January 23rd, 2006

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Phone Strap Gallery

- I love PayPal but because of fees, I can only accept PayPal if your order is $3.00 or more. Unless you want to pay my PayPal fees ;P. Cash (USD) is the next best option.
- Free shipping to U.S. and Canada!
- Some things are negotiable ^.^. Especially if you order multiple items.

1. Dale Acorn Strap - $1.00
The acorn is removable (:. Gently used.

2. Dale Yam Strap - $1.00
The yam is removable! Gently used.

3. Chip Strawberry Cake Strap - $1.00
You can take him out of the strawberry cake! New.

4. Orange Iridescent Bell (Netsuke) - $3.00
It's orange and it shines briliantly at every angle. Gently used.

5. NeColle Screen Cleaner - $2.00
Comes with a ball that's supposed to flash when you get a call. The ball is somewhat scratched up, but the screen cleaner is in great condition.

6. Lotte Ume Gum Anti-Static Keychain - $10.00
This is really cute! It's modelled after a real gum by Lotte. Ume is Japanese Plum. It also serves as an anti-static.. thing. You can push something on the side to slide out a rubbery part that looks like a stick of gum. When that rubbery part contacts your car, it's supposed to discharge the static. Like new.

7. Podolly Phone Strap from Mori Chack (CHAX)'s Gloomy Bear Collection - $12.00
A sheep in wolf's clothing!? Rare, new in packaging, and at a reduced price!

Please leave your email address if interested!
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(Yes, these ARE R1)I'm willing to sell these both for $22.00 shipped to the US(this price includes the paypal fee if paying paypal)
If paying by MO, PC, USD it will be $20.00

Please check out my other items I'm selling! Trying to save up funds for my Star Wars cosplay!heathers_junk

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Hi, I would like to get rid of the following things:

1. Mini Magazine August 2005 issue
- It is in great condition and includes the furoku.
-The furoku has never been used.

2. Cutie Magazine July 2005 issue
-Great condition and includes furoku.
- The furoku has never been used.

3. Arena 37c issue June 2005 issue
-Great condition and includes w-inds poster
-Poster has never been removed and is still in the magazine.

4.Hot gimmick manga in japanese Vol. 3-6
-Read once, and has been on my shelf ever since.
-Will include a cute bookmark of ryouki.

*please offer a price. I would like to send these items by priority mail, which is 4.00 so please include that price when offering a price.
I will gladly supply pictures if requested.
*I only accept concealed cash and money order. No PAYPAL.
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Manga for sale

all manga/anime is in english. all in good condition and most only read once.
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please if you do not intend to buy dont make the offer. Its not fair to others. feedback is loved. and happy shopping ^_^

Notice: I've taken everything off hold, If you havnt paid or agree'd to a trade your selections have been taken off the book, everything listed is now available for sale!
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For Sale:

Sanrio Chi Chai Monchan change purse - brand new with tags attached. $5.00 including S&H.

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I accept concealed cash (at your own risk) and money order at this time.

Questions/Concerns? Feel free to e-mail me at captmeg18@aol.com

Thanks for looking ^_^
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Check out my selling journals for a some manga series, artbooks, and magazine.

I have Peach Girl/Peach Girl Change of Heart/Paradise Kiss and lots more series