January 25th, 2006

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Chinese Handboxes <3

I have a couple of gorgeous/adorable handbags shaped like Chinese takeout boxes, covered in rich brocade fabric.

1. Royal Blue Chrysanthemum (Bamboo Handle):

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Seller info: Will ship internationally, ask about shipping. However, I only accept USD via PayPal, cash, or money order. Oh yeah, and you're always free to make an offer!

Please leave your email address if interested!
Eddie Izzard

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I am looking for the Oxide 2X (1999-2004) art book by Hyung-tae Kim (the artist of the Magna Carta series.) Does anyone happen to have the Oxide artbooks and/or Act III art books?

Please comment or e-mail me at captmeg18@aol.com if you're interested in selling!

Thanks! ^_^

♪☆VK Jrock +Manga +More!!☆♪

Lots of stuff for sale this time! All prices are open to be haggled, but the prices listed are quite reasonable, I think. Please take a look and help me out. <3

CDs - albums
Kuroyume - Ikiteita Chuuzetsuji $20
Kuroyume - Nakigara wo... (with case + extra booklet) $27
Kuroyume - Mayoeru Yuritachi~Romance of Scarlet~ $25
Kuroyume - Drug Treatment $25

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Thank you for looking!!
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Selling out stuff!

Since I'm very much running out of money right now, I have decided to sell some of the anime/manga stuff I no longer can afford keeping. Some are pretty rare to come by these days, so just follow the cut for pictures and details ^_^

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