February 8th, 2006

JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Sailor Moon Auctions Ending Soon Plus STUFF! ^_^

Hi all! First off, I have some Sailor Moon auctions that are ending Friday night!! Both are starting at 99 cents with NO RESERVE, so please take a look!

Teh Auctions:

Prices on everything else are lowered, because I want to get rid of this stuff...I REALLY need the money. I take M.O.s, concealed cash, and I PREFER paypal. If you want a bunch of stuff we can definitely combine shipping. If you buy 3 or more posters/wallscrolls, I will ship them for free ^_^ Yowza!

I send all orders out with DELIVERY CONFIRMATION for free.

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I'm asking for $25 $20, that includes shipping and delivery confirmation.

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Pink Piggie

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L'Arc-en-ciel -- Heart ni hi wo tsukero! December 23, 1998 release vhs tape. This is Larku Live recording from Osaka Dome and Yoyogi National Gymnasium. The tape is in wonderful condition with 14 song performances.

Utada Hikaru -- Bohemian Summer 2000 August 22 and 23 summer 2000 tour at Chiba Marine Stadium. This is a VHS with 21 of Utada's hit songs. $25

NANA 1st Illustration artbook $30

Ai Yazawa artbook $25

Erica Sakurazawa manga set #1-5 $25

Love Song short story manga $5

Fushigi Yuugi #1, #3-6 $25

Magic Knight Rayearth #1-6 $30

Shipping is already Included

If anyone is for sure in buying it please leave a comment here or

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I'm looking for Malice Mizer Concert DVDs that are NOT bootleg
Also MM albums that are also NOT bootleg
Gackt Concert DVDs (NOT bootleg)
Yaoi manga
Naruto, One piece, etc.
Pencil boards (average size of binder paper)
darkside, anima, carson

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All these things must go! Trying to save up more funds still for my Jedi outfit and everything else for it. DVD'S, PS2 games, books, beanies, and other items on my lj.

Please click here for the list!:

Also buy over $50.00 and I will toss in one free DVD of my pick from my list of items. Willing to work out deals as well if you buy more than 2 items or something seems a little too much.
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2005 May Fools Mate

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I am selling this issue of Fools Mate. If anyone interested please read the info below and click the lj-cut for more pictures.

price: 8 usd
shipping: depends on where you are located
payment: paypal only

please check my userinfo for my email and email me if you are interested, thanks.

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Lucifer - Angel Sanctuary
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You know you want me....

Because I really don't want to go through the hassle of e-bay I'm putting these two up here..... One is a wig and the other a sexy black corset top and skirt!! take a look! (plus I'm adding the link to the manga that I have listed)

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