February 13th, 2006

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Manga sale! like whoa.

I have a big load of manga up for grabs! I have to let 'em go for cheap, too... $3.50 for each volume, $6 for two volumes, and for three or more, $2.50 for each volume! Payment by Paypal only, please. Shipment from Hong Kong. Either comment here or email me at ekblackATgmail.com with the ones you want, or any questions.

First, a rather random lot here:

Yume Chu ->! volumes 1-3 complete, by Oya Kazumi [genre: shoujo]
Death Note volume 1, by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata [genre: mystery/supernatural]
Ko-i-ka-no-i (Southern Paradise Boy) volume 1 complete, by Puniko [genre: light BL, comedy]
Voice or Noise volume 2, by Yamimaru Enjin [genre: light BL, supernatural]
Rising volume 1, by Higashizato Kiriko [genre: yaoi, romance]
Liberty Liberty! volume 1 complete, by Takanaga Hinako [genre: light BL, comedy]
Kimi wa tori ni naritai volume 1 complete, by Homerun Ken [genre: yaoi, romance]
Kami-sama no ude no Naka volume 2, by Yonezou Nekota [genre: yaoi, Catholic schoolboys--yes, they're a special genre unto themselves]
Stand By volume 1 complete, by Ichinose Ayako [genre: yaoi, schoolboys]

Second, Love Challengers by Takanaga Hinkao is up for bidding on eBay! (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=6605129231 )

huge manga sets and dolls

I need to get rid of all these extra items asap i barely have room for my personal collection with all these doubles ive accumulated and i really need the money so make me an offer with or without shipping please specify.All these mangas need to go asap either as a full set or individually all dolls and figures in sets or individually as well.
some manga and anime titles
ranma 1/2 japanese mangas and english comics 1-38, 1-33 and part lots
inuyasha japanese, english and animanga mangas 1-40 ,42 and 1-3,5 and 1-4,7-12(x2), 13-14, 16-18 and more
cardcaptor stickers, cards, notepads, journals and books
sailormoon filmbooks 1 and 5, vhs' and stickers
escaflowne, brigadoon, fruitsbasket, hack, gundam wing, dragon ball, bleach, trigun, prince of tennis, ruruini kenshin, yugioh and more
cowboy bebop,,hellsing and vampire hunter cds

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some dolls and figures
3 escaflowne model kits, unpainted nrfb and action figures
15 or more sailor moon dolls
10 or more inuyasha action figures
final fantasy rinoa heartiflly figure, yu yu hakusho yusuke figure, evangelion shinji figure and poker cards and more
bjd clothing for 12inch or 27cm dolls

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follow each ljcut for that specific sales post of you can go directly to my entire sales journal and see feedback and my wishlist as well by clicking below

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Hello~! I'm new here. I was asking myself maybe if there is someone on here who is currently residing in Japan and would be willing to buy me some CDs and ship them to Bulgaria (by the black sea). Please inform me if you're willing to help me.
Cool stuff! - MysticEden

Shonen Jump Exclusives

I was wondering if anyone was interested in the cards that come with Shonen Jump. I have some of the Shaman King TGC cards and the one of Android 17 from the DBGT TGC.

Also I have a ton of those DVD's from Newtype for $5 each (shipping included)

Ultra Maniac
Final Fantasy Unlimited
Media Blasters sampler (I belive it has like 3 diferent series on it)
angelic layer
Magical Shopping Acrade: Abenobashi
Saint Seiya / Pretear

I have more of these...

Need to sell! Jrock, anime, stationary!

Hello. I have been kicked out of my e-mail account and just now got it back. ><
I need to make $350 and quick! I'm selling like...everything I own. ><
I have for sale:
Jrock Flyers
Jrock Magazines
Gothic Lolita Bible
Japanese Seventeen, Candy, Cutie
Anime/manga (Japanese) magazines
Newtype USA
Stationary lots
I have more on my site.


GOAL: $350
TO GO: $350

***NOTE*** Jessica's account has been deleted for some reason and Natasha's not around right now. (Family emergency)

I don't check LJ, so E-MAIL!

If anyone's e-mailed me about trades that I've done or anything, I haven't gotten them!
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Selling Magazines! GLBs and Cure!

Hello again,

I've decided to sell my old gothic lolita bibles because...well, I have no use for them. The patterns
in 15 and 16 have been torn out but will be included. They're all in perfect condition.

Gothic Lolita Bible 15 $15
Gothic Lolita Bible 16 $15

Gothic Lolita Bible Extra $15

Cure January 2006(bis on the Cover w/poster) $20

If you buy all three you can have them for $40 plus shipping.

Shipping for one is $6, shipping for two is about $7.50, shipping for all three glbs is $12. I will ship
internationally. email me at totchi_die@yahoo.com if you're interested.

Anime, Manga, DVDs, Plushies, figures, and more!!

I just really want to get rid of this stuff, its just taking up space that I need =)

Everthing on here is BEST OFFER ^_^ So just make me an offer!

Anime DVD:

-DNAngel Volume 1
-Tenchi Muyo OVA Complete 1-13
-Soul Hunter Volume 6
-Outlaw Star Volume 2

Other DVD:

-Fellowship of the Ring
-The Two Towers
-Return of the King
-Pirates of the Caribbean


-Jing: King of Bandits Volumes 1, 2
-DNAngel Volume 5
-Forbidden Dance Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4
-Alchino Volume 1
-Full Metal Panic! Volumes 1, 2


-Tekken 4
-Dynasty Warriors 5
-The Bouncer


-Lonely Bunny - Chobits (plush)
-Bou - Antique Cafe (plush): http://cgi.ebay.com/Homemade-Antique-Cafe-Bou-Plush-JROCK-anime-COSPLAY_W0QQitemZ6035971472QQcategoryZ1345QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
-Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha
-Yuki Sohma Rat form


-Ayeka w/light up guardians (Figure)
-30+ He-man Figures, vehicles, and 3 castles/playsets (email me for pics@ gambit_rogue84@yahoo.com)
-Mini Sasami figure from Tenchi Muyo
-Gene and Melfina Figure from Outlaw Star


-Sango Mythwear Messenger Bag
-20 inch Frankenfurter Doll from Rocky Horror Picture Show
-two little buddha statues


-Anime Toonz Volume 2