February 22nd, 2006

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I was wondering if anyone could help me out. In an issue of Animage they released a deck of trading cards for the anime series Kyou Kara Maou - image under the cut - and I would really, really like to purchase them.

If anyone has them, and is willing to ship to the UK, could you please leave a comment.

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Thank you in advance.
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[doujinshi] naruto yaoi

I have some Naruto yaoi doujinshi up for private sale. I will be more than happy to offer a discount if you purchase two or more.

Payment: Paypal, money orders, concealed cash (at your own risk)
Shipping: U.S. addresses: Media mail (starts at $1.59 for one doujin) or priority mail, your choice. Intl addresses: please comment for shipping quote

Serious buyers only, please.

More Gackt doujinshi on e-bay!

Pictures and info behind the cut. Feel free to post any questions you might have either here or via e-bay.

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This isn't all! I have 5 or 6 more Gackt doujinshi I'll be listing in coming days, as well as the Mars tour pamphlet, Moonchild movie pamphlet, and 2 magazines featuring Gackt! Also, some Final Fantasy 7 doujinshi as well! I'll post here again to let you all know when they're up. Thanks for looking!

Magazines for pre-order...

Magazine Pre-order (April Issues)

Cover Artist : KAT-TUN
Price: $8.00 USD

Arena 37C
Cover Artist : W-inds, GLAY
Price: $14.50 USD

The prices are without shipping.
Shipping will be anywhere from $5 - $15 (approx.) depending on where you are and which method of shipping you'd like.
Shipping info. will be e-mailed to you.

Please only reply if you are seriously contending.
As these are on pre-order (undergoing print job), the publishers have not put up pictures yet.
You will receive notification when pictures are put up.

There will only be a limited amount of them if you do not pre-order.

Residents of California, USA are subjected to a tax of 8.25%.

Accepted methods of payment:
Paypal (subjected to a fee of 3%)
Cheque (no fees)
Money order (no fees)
Concealed cash (at your own discretion)
Bank transfer (bank-associated fees)

Send an e-mail to sales[at]gackt-euphoria[dot]org with your full name, address, the item(s) you want, and your method of payment. Shipping info. will then be forwarded to you (as I am at work, and I don't have my rate chart here...) After which, you will receive further instructions.

PLEASE also comment here if you are interested. The qty of magazine pre-order needs to be put in today in order for the publisher to print them.

Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale

Looking for...

Would anyone know where I can find DDR Extreme and a dance pad? I can get the game and 2 pads for $50 shipped on eBay, but I wasn't really looking to spend that much, especially when I only need one pad.

and i care why?

Take two!

Lowered prices!

All Shipping and Handling is included in my prices. I ship USPS Priority Mail and I will ship international, costs will vary depending on your location.

For payment I prefer Paypal, but will accept money orders and cash at your own risk. ♥

Keep in mind that more than one item, your total will be around $4 less, depending, since I won't have to send them separately. :D

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Price Drop!


Price : $30 (including shipping cost)
Size : I'm not sure, but If I put it on my forefinger(58mm), it is loose little.

2. Sailor moon photos
Total 49 photos
Price : $