February 1st, 2006


Moving Sale Part II

More Closet and Bookshelf purging!

Please take a look at the new stuff for sale. Please also keep in mind my other auctions from this post, which have about a day left on them. Those auctions include similar sales of manga and gothic lolita items.

Manga & Books

Fruits Basket 1-12
ShutterBox 1-3
Tokyo Boys and Girls 1-3
Hot Gimmick Manga Lot 1 & 4-10
Boys Over Flowers Manga Lot 9-12 14-15
Shojo Lot II
Shounen Lot II
Kanji Power


Black Peace Now Skirt
Black Peace Now Black Shirt
Black Peace Now White Blouse
Metamorphose White Blouse
Liz Lisa Hoodie, Shibuya Kogal Fashion
Liz Lisa Shirt and Belt, Shibuya Kogal Fashion
Black Peace Now Bondage Pants

Allie Adult
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A few yaoi items for sale!

Books got to be a bit too expensive, so I'm selling off part of my collection to compensate. Make an offer for anything you want; I'm more than willing to negotiate. Pictures upon request. Everything is in Japanese unless stated otherwise.

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I'm willing to trade for Hands Off manga vol.2 and up. Please feel free to contact me about anything by either leaving a post here or by e-mailing me at reppu@livejournal.com. Thanks for looking!
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(no subject)

I'm selling this Trigun necklace in tin case. I brought it for my brother but he didn't like it..so would like to get my money back. I'd like £5.50 if you are from the UK [price includes postage] or £6.00 outside of the UK [also includes postage]. The necklace has a chain and it's a pretty cool necklace..just not my brothers style. Paypal is preferred.
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You wanted to buy the item in THIS POST. The Magical Kanan Gashapon set.

We agreed to $31, which includes shipping. You said you would pay Monday but you haven't. I have emailed you and responded in LJ. Please contact me and get in touch. If you do not want the item, then say so. I am giving you until the end of the week to contact me in some way, then I would have to leave negative feedback.


Eric Berry
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JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Anime Stuff for Sale at MUCH LOWER PRICES, Brand New Things, and Sailor Moon Auctions ending soon!!!

Hi all! First off, I have some Sailor Moon auctions that are ending in 2 DAYS! T_T I lowered the buy-it-now places on everything and if you are a member of the selling community this entry is posted on and you do "Buy it now", mention it to me and I will ship it for free :) But you'll have to wait for an invoice so that I don't charge you the shipping! (US only for these offers. We can negotiate if you are international!)

Teh Auctions:

Prices on everything else are lowered, because I want to get rid of this stuff...I REALLY need the money. I take M.O.s, concealed cash, and I PREFER paypal. If you want a bunch of stuff we can definitely combine shipping. If you buy 3 or more posters/wallscrolls, I will ship them for free ^_^

Due to increased scamming/deadbeat reports, I will offer delivery confirmation for all orders for FREE

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I'm asking for $25, that includes shipping and delivery confirmation.

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Hello, I just want to let everyone know,( whom I recieved payments from) that the items you bought from me were shipped today. :P

I also have 3 question.

question #1: Who bought the Megami magazine? I can't seem to find your address. Please contact me.

#2. Person from Australia,are you still interested in GodChild? I never recieved the payment for it.

#3. Lain_chan16, still want your items?

Moon child for sale!

Moon child for sale!

I only accept cash. I don't really know how much I want for this. So I let people bid on it. The start price is $8. If you want to bid you have to answer to the previous bidder, so that person will know that someone bid higher. If you're the first bidder make a new comment!
The time the auction ends is at the same time tomorrow 2 PM (swedish time).

It's in good condition, but there are two small scratches you can barely see, but you can still watch the movie.

Shipping is $3.

More pictures:

Cool stuff! - MysticEden

Shonen Jump 1st Year

I'm looking to get rid of these. I have a subscription but have no ue to keep these. They are all in good condition except for maybe some bends on the front because I've moved a few times with them. They are not new, they are used.

I was thinking $3.50 for each one, this price includes shipping to anywhere in the USA

Shonen Jump Vol.1 #1
Shonen Jump Vol.1 #2
Shonen Jump Vol.1 #3
Shonen Jump Vol.1 #4
Shonen Jump Vol.1 #5
Shonen Jump Vol.1 #6
Shonen Jump Vol.1 #7
Shonen Jump Vol.1 #8
Shonen Jump Vol.1 #9
Shonen Jump Vol.1 #10
Shonen Jump Vol.1 #11
Shonen Jump Vol.1 #12

The manga in these is
Sandland (for the first ones it ends at some point)
Hikaru no Go (when sandland ends I belive)
Shaman King
Yu Yu Hakusho
One Peice
Yu Gi Oh

Also some of them have manga previews, 30-40 pages of a different anime

If you want more spesific details let me know ^_-


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Does anyone know where i can find these waters online? The brand is miss parlor but the only site i could find them on was in all japanese. Does anyone kno where i can get any miss parlor foods?
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panic attack!


Cds for sale
taking offers~
Cure - Japanesque Rock Collectionz
SHOXX - Shock Jam vol 2
Malice Mizer - Le Ciel
Malice Mizer - au revoir
Malice Mizer - Bel Air ~Kuhaku no toki no naka de~
Malice Mizer - Gekka no yasokyoku
Malice Mizer - ILLUMINATI (first press)
Moi dix Mois - Dialogue Symphonie
K@mikaze - Yakyuu ga koroshita (sealed)
Panic channel - iyagarase +DVD
Panic channel vs PANIC☆ch - kesshousen +Dvd
panic1 panic2 panic3 panic4
Panic channel - TRICK
Panic channel vs PANIC☆ch - Debut sen ~minna no chikai hen~ *rare*
Panic channel vs PANIC☆ch - shinjinsen ~yume ni mukatte hen~

paypal/concealed cash only!
email: delirious.asian[@]gmail.com

(no subject)

angel sanctuary v. 2-4

$16 for everything shipped (within the us) or $6 each.

accepted payments: money order, check, paypal, cash (AYR)

if you need pictures, i'll have it up in one hour or less. peace!
Haruno Sakura// me

X Zero artbook and jrock cds

Hello, I am selling my X ZERO ARTBOOK because I need the money.

It is almost brand new (comes with the original cardboard cover/holder) and has not scratches, tears, rips, marks, or anything of the sort. Each page is gorgeously illustrated by CLAMP for the X manga series, and it also includes a few interviews and little articles and things in the back, along with information for each image, the year it was created, etc.

I bought it brand new at fifty bucks, so I am going to sell it now for $55 including shipping in the United States. Email me if you are an international buyer.

I am also selling the following, NON-BOOTLEG jrock cds (include all original inserts, played once or twice, nearly new condition (all prices include shipping in the US):

- Kirito: Hameln album $35
- Aikawa Nanase: Foxtrot album w/ special secret live mini-disc (Sweet Emotion, China Rose, BUB, mini-disc never listened to) [Taiwanese release by Avex Taiwan, NOT BOOTLEG] $25
- Gazette: Reila (lesson G) [crack in the cd case] $7
- Gazette: Reila (lesson O) $12
- Gazette: Reila (lesson D) $12

Feel free to negotiate prices!

I accept PayPal, but if you cannot use that, let me know and we can negotiate another payment method.

Please email me at maple . croix @ gmail . com (without the spaces) if interested!! ^_^