January 11th, 2006

NEW $0.99 + for Mangas & Tons of Japan Cell Phone Straps (Hello Kitty)

Hi, I am selling lots of my anime/manga/Japan cute related stuff on Laundro. I have no feedback from Laundro yet BUT on eBay I have 14 x 100% positives from buyers.

I accept Paypal (prefer) and USD cash. I am in Canada so I may also accept CDN dollar based on the currency of $1 USD = $1.18 CDN. Please take a look of my items and feel free to email me.

Laundro Listing - Hello Kitty, Manga, etc

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Thank you! ^_^
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Sales Update 1-11-2006

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Luna's Sales -
Well I'm in a bit of a pickle. I need to Raise a total of $414.86 for my School tutition payment. I really hope these books and items will sell. I desperately need the money but I'll try to sell off my items as low as I can possibly make them go. Apparently alot more stores are closing in my area and as they close for good it means alot more people are looking for jobs. I just hope that I can raise enough with my sales.

Malice's Sales -
More Doujinshi are going up for sale. Alot more collectables are as well. Things are going well and I hope that these items will sell as well.
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Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale

Looking for English and Japanese language manga.

I'm looking for xxxHolic volumes 3+ in English.

Also, if anyone has the these yaoi manga, I'm really trying to get them (relatively) cheap:
Koi wa Ina Mono Myou na Mono by Zaou Taishi
Aruji no Oose no Mama ni by Zaou Taishi
Color by Eiki Eiki/Zaou Taishi
Any volume of Koicha no Osahou by Sakuragi Yaya

Please reply with what you have, the condition it's in, and how much you'd want for it. Or, e-mail me at empressminako[at]yahoo(dot)com.

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I'm selling my Living Language Japanese coursebook + its CDs.
Cash/Money Order/Check
I have 170+ feedback.

Serious buyers or/and any questions please let me know. Thanks bunches :D
Click photos to zoom.

EDIT: NOW ON HOLD. sorry! xD will come back if user backs out.
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Selling manga!

Wish 1-4 $5 each, $17/set
Ranma 1/2 1-3 $5 each/$13 set
Shirahime Syo (HC) $7
Sexy Voice and Robo $7
Silent Mobius 1-8 best offer

Also selling an Evangelion Unit-01 plushie with tags. Make an offer.

Camera phone pictures can be supplied on request.

Payment: Paypal (PREFERRED), cash AYOR, checks, money orders.
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help a gal clean out her room!

i am selling a whooole bunch of manga and posters (and one wall scroll). i really need to get rid of this stuff so i'm hoping someone here is interested in some of it.

some examples: english battle royale manga 1-4, english sailor moon 6 & 7 and sailor moon supers manga 3 & 4, ah my goddess poster, squall poster...

follow this link to the magical land of helping-maria-out~ it will totally give you good karma for a year, i promise.
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I'm new at this selling thing outside of ebay, but here goes!

I have some sailor moon vhs for sale!

Here are the ones I have:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The reason there arent any prices on here is because I'd like to see what feedback I can from you buyers out there before I dictate a set price.
However, in my experiance, the cost of shipping for a vhs regular mail on ebay is 4.99...but I'll do it for 3.00 or so, less per item if you want more than one, and if someone is willing to trade, we can talk that over as well!
I'd also be willing to trade them, for I'd only use the money on more sailor moon things right now anyhow.
Let me know either way!
I laso have my own feedback from ebay from previous transations, if youd like to see that as further evedence of my honesty and goodwill.

Ps: I also have sailor moon episodes from the pegasus edition that have been opened but never watched (i received the entire collection shortly afterwards heh) on dvd in great condition, and a boat load of sailor moon stuff I plan to keep unless anyone else offers a better trade item, so if anyone is interested in these let me know and ill post pics!

Thank you Scouts, may your path to the stars be bright!

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Selling j-pop magazines

Hi, well im new to this community. Anyways, I am selling jpop magazines like Wink Up, Duet, Myojo, Poporo and etc. The magazines are clogging up my room. So I need to sell it off. Am selling it of cheaply at 3 USD a magazine. Am willing to do cut ups. I am willing to do world wide shipping.

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Revolutionary Girl Utena Vol. 1
Sensual Phrase Vol. 1
Sensual Phrase Vol. 2
Get Backers Vol. 1
Get Backers Vol. 2
Angel Sanctuary Vol. 1
Naruto Vol. 2

Gackt - Vanilla (single)
Siam Shade - Never End (single)
Siam Shade - Kumori Nochi (single)

Follow the links for pictures, if you want more, just ask. Accepted payment Thanks.methods; Paypal, concealed cash, USPS money order.

slowdanceonme, if this isn't okay then please let me know and I'll edit the post. It doesn't say I can't link directly to the Japanese related posts in my personal selling journal in the rules/info so I'm hoping it's alright.
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For sale!

Need to sell these to get the needed funds for my Star Wars cosplay I'm doing. Willing to work out a deal if you want a ton of this stuff. I MAY accept trades please see my wants for what I'm after.

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Hi guys!!
I've got a lot of stuff I'm selling for cheap on eBay... I have listed in The goods....:

Gackt's Lu:na/Oasis CD
Pierrot's Private Enemy CD
Asian Kung Fu Generation CD
Holofoil Kakashi Postcard
Itachi Drawstring Bag
Gaara/Shukaku capsule figure
Chibi Sasuke and Naruto Stamps
Set of 2 Naruto fans
How to Draw Manga: Copics
Ehrgeiz (that game with Vincent, sephiroth, cloud, yuffie and tifa :D)
Studio Ghibli Nausicaa Squirrelfox plush
Trigun Knives figure
Trigun Vash figure
One Piece photo album
One Piece Zoro Bath salts
One Piece zoro stand-up
One Piece chibi sanji and zoro stamps

Ruiza Ver1

Stationary for sale XD Hello Kitty, Chococat, Nyan Nyan Nyanko + a few more

I recently got addicted to collecting cute stationay annnd I think I may have went a little overboard so now I have to sell some of it j__j so... I can buy more XD

click here to see the memo and letter sets

and here to see a few other things like a Kogepan notepad

Feel free to browse the other sections in my site as well.

Comment or email(shop.rion[at]gmail.com) to buy/ask questions


Kogepan notepad is PENDING.
Special delivery!

Cardcaptor Sakura + goods on eBay


New items up for auction at the Oasis: The New Oasis or under seller felicity-chan

There are many items with Buy it Now

Animation cels - Cardcaptor Sakura pan cel close-up, Sakura in Prince outfit, and bank cel

Cardcaptor Sakura - Capsule figure set, Nakayosi Media book lot, Kero-chan plush keychain, Pencilboards, Poster, Cardass Masters 4 lot, PP2 Foil set, PP3 foil card lot, OVA 1 foil lot, Sealmembers 1 common card lot, Sealmembers 2 common lot & individual foils


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