February 2nd, 2006

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Continueing to liquidate my anime/manga

Manga and anime be gone! I've far too much and anymore I don't care about any of it.

FIRST: Could whoever I was dealing with about the Karakuri Hitei CD please email me @ VULGARbeauty@gmail.com . I've somehow lost your email and would like to get this whole mischeva cleared up.

Second: I'm continuing to liquidate my anime and so forth.
(( jrock stuff, magazine, and models !!PRICES REDUCED!! ))
(( anime, manga, doujinshi !!PRICES REDUCED!! ))

And thirdly:
I've 5 wallscrolls (GundamWing [2], Initial D, HunterxHunter, and X/1999), tons of 16x24 lami posters, and a large Sukisyo (yaoi / boyslove) PS2 video game official promotional poster. I think this is the majority of what's left of my anime/manga stuff that's not disappeared into storage. Prices are not set, ask questions, request photos, drop me an offer. ^-^ Oh! I also have Prince of Tennis VIZ 1 and 5 left over from a partial set sale, 3.5$ a piece, if anyone's interested.

I also have some Dir en grey stuffs I'm contemplating selling, but have not yet decided on for certain. If you're interested in the possibility of purchasing Dir stuffs, please email me @ VULGARbeauty@gmail.com for a list of items I have and might be interested in selling if the price is right.
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Hiyas everyone...

I'm looking for Mini Moni Plushies! I honestly don't care what condition they're in, as long as it's a resonable price ^.^" I've tried looking around for them, but all I can find are Mika ones, which are waaay over my budget! I hope someone can help me!

Thanks ^-^

Buying manga

I'm looking for english manga, any of these title

-Kare First Love any volume
-Kodacha 2-10
-Utena 2nd edition vol 1 and 3
-Geshiken vol 3+
-Tokyo boys and girls vol 2+
-Confidential confession 6
-Wallflower 4+
-Nodame Cantabile 2+

Bolded title are the one I REALLY want.

It would be great if you can show photos of them. Looking for price around $5~6 shipped.
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Kill Me Kiss Me 1-2 $10

Erica Sakurazawa 5 volumes $25
Angel Nest, Nothing but loving you, The aromatic bitters, the rules of love, between the sheets.

Kodacha 1-10 complete set $60

SOLD TO: lilbratbunny

Peach Girl 1-8 complete $40
Peach Girl Change of Heart 1-8 $$40
both set: $65

Magic Knight Rayearth 1-6 complete $30

Ai.Yazawa Illustration
type: artbook
Price: $25 w/shipping

NANA First Illustration
type: artbook
Price: $35 w/shipping
condition: TOTALLY BRAND NEW. I only opened it to look at the pictures. It was bought totally at the moment thing.

HEART Mito Orihara Illustrations
type: artbook
Price: $13 w/shipping

Email me or reply here
It would help greatly toward my school book fund. I have 15 books to buy =="
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I'm trying out selling my Tenimyu DVD's via LiveJournal as an auction:
Musical Tennis no Oujisama More Than Limit DVD
Musical Tennis no Oujisama in Winter 2004-2005 ~special Side~ Fudomine DVD(s)
Musical Tennis no Oujisama in Winter 2004-2005 Side Yamabuki Feat. St Rudolph
You can find the whole post with pic's and bid's

Definitly worth looking at it!


Blue rose

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Hi. I'm selling some jrock items on eBay (please click on picture to get to auction)

Rare Rentrer en Soi poster:
Image hosting by Photobucket

Rare Nightmare poster:
Image hosting by Photobucket

Dir en grey Japanese Fucker Family t-shirt:
Image hosting by Photobucket

Shoxx Bis #3
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