February 10th, 2006

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WTB: Arashi Merchandise

Hi there, I'm looking for any Arashi merchandise minus their newest album "one".
If you have anything I might be interested in, respond here or by e-mail (nina_nguyen5athotmaildotcom) with prices.

Thanks so much! <3

In case you don't know, Arashi is a 5 member Japanese band.
They look like this:

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Lots of CDs, DVDs, and manga for sale

Hi everyone, I've got a whole bunch of CDs, DVDs, and manga for sale. Everything is in good condition unless otherwise stated. All CDs are ORIGINAL JAPANESE RELEASES unless otherwise stated. Some CDs may have slight scratches and/or scuffs that do NOT affect playback. "Slimline" means the CD comes in a slimline case.

If you're looking to purchase a lot of items, I will offer a discount on your final price. Please note that what's considered "a lot" is at my discretion.

Shipping costs depend on what you buy; costs start at $2.50 via first-class mail for 1 CD or manga. International buyers welcome; shipping costs depend on your country and the weight of the items. Payment by Paypal preferred, but I will accept money orders via snail mail.

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For the Akino Arai fans -- and also those looking for more anime and game music CDs -- the following list is for you. Akino Arai has a vocal part on each of these CDs. There are lots of great anime and game music albums on here, so even if you're not interested in Arai in particular, please take a look. Many of these are also good collections of vocal anime songs that I recommend for those wanting a variety of music.

PLEASE do NOT ask for any more information on artist names, song names, etc. What I have listed here is what I was able to figure out using my limited skills and lots of online searching, so those of you who know more Japanese will probably be able to find out a lot more info than I can. Also, I don't have time or energy to give complete tracklists; if you look up the catalog numbers online, you can probabaly find them.

I've listed the songs that Arai sang on each CD.

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All DVDs still play well and have no scratches or scuffs. About the Studio Ghibli DVDs, PLEASE don't ask me to describe what the special features are! They differ with each movie and are difficult for me to describe without having to look up a lot of Japanese.

Please note that the special-feature discs in the Ghibli movies do NOT have English subtitles. The actual movies themselves DO have English subtitles.

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All manga have been read but are still in excellent condition, no rips or missing pages.

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Cool stuff! - MysticEden

Shojo Beat for cheap!

I have a susbcription to shojo beat but after I read it I have no idea what to do with them! =S

I'm willing to sell them at 3.50 (that includes shipping).

I have from the first issue up to feb.06 for sale

Please comment if you are interested.
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dragon quest // sofia
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X, KOF, Dragon Quest, Ayaya, Sailormoon, Cutey Honey, etc

Prices do not include shipping. Make Touga happy *points at icon*, buy my stuff! ;_; My eBay account is here if you need some reassurance: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=genshokugal I've also successfully sold through this community before, about a year ago. ^^

X manga set by CLAMP, Japanese original version volumes 1-15 $45 for the set or $3 each

Shoujo Pencilboards -- Dejiko, Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailormoon $5 each

Mai Shiranui Gashapon Figure $5

Dragon Quest Monsters Clear Keychains $2 each (I'd rather sell them together @_@)

New Cutey Honey DVD (eps 1-2) $12

Aya Matsuura 2004 Spring Concert HK DVD $12
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Still selling these manga + DVD!

Is anyone interested in buying these?

I'm low on cash, so I'm still selling these items at a reasonable price. All of these are at least a fraction of their original prices, so if you've wanted to get any of these manga, here's your chance!

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Please contact me at stripesflutter@gmail.com or leave a comment if you're interested in buying any of these. Thank you for considering!

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Looking for:
Chobits DVDs 4 + 5
Otogizoshi dvds (any)
Gunslinger Girl DVDs 2 +3
Gilgamesh DVDs (any)
Panda-Z DVDs 2+

Trauma Center for Nintendo DS (must be complete with case and manual)
RPGs for Playstation 1 (complete with cases + manuals only please)

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I'm cleaning house because I hurt my hip and I'm out of work right now!

Check out my list and follow the link to my journal if you're interested! There will be more stuff like artbooks and manga.

Photos are all on the public entry in my eljay.

Gundam Wing
1. Playing cards
3. Two Mix "Last Impression" CD single
5. Tarot card set SOLD

6. Playing cards

Sailor Moon
9. Playing cards
10. Sticker group of 50 cards, 4 sheets, 1 big sheet

11. Playing cards

Malice Mizer
12. Post card set SOLD
13. "Illuminati" CD single SOLD

Fushigi Yuugi
14. Nuriko CD Single



I've added a new entry with 3 Gundam Wing artbooks & 2 Fushigi Yuugi artbooks - Click here!