January 26th, 2006

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Hey guys! I really need to sell all of these stuff. I have a lot of gackt's items that i would like to buy ^^" haha...so offer me a reasonable price!

Peach Girl//Peach Girl Change of Heart
type: manga
Volumes 1-8//1-8
Price: make offers
description: not complete

Sensual Phrase
type: manga
Volumes 1-6
Price: make offers
description: not complete/brand new

Magic Knight Rayearth
type: manga
Volumes 1-6
Price: make offers
description: complete/exellent condition

Paradise Kiss
type: manga
Volumes 1-5
Price: make offers
description: complete/shelfwear

type: manga
Volumes 6-10
Price: make offers
description: not complete/brand new

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type: magazine
date: December 12 2005 issue
Price: $8 w/shipping
Description: Nobuta Wo Produce, Morning Musume, Ya-Ya-yah, Tsubasa Imai 1st tour, and lots more!

!!SOLD to ernnlaties

type: magazine
date: December 12 2005 issue
Price: $7 w/shipping
Description: Feats V6 on the cover, articles on NEWS, KATTUN, Nobuta Wo Produce, Kattun manga pullout, Poster of Yamapi pullout Kattun,
Aya Ueto...etc and lots more

!!SOLD to ernnlaties

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Ai.Yazawa Illustration
type: artbook
Price: $25 w/shipping
condition: a little bent on the cover sheet...there is nothing wrong with the actual cover though.

NANA First Illustration
type: artbook
Price: $35 w/shipping
condition: TOTALLY BRAND NEW. I only opened it to look at the pictures. It was bought totally at the moment thing.

HEART Mito Orihara Illustrations
type: artbook
Price: $13 w/shipping

Once everything is sold, I'll put up more things for sale.
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Open For Business!

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Luna's Sales - YAY I actually got to Graduate after all I don't have to take anymore classes!! But I still doesnt' change the fact I need the money! My goal is to hopefully raise $400 by June of 2006 for my art auction at Anime Next. That doesn't mean I still won't be looking for a job in the meantime. I still have tons of things to put up for sale but let's try to clear out this first batch shall we? Please?

Malice's Sales -
Luna is scanning in more Doujinshi for me. Please also look for me on ebay I will have tons more items for sale over there as well. Mostly old comics that I've collected for years. Often I'll sell some Cel's and old artwork that I can not longer keep.

LiveJournal Sales Links
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More Info On How We Do Business:
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Other Stores -
Luna's Deviantart Print Shop
Luna's Cafepress T-shirt Store
Luna's Art Commission Information
Malice's Ebay Page

X-posted alot of places. Sorry if you get this more then once.
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UV (vol.123) + other Gackt things.

Hello everyone,

I'm offering the UV (vol.123) magazine for sale at $17USD (without shipping) through an associate of mine. There will only be a limited number of the magazine, so it will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, it is possible for there to be enough for everyone; therefore, if you are interested, and are seriously contending that $17 to be paid by paypal, money order, etc. (methods and procedures will be discussed in private), please leave a comment with your contact information so I may get back to you.

The magazine contains 50 pages of Gackt, focusing on his tour of Japan, and his plans for 2006. The 50 pages also contains a photoshoot.
More information over at: http://uv.musicnet.co.jp/index.html (official UV site).

Also, the associate of mine is offering any old Gackt magazine issues which can be back-ordered. Although we don't have a list of what can be ordered and what can not, we are willing to try finding it for you. What we would need is a site with the magazine information. The more information you can provide us in regards to the particular issue, the easier we will be in locating it for you. If you are interested, please leave a comment with the information on the certain issue, plus your contact information, and I will get back to you.

Also offering the DIABOLOS tour photobook for sale: both regular and limited edition (limited number of copies.)

Deadline for the UV is Wednesday, February 1st, 2006.




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Hey homedogs and cats, I'm currently trying to raise about $500 to assist in restoring my junker Corolla- it doesn't even have an engine. I recently inherited this car and need to cough up $150 for the title and another $600 or so for an engine.

Under the cut is a huge portion of my personal belongings, including electronics, books, jewelry, clothes, CDs, games and more. No prices as of now, just make an offer- domestic shipping of lightweight items is on the house. I accept payments via check, money order, or carefully concealed cash (AYOR). Pictures of stuff available upon request. I already have some pictures available- if an item is a link, click it to see the picture.

