February 18th, 2006

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I'm selling some manga for $7 each, including shipping to canada and US

DN Angel vol. 6
DN Angel vol. 9
Apocripha/0 vol. 2 (based on the game of the same name)
kamichama karin vol.1
juvenile orion vol.4
Getbackers vol.26

Cardcaptor sakura vol.1
Cardcaptor sakura vol.2
Cardcaptor sakura vol.5

also the following for $5 each including shipping:
Shounen Jump 2
Jinki: Extend vol. 2

final fantasy 7 for playstation
$10 including shipping
I opened it and played it for like..15 minutes. so the disk is not scratched at all!

if anyone needs pics please ask!
I can accept paypal, money order, cheque, etc etc the whole nine yards.


pandanekosales pandanekosales pandanekosales

Still some good stuff in my sales journal, someone please buy my Digital Devil Saga!! T^T

Also to those who have bought from me and been waiting soooo patiently, I'm really sorry that I haven't been able to mail anything off yet. Family been sick, I've been sick, and I've been busy. BUT! I have scheduled my mailing date to be Tuesday, Feb. 21st so everyone will have their items sent then. Thanks! ^_^
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Volks Yo-SD SweetDream Rengemaru

In mid December I welcomed into my home a limited Yo-SD SweetDream Rengemaru from VolksUSA while they were still in stock (I checked the same site today and it looks as though they’re now sold out). Upon arriving he saw the light of day for all of half an hour (you have to love his posability!) but quite literally has spent the rest of time here since sleeping away in his original box. A nagging sense of guilt has lead me today to the decision that it might be best for Rengemaru to seek out a new home for himself after ‘wintering’ in the ‘snowy north’. I realize there is another Rengemaru seeking a new home in the marketplace but with this particular one you have the added benefit of paying through paypal instead of money order, and I’ll throw in a two-pack of the fabled Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for Rengemaru’s bathtime! This product is similar to the soldout ‘Pikatto Kirei Sponge Type’ product on the Volks website. Please PM me with any questions you may have concerning this sale *^^* I'll be accepting offers for approximately a weeks time.
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First Post: Searching! ^_^

Hi everyone! ^_^

I was wondering if anyone has any English translated Sailor Moon manga (Not the American novel version) for sale as I've finally decided to start collecting them. I already have all the StarS series, so any other ones would be fantastic! ^_^ I really, really appreciate it!

I prefer paying through Payal, but I also don't mind mailing a check. ^^;

Thank you!!!

- Paula

Japanese TV grab bag, anime DVDs!


JAPAN TV GRAB BAG: I have a bunch of tapes with random, FUN Japan TV episodes that I got from a local Asian book/video store. They range from variety shows to music shows to prime time holiday specials! Some even have the original commercials (which can be very amusing). Great practice for Japanese students or to own simply because. I have 2 left and would love to get them to a new home where they'll be appreciated. $3 each.

I also have (DVD-wise):

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar vol. 1
Princess Nine vol. 1 (has small chip in plastic)
Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water vol. 1
Maison Ikkoku boxset 1 $15

All DVDs are $4 each except for MI!

Shipping is $2 media, or I can combine 2 items or more :D