January 29th, 2006


Selling Anime Goods!

Under the link is a list of a few things i am getting ready to put up on my ebay auction. The items are listed for, or a little less then the actual retail price, because of the condition the items are in. Some of my things haven't even been watched :/ Mainly because school and work, and i do not have as much time as i would like to watch anime anymore v.v; But its not to expensive ^^
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Doujishi for Sale


I am selling a whole bunch of doujinshi to thin out my collection It's mostly Yaoi/Shonen ai but I do have a small selection of doujin with Het pairings in there as well.

The listing of what I have is here


I can accept both money orders and paypal. Item(s) will be shipped after paymet has been received.


For shipping in the U.S. I will ship the doujinshi via priority mail which is 6 dollars U.S. If you wish to send it another way I will figure out the cost based on how you want it shipped. For International buyers I will get back to you on what shipping will be.
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Lolita Hello Kitty, Sex Pot Revenge and BPN items for LJ auction

omgbuymystuff is back in business! I currently have the following items up for sale:
~Novala Takemoto collaboration gothic & Lolita Hello Kitty cel straps
~Sex Pot Revenge tanktop
~Sex Pot Revenge sweatshirt
~Sex Pot Revenge bondage choker and cuff set
~BPN white Lolita blouse
~BPN-Common Rouge black lace top
~BPN-Common Rouge grey lace top
~BPN stone cross necklace

I'm selling these items in LJ auction format (I did this last May, if anyone participated then) as I don't have the time or extra cash for ebay listings. Please read my terms and conditions on the top of the page before bidding. Click on the above or below link to be taken there. Thanks for looking!

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Various CD singles for sale

I've got several lots of 3-inch and 5-inch CD singles for sale from various artists. These lots will NOT be separated, so please do not ask. Most CDs are former rentals and have scratches or scuffs; some have broken prongs of the inside plastic tray. They have NOT been tested for skips. Most of these are theme songs to various dramas, TV shows, and commercials.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time or energy to do a complete listing of those shows or complete CD information; I am giving the catalog number, song names (if decipherable), and artist name (if decipherable). PLEASE do NOT ask for any more information on artist names, song names, etc. What I have listed here is what I was able to figure out using my limited skills and lots of online searching, so those of you who know more Japanese will probably be able to find out a lot more info than I can.

Each lot includes at least 1 of each CD. If there is a number in front of a CD's catalog number, that is how many extra copies I have of that single; I am willing to sell extra copies at $1 each.

Please note that I can't guarantee that my title romanizations are 100% accurate.

"Rental" means it has "rental" stickers on the cover and/or CD.

"Broken" means that the bottom half of the inside plastic tray has been broken off. This does NOT mean that the CD itself is broken.

Shipping depends on which lot you buy; the jpop lot will be about $16 and the other two will be about $8. International buyers welcome; shipping depends on your country and weight of the items. I will consolidate shipping charges if you buy more than one lot. Payment by Paypal preferred, but I will accept money orders via snail mail.

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Please respond to this post if interested or if you have questions. Thanks for looking!

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(no subject)

Ok I'm tired of seeing members of this community getting ripped off. Please, please ladies and gents be cautious of who your buying from. If you see a poster only accepts cash that should be a red flag. Anyone can cash a money order at their local post office and signing up for paypal is free and easy (if you have a credit card of course). Be sure to check the community's feedback post as well. If the seller doesn't have feedback at that post ask them where you can find feedback. Usually they can offer ebay feedback or feedback from another community (reportthem is a good place to start). Before I even started selling things here I tried to establish a reputation for being a good buyer by making purchases off this community and others. Don't take anyones word for them being a reliable seller. If your sending money to someone with no feedback and you don't receive your item, no offense but thats your own fault.

Also, always leave feedback rather good or bad at the feedback post. Don't let others get ripped off and let others know about reliable sellers. A feedback works both ways, seller leaves it for buyer and buyer leaves it for seller. It's a very courteous thing to do.

Sorry if this post sounded ranty but this keeps happening all too often and it gets real tiring seeing so many of you get ripped off.
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me and the hubbie <3
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(no subject)


neo geo pocket color games:
-fatal fury; first contact. i love this game, but sadly my neo geo was stolen. works perfectly, and comes in the container.

-GO!2; a japanese train game for ngpc. i couldn`t figure this one out, but when i got my neo geo pocket color i thought it was cute. works, and it`s fun!

-puzzle bobble mini; cutecutecute! so much fun as well. :D

each of these games will be $8 dollars a piece, or you can buy all three for $14.

super nintendo games:
-king of monsters 2; made by snk. lots of fun. works, and gotten good playtime out of it! $10.

-super mario all stars; all the different old school mario games bunched into one super game! $12.