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Fushigi Yuugi photos

These were gotten at Shoujocon 2001. They came in a large pink envelope. Fully gloss and in perfect shape. I am moving after my 2nd baby is born in april , So the sooner i sell these the better or they go in the trash.

title or description

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Mitsuki - gouk

Stuff for sale.

Mostly Visual Kei items. E-mail me at kisakisama@gmail.com if you want anything. I prefer paypal over anything.

Phantasmagoria "NEVER REBELLION" promo poster - $9

Cure Magazines (all $15):
Vol 24, Sept 2005 - Kagerou cover
Vol 21, June 2005 - bis cover
Vol 26, November 2005 - Vidoll cover

Cure Vol 20 Gazette Poster - $4
Cure Vol 19 Kra Poster - $4

Zappy ($5 each):
01-2004 x2
12-2004 (Gackt Cover)
11-2002 (morning musume cover)
12-2002 (ZONE cover) x2
01-2003 (W-inds. cover) x2

Animedia 11-2000 - Saiyuki cover, $10

Shoxx Janne da Arc poster - $4

Gackt - Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume photobook - $25

Luts "Red Snake" outfit, minus wig and choker, $145 or best offer
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I've got some major bills due way too soon, and I need to raise some money ASAP ... so, here are the items I'm offering (I didn't take photos, but if you're interested in anything I can take them :) )


Manga in English: #2-4


DVDs : "Fathers and Sons (ep 7-9)"; "The Thunder Brothers (ep. 10-12)"; "Secret of the New Moon (ep. 13-15)" (these are not bootlegs, but official viz bilingual DVDs :) )

Playstation Games: "Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale" (put out by BANDAI)

Manga (in English): #12, #13, #15


Manga in Japanese: #1-3

Manga in English: #2-3

Fushigi Yuugi:

Manga in English: #1-5, #8

Yami no Matsuei:

Manga in Japanese: #1-11 (well, theoretically ... I can't actually find #2 or #6 right now ^^;)

DVDs: Full Set (again, theoretically, although I'm pretty positive I can locate all of these if you're interested)

Neon Genesis Evangelion:

Manga in English: #5-7


Manga in English: #1-2

I've also got every Newtype Magazine and DVD offered in Newtype Magazines for the past 2 years (with a few exceptions which were lost, or destroyed in a flood)

Name your price? Generally speaking, I would like about $3-4 per manga, and $5-6 per DVD, but this is negotiable, I'm not sure what the going rate is :) ... Paypal or Money Order are both acceptable ... err... please buy something :D
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Couple last chance sales
Paypal only, US only.
Money must be received by 10am est Saturday morning :)

Anime Insider issue 28 - January 2006 - Trinity Blood cover - $6 inc shipping
Anime Insider issue 25 - Octobher 2005 - Final Fantasy Advent Children cover - $7 inc shipping
Newtype Dec 05 USA eiditon - Gundam Seed cover - sealed w/ dvd - $8 inc shipping
Giant Robot issue 38 - winter 05 - Seonna hong art cover - $6 inc shipping
Inu Yasha unofficial collector oct/nov 05 - $6 inc shipping
Shojo Beat - Nov 05 - Kaze Hikaru cover - $6 inc shipping
Shojo Beat - Dec 05 - Absolute Boyfriend cover - $6 inc shipping
Shojo Beat - Jan 06 - Crimson Hero cover (w/06 mini calendar) - $6 inc shipping
ToyFare #101 - Jan 06 - Aqua Teen Hunger Force cover - $$5 inc shipping
Play magazine prestns Girls of Gaming and Anime special - $8 inc shipping
PLay magazine - Jan 06 Tales of Legendia cover - $5 inc shipping

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I also have some Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) magazines from last year / year before lying around if anyone's looking for back issues of those. :)

Full Metal Alchemist - Ed Elric rubber keychain - $4 inc shipping
Fruits Basket - group picture wallscroll (Suncoast carried it) still in wrapper - $15 shipped (need to buy special tube for it)
NES - Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt - name your price (neither have box or inserts)
PLaystation - Wipeout 3, Jet Moto 2, Fear Effect - name your price (have case and inserts)

clothes, accessories, and other things here