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what you were then i am today
12 January 2006 @ 12:36 am
Selling Magic Knight Rayearth VHS Seasons 1 and 2 (dubbed), 12 tapes altogether. First season comes with box for the 5 tapes.

$20 + shipping OBO
12 January 2006 @ 09:01 am
Hello everyone! I have up for sale a few DVDs. They are as follows...

Inu-Yasha complete season 1 box set
Inu-Yasha The Movie 1: Affections Touching Across time
Inu-Yasha The Movie 2: Castle Beyond the Looking Glass
Ju-On (The original Japanese version that inspired the movie The Grudge)

All of these DVDs are Region 1 American releases and have the options of playing in either english language or the original japanese format, or japanese language with english subtitles, plus lots of other special features.
I will accept concealed cash in american currency as payment. I will ship to anywhere in the world.
Comment to this post with an offer if you are interested...
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12 January 2006 @ 11:40 am
Gackt, Malice Mizer, Naruto, yaoi manga, One piece, etc

these are things that I am looking for if anyone is selling anytype from these.

I mean I'm just wondering if anyone is selling from what I have wrote in bold letters.

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Blah Blah Blah
12 January 2006 @ 12:02 pm
Manga For Sale

Kingdom Hearts Vol.1 $4.00
The Young Magician Vol.1 $7.00
Hands Off! Vol.1 (shonen-ai) $6.00
Our Everlasting Vol.1 (yaoi) $10.00
Beyond My Touch (yaoi) $10.00

All manga is in near mint condition and are English versions
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12 January 2006 @ 01:43 pm
I was wondering if anyone has Dollfie's that they are willing to sell for a reasonable price?
12 January 2006 @ 06:47 pm
Puri Kura - Japanese magazines, manga, jewelry, perfume, and more!

Visit my eBay store, where you will be sure to find something that suits your various needs!

I have some of the best Japanese fashion magazines, manga, and we will soon have Sanrio at crazy prices, fragrances, jewelry, Japanese candy, and fruitsy clothing!

Items added every week!

Please check out my store! Visit often and show friends!

Click Here to Visit My Store!
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this girl types
12 January 2006 @ 07:09 pm
I really want to sell this:

See pics of it here: http://geocities.com/vanessa_aikawa
12 January 2006 @ 07:34 pm

This is my first (and hopefully last?) time posting here. I'm trying to get rid of some excess things I have. Lots of manga and some other miscellaneous items. A few are on eBay, but after a while I decided to just try to sell the rest of them here at a fixed price ^^;

I have a lot.. um, Sailormoon, Fushigi Yuugi, Get Backers, Prince of Tennis, one random Gackt item, one random cute boys magazine...and lots of others. Photoset... doujinshi... aahh, too much to fully describe without listing them all X_X

Anyway, please look behind the cut for details! ^_^

Buy buy! ^__^Collapse )

If I am missing anything, please let me know. I normally use eBay but the fees started to pile up and I got cheap ^^;;;  m(_ _)m

Thank you for looking!
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Be lan
12 January 2006 @ 09:21 pm
Hello all. This is my first time here. ^.^

I'm here to sell you Jrock items. Posters + magazines. Check them out. :D

onward!Collapse )

Shipping for magazines is 5$
Shipping for posters is 2$


I ship to US ONLY.

Check expected within a week after sale item is chosen.

Note: ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED WITHIN A WEEK TO TWO WEEKS TOPS AFTER CHECK IS RECEIVED. (I have a busy schedule. So you must forgive me. <3)

Questions comments?
e-mail Japanesemodernist@hellokitty.com
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12 January 2006 @ 10:00 pm
All Japanese language, in new, unread condition unless stated otherwise. I didn't read, I collected. ^^;

Willing to negotiate if you feel the price is too high. I'm already losing money, but reasonable offers will be considered.

All prices are in US dollars, shipping is not included. Willing to ship worldwide if you're willing to pay shipping. Money orders or credit cards/e-checks through PayPal.

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Beautiful Fighter
Lots of new stuff added! Yay! ^_^

Prices do not include shipping. If you feel like I've priced something too high, make me an offer. Payment - I accept paypal (preferred), money orders or well-concealed cash (sent at your own risk). If you want a picture of something I didn't post a picture for just ask and I can get one.

Anime VHSCollapse )

Anime DVDs and VCDsCollapse )

MangaCollapse )

Jpop and jrockCollapse )

MiscCollapse )

I am willing to trade - I'm mostly interested in tarepanda stuff, jpop and jrock stuff, and english translated yaoi/BL, but show me what you've got and we'll see. ^_^
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