-starfox; it works. never got in to playing it. $10.

-the pirates of dark water; it works, never got into this game either. apparently it is fun, i don`t know. XD $10.

if you want to buy all of them, i could let them go for $20, as a set. or make me offers. i like trades, but i am looking for certain items.

i take money orders & well concealed cash. i`m in the process of getting a paypal account, so if you are interested and want to do paypal, let me know and i`ll get that going by the end of the day; hopefully!

thanks again!
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Anime+Manga+JMusic Items for Sale!

Hey~! <3

This is a first time selling for me so I hope I'm doing everything correctly! (^^;;;;;)
I have many, many items, the prices can be changed if they're too high <3, just ask! <3

I really must sell all of this to make room for things I really want/moving and such, so please buy, buy, buy~!

prefered payment methods :: concealed cash, money order, paypal
I would also rather send to USA only, because I would have to charge more for shipping. I may also possibly accept trades! <3

Prices don't include shipping but I'm sure shipping charges will be only about $2~
Thank you for looking~! If you need better pictures (probably will for the posters. Ahahhaaaa....) please do ask!

(ps---most of the pictures of the items are scanned in via a reallllllly OLD scanner, so the colours are all crap. I apologise ToT)
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I'm also looking for anything Klaha related! (CDs, DVDs, Previuos Band works), Magzines, etc~) I'm a huge fan and I really don't have much of anything (*cries*) Could anyone help me out? I'm totally desperate!
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Magic Knight Rayearth season 1 and other anime DVDs

If anyone is interested in buying the English version of Magic Knight Rayearth season 1, you can find it on Ebay here. The price for all 20 episodes [on 5 VHS tapes] thus far is $39.99, meaning that the tapes are approximately $7.99 each. That is a pretty good steal, considering that they're almost brand new.

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Also, if any of you would be interested in buying any of the following anime DVDs from me (without using Ebay), let me know:
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(no subject)

Several NEW items!!!

Yaoi: bookmarks, postcards, cards, and ads
CLAMP: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Card Captor Sakura, Chobits, Magic Knight Rayearth
Sailor Moon: cards, movies, Sera Myu flyers
Fruits Basket: keychain, pillow, furoku
Jewelry: belt bracelet, mesh flower lariat, heart charm bracelet
Stationery: Pochacco, Tare Panda, etc.
Furoku: Fushigi Yuugi, Hana Kimi, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Aishiteruze Baby, Sugar Princess, Ribon cards

Mal Yay ^_^ -scary_lullabies

Stuff still up for sale!


SOLD to lotusx
Hot Gimmick volumes 1-9 $50.00 for the whole set in Great condition and tight. GREAT Condition tight.

Ceres Celestial Legend 4,6, and 8 sold tosealedw



Magna Carta Tears of Blood PS2 game for sale
I have the American released edition of Magna Carta: Tears of Blood
for sale.I am looking to sell it for $30.00 dollars plus $4.00 dollars for shipping. I only played it once and its been on my shelf since.The game and everything is in near mint condition except I am missing the strategy guide/artbook thats why I list it as near mint.The packaging and everything else is in perfect condition.It still includes the game directions manual and full sized poster featuring the characters.

.hack//Infection for Playstation 2 $10.00 the case is a lil dusty, but otherwise in GREAT condition

Kare 1st Love volumes 2-4, $4.00 each great condition tight.

Silent Mobius volumes 1-3 $6.00 each great condition tight.

Ceres Celestial Legend volumes 2,3,5, and . $4.00 ea great condition tight.

Alice 19th volumes 2-7 4.00 ea good condition, tight.

Marmalade Boy volumes 5,6,7, and 8, $4.00 ea good condition tight.

I only accept Paypal.Sorry no trades. If your interested please email me at I will not honor hold replies here, YOU MUST EMAIL ME if you are truly interested in an item on the list.


Thank You.
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Wanted: Sailor Moon DIC-dub Soundtrack CD

Is anyone here selling a Sailor Moon: Songs From The Hit TV Series CD (the original DIC-dub soundtrack)?

Lame, I know, but I want one. I have the other two cds released by Kid Rhino for the DIC dub, but I don't have the original. Not having the complete collection is driving me insane, especially now that it's out of print and people on Half.com/Amazon are selling their used copies for $25+ each. As much as I want it, I really don't want to pay $25+ for a used CD. T_T

If anyone has a copy they're willing to part with, please let me know. Comment here or e-mail me at Mercurykitty@livejournal.com.

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tons of stuff for you to take awayyy~

hi everyone!
please check out my selling journal.
i added a TONNNNNNN of stuff.

cds, dvds, posters, clothes!
i'm serious- there are a crazy amount of stuff. xD

check it out please!
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