, money order. all in USD please!
SHIPPING- is included for US citizens, international please ask!
SORRY! - i have no pictures, but i can assure you all the cds are PERFECT!
if you need confirmation that i am a good seller, check my ebay, name is Neon.Panda
ALL CDS $5.oo
1. puffy amiyumi 'nice'
2. Shazna 'gold sun and the silver moon' (i think this is first press, it comes with a little artbook inside)(taken)
3. Sads 'sad blood rock N roll' (taken)
4. fruits basket soundtrack 'memory for you'
5. wolfs rain OST 2 (taken)

If you would like one, please send an EMAIL to pinkspider1102@aol.com with your:
Payment type
Item(s) you wish to have
and ill respond quickly!
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Tsubasa Fai

Selling Saiyuki

Greetings. I just put my entire Saiyuki *first half* series up for sale on Ebay.
Saiyuki Auction

As I desribed in the auction all of the books are in great shape, in fact books 6-9 have never been read. Thank you very much, and have a fabulous day.

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