February 5th, 2006


♥Tons of stuff to "BUY DIRECTLY" or "BID ON EBAY" including some Authentic Gothic & Lolita clothing, Gothic Lolita Maryjane Shoes, Super Lovers T-Shirt, Fruits Accessories & Clothing, Pullip Accessories,.Hack Gashapon, Sailor Moon Video, Hot Topic Men's Shirt, MacGirl Trousers, Cosplay Sailor Fuku Top, Lip Service Freaks in Fur Hotpants + Tons more on "EBAY" or "FOR DIRECT SALE"...

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Platform boots for sale! Edit: SOLD

Hey! I have a pair of platform boots I'm looking to sell. They are a size 8. The back platform measures 3 inches and the front 1 inch. Length all together is 15 inches. Zippers up on the inside of the leg. In between each of the cirular cut outs in the platform are coils. Very comfortable boots that are in great condition and only worn once or twice. Figured I'd see if anyone here would be interested before putting up on e-bay.

Picture: http://photobucket.com/albums/y109/AntiqueCafe/ebay/?action=view¤t=Captured2001-1-100005.jpg

I'm asking around 19.99-24.99 or best offer! Shipping to be determined upon buyers address.

All interested parties e-mail: japanesedragqueen@yahoo.com

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Hey guys. I recall someone having an ebay auction awhile back for a white flapper dress with a big silver treble clef on the front.. I saw it a few times posted in this community, actually, and I was wondering if it's still around somewhere. I'd really appreciate it if someone would direct me to it or let me know if it's still available. Thanks much!
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All these things must go! Trying to save up more funds still for my Jedi outfit and everything else for it. DVD'S, PS2 games, books, beanies, and other items on my lj.

Please click here for the list!:

Also buy over $50.00 and I will toss in one free DVD of my pick from my list of items(shipping does not count towards the free gift) Willing to work out deals as well if you buy more than 2 items or something seems a little too much.

Sailor Moon Stars Manga for Sale

Hello Moonies!

For Sale: Volume 1 of the English translation of Sailor Moon Stars.

Condtion: Near-Mint. There is a little shelf wear on the binding, but it otherwise looks brand-new.

Payment accepted: Paypal, concealed cash, USPS money orders. Sorry, no trades.

If you're interested, please comment here or in my selling journal: cleaning_out.

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L'Arc~en~Ciel Live in U.S.A. DVD
jrock, ink. by Josephine Yun
Popteen magazine April 2005
Popteen magazine September 2005
FAKE yaoi manga Volume 1
Level-C yaoi manga Volume 1

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if you have any questions or interested feel free to reach me at tacobellspork@hotmail.com or leave a comment. i accept Paypal but if you would like something else talk to me and we'll work something out. thanks for looking! auctions end wednesday, february 8, 2006 at 12:00AM central time
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