January 30th, 2006

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Stuff For Sale: all prices INCLUDE shipping unless you are out of the U.S if so please just add 1$ to the total ^^
ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: Paypal (credit card or bank is fine) Cash USD, money order ^^
everything open for negotiations ^__^
if you would like pictures please tell me!

Also i do trade so if you have something you think id like please ask! (i like japanese movies with english subbs or in english any genre but comedy, i like puzzles and i like anime jrock/jpop)

Everything is in either perfect or near perfect condition! if you wanna check my feedback my ebay name is Neon.Panda

Immortal Rain - volume 1 $6
Mars - volumes 1,2,3 $6 each, 15 for all 3
Excel Saga - volume 1 $5
DNangel - volume 1 $6
Demon Diary - wolume 1,2,3 $5 each 13 for all 3

Kanon anime 13 episodes full series, japanese with english subtitles 2 disks - $10

Vasalla - is not TRUE - single - $3
L'arc en ciel - "Smile" - album - features the FMA song 'are you ready?' - 7$ (TAKEN)
Luna Sea - "Luna Sea" - album- $7 (TAKEN)
Fruits Basket soundtrack - "a memory for you" - $5 (TAKEN)
Puffy AmiYumi - "nice" - $5(TAKEN)
Pink Piggie


This is what i still have left for sale. Thanks for looking

Peach Girl
type: manga
Volumes 1-8
Price: $30

Peach Girl Change of Heart
type: manga
Volumes 1-8
Price: $30

Magic Knight Rayearth
type: manga
Volumes 1-6
Price: $25

Ai.Yazawa Illustration
type: artbook
Price: $25 w/shipping included
condition: a little bent on the cover sheet...there is nothing wrong with the actual cover though.

NANA First Illustration
type: artbook
Price: $30 w/shipping included
condition: TOTALLY BRAND NEW. I only opened it to look at the pictures. It was bought totally at the moment thing.

HEART Mito Orihara Illustrations
type: artbook
Price: $13 w/shipping included
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doujinshi sets

A few doujinshi sets up. I'd really like these gone. Have other doujinshi for sell, probably will post later. Feel free to ask about them.

Shipping not included. Each set's shipping would be $4 through Priority and $2 through Media. I'll take Paypal (if you pay through debit/credit, I'll have to ask you to please pay 5% of the total because of Paypal charges) and domestic MO.

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Entire Collection for Sale

I've grown out of anime and just want to basically clean out all my stuff. Here is what I have available. Prices are negotiable, but please be reasonable as well. I can ship within the US, outside of that it might get fishy. If you're interested in something, comment, and we can discuss further details. All DVDs are in boxes and in perfect condition, no scratches. All manga are also in good condition (except for one Chobits that got a chinchilla nibble). I have pictures of everything saved on my computer, so if you want to see something just let me know. Thanks!

DVDs: ($10 a piece, we'll talk prices on sets)
Angel Sanctuary
Ayashi no Ceres (complete series)
Escaflowne (movie)
Fushigi Yuugi (all OVAs)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (vol 1-4)
Spring and Chaos
Samurai X (all OVAs)
Trigun (complete series)
Inuyasha (no region box)

Fushigi Yuugi (first season box set)
Escaflowne (complete series)

Posters: ($1 a piece)
Rurouni Kenshin
Escaflowne movie
RG Veda
Cardcaptor Sakura

Wallscrolls: ($5 a piece)
Tenchi Muyo
Fushigi Yuugi
Magic Knight Rayearth

English Manga: ($5 a book, we'll talk prices on sets, would prefer to sell as a set)
Chobits (complete series)
Wish (complete series)
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Selling these manga and one DVD!

Is anyone interested in buying these?

I'm low on cash, so I'm wanting to sell these items at a reasonable price. All of these are at least a fraction of their original prices, so if you've wanted to get any of these manga, here's your chance!

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Please contact me at stripesflutter@gmail.com or leave a comment if you're interested in buying any of these. Thank you for considering!

2 Days Left!

Just a reminder that I have some eBay Anime DVD auctions up and they end in a couple days! Great prices and some have freebies too!! Just trying to pass my collection to good homes.

Please take a look:

Thank you :)

Forgot to add that all were adult owned (only by me) and I use great care with all my things. Some of these DVDs I didn't even watch, I just removed the shrink-wrap (you know the excitement of opening a new DVD! don't lie ;)).

What I am selling now

Hi, everyone! I want to inform you all on what I am currently selling:

Kill Me, Kiss Me Volumes 1-5

Hana to Yume Phonebooks (Japanese)

Volume 1, 2006

Volume 3,2006

That's all I have listed for now. More items will be listed soon!

Thank you!
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Ruiza Ver1

Stationary 20+ new items!!

♠ I've got a bunch of new stationary up so please take a look!

Stationary!!! Stickers, Memos, and Letter Sets!

♠ Payments Accepted: Paypal(no credit cards ^^;), Money Order, and Concealed Cash(At your Own Risk!)

♠ Shipping: My scale got totaled so I can't give you an accurate estimate. If I overcharge I can refund the difference if you paid by paypal and all orders come with extras so I hope that makes up for it XD Shipping for one memo set or sticker set is 39 cents and shipping for one letterset is 63 cents. I do combined and international shipping as well, just ask for an estimate.

Comment if you are interested or have any questions etc. ^^

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I need money for various things....

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I accept $USD Paypal (PREFERRED), money order, and concealed cash.

I'm willing to negotiate prices, and please ask me for the shipping cost. I do ship internationally.
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various liscensed anime for sale

Just clearing out some of my collection; gotta make money for college. I always end up buying DVDs and not getting a chance to watch them. I also have a bad habit of thinking I don't own something I already do.

All of the DVDs listed here are brand new licensed, sealed, and shrink wrapped. Some have residue from a sticker on the shrink wrap, but it does not affect the DVD cases in any way. Pictures are available upon request.

For payment I accept Paypal only. I am also willing to trade for other DVDs or manga.

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