January 15th, 2006

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I have Galaxy Railways DVD Vol 1 I'm willing to trade...sepcifically looking for:

Chobits Vol 4, 5 and 7
Bubblegum Crisis 2040 essential anime 2-3
gunslinger girl 2-3
Otogi Zoshi 1
nadesico essential anime 1-3

and also a Full Metal Alchemist keychain for trade as well.

Trades within the US only please!

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Hi I'm selling some L'Arc~en~Ciel merchandise. If anyone is interested, please reply here or at my site.

Here's some of the stuff at my site.

hyde cross necklace for 15 USD

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I accept concealed cash, money order, and Paypal. Let me know! Thanks! ^_^

Gundam Wing lot ending today!

About 10 hours left!

This auction is for 4 Gundam Wing action figures, and 1 model.

The action figures:

Gundam Wing Zero, this is the one from the movie Endless Waltz. Stands about 4.5 inches tall. Wing span about 10 inches. Comes with bam sabre and twin buster rifle (rile can break into two riles).

Gundam Deathscythe Hell. Stands about 4.5 inches tall, Wing span about 8 inches. Comes with scythe.

Gundam Sandrock. Stands about 4.5 inches tall. Comes with submachine gun, shield, and the two blades which hook on the back (or can be placed in hands).

The model is a pre-assembled mini Wing Gundam, comes with rifle. Stands about 3 inches tall.

Mal Yay ^_^ -scary_lullabies

Magna Carta: Tears of Blood PS2 game for sale $40.00

Magna Carta Tears of Blood PS2 game for sale
I have the American released edition of Magna Carta: Tears of Blood
for sale.I am looking to sell it for $40.00 dollars plus $3.95 for shipping. I only played it once and its been on my shelf since.The game and everything is in near mint condition except I am missing the strategy guide/artbook thats why I list it as near mint.The packaging and everything else is in perfect condition.But I still have the game directions manual and full sized poster featuring the characters.
I only accept Paypal.Sorry no trades. If your interested please email me at

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Hey everyone! I have Fruits Basket manga volumes one., three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven for sale. They are in good condition - if you want any pictures, please let me know! =]

- Gina xoxo


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(Forth Edit! New stuff is mixed in. Please review all the sale items. It is too messy to have all these new items added in.)

Hello all! I just got back from a two week shopping spree in Tokyo and have some stuff I bought to sell. The stuff with prices are the things that still have their price tags on them so I know kinda what to charge. The other stuff, make a fare offer; I don't remember what I paid. Once someone makes an offer everyone has one day to beat that offer. I feel bad doing sales like this but I have two Dollfies that I have to try to pay for now and they wanted new clothes, wigs, shoes...

My camera is dead. I will post pics maybe tomorrow or so when I can run to WalMart and get a new battery.

any posted prices do NOT include shipping, and I prefer to ship priority. Figure at least $4 (well, 3.85 really) for shipping.

Plastic Tree- “Ghost”
Plastic Tree- “Sink”
Plastic Tree- “Toremoro” (has like…a cardboard cover.)
Plastic Tree- “(Kanji, kanji no nai kanji)” (Three tracks)
Plastic Tree- “bekaninattanoni” with obi
Plastic Tree- “bekaninattanoni” without obi (I have two of these)
Plastic Tree- “(kanji, kanji) senmomentaru”
Psycho le Cemu- “atoripputoujiarukadeia”
Psycho le Cemu- Frontiers (with some sort of figurine included)

Jpop/Jrock Items
Malice Mizer- Merveilles (DVD? Looks like there is a booklet inside of it too)
Nightmare- “Tour Ultimate Circus” Concert tour book?
Plastic Tree- “Shirochronicle ~2003 Live Tour~” (hard cover book)
Plastic Tree- Some sort of paper goods. Concert or fan club goods?
Psycho le Cemu- Official Fan Club magazine #00
Psycho le Cemu- Official Fan Club magazine #03
Psycho le Cemu- Concert Glow Sticks (pink and yellow set)
Psycho le Cemu- Concert Glow Stick (pink)
Psycho le Cemu- Light up pen
Psycho le cemu- postcard set (10 or 12 it looks like) $15

Anime Items
Magic Knight Rayearth- Umi figure
Magic Knight Rayearth- cassette tape inserts
Peach Girl Vols 1 and 2- The new series! (Yep, it is still running.) Japanese language. I opened the shrink wrap one number 1 to make sure these were the new ones and not reprints. $12 for both.
Saint Tail- Extra clothes, the school uniform with hat, shoes, and bag.
Saint Tail- Cosplay set (bow and earrings)

Japanese Brand Name Goods
Jassie scarf, came with... Nicola? Love Berry? $2
JungleRoco Mini Towel (From the makers of RocoNails) $15. (Sorry but it was pretty 'spensive for a towel.)
Lovers House Box (same maker of Super Lovers, but WAY MORE CUTE!!! cardboard?)
Roco Nails Drink coaster (rubber) $4
Rose Fan Fan Bag (Love Berry present?) $2
World Wide Love- Cell Phone Strap (Zipper present)$2

Paradise Kiss Hello Kitty- George and Caroline cell phone straps $11
Paradise Kiss Hello Kitty- George and Caroline charms $11
Paradise Kiss Hello Kitty- George plush dangle $15
T.M. Revolution 10th Anniversary Hello Kitty- Hot Limit cell phone strap and charm $15
T.M. Revolution 10th Anniversary Hello Kitty- Black and White cellphone strap & charm $15
T.M. Revolution 10th Anniversary Hello Kitty- Black & White and Hot Limit charms $15
TI-83 Plus Calculator $25 (not Japanese but since many of us are in college, save some money?)

And these are gonna be going up on Ebay eventually.
Fruits Basket Pinky St.
German Tank Commander Pinky St.
Pinky St. Weapon set (with the dead snake)
Pinky St Weapon set (with food?)

for sale

Anyone interested in Malice Mizer's Memoire + Voyage CD?
Will take best offer :)
Pics and/or track listing upon request.

EDIT: Informed this a bootleg :(
But, if anyone is still interested, let me know.

Please Help

Hello everyone! I was wondering if there was anyone in this community who is currently in Japan and would possibly do me a favor. I am currently looking for a few different items, manga and a CD to be exact, and I was wondering if someone could go around to used book and CD shops and see if they can purchase these items. I know I can use Yahoo!Japan Auctions but I really don't want to spend all that money for the fees- since it tends to get pricy esp. for something that would only cost 100yen to begin with. If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it and will pay for all the items, shipping, plus a little extra for your time. Please contact me ayukittykay[@]gmail.com if you are interested.

EDIT: 2006-01-17

I am specifically looking for the Tokyo Love Story Original Soundtrack (Japanese Version) and the Tokyo Love Story Manga by Saimon Fumi. Please read comment in post for more information!