February 6th, 2006

Pink Piggie

Would anyone be interested in buying...

L'Arc-en-ciel -- Heart ni hi wo tsukero! December 23, 1998 release vhs tape. This is Larku Live recording from Osaka Dome and Yoyogi National Gymnasium. The tape is in wonderful condition with 14 song performances.

Utada Hikaru -- Bohemian Summer 2000 August 22 and 23 summer 2000 tour at Chiba Marine Stadium. This is a VHS with 21 of Utada's hit songs. $25

NANA 1st Illustration artbook $30

Ai Yazawa artbook $25

Erica Sakurazawa manga set #1-5 $25

Love Song short story manga $5

Fushigi Yuugi #1, #3-6 $25

Magic Knight Rayearth #1-6 $30

If anyone is for sure in buying it please leave a comment here or email me at pink_piggie87@hotmail.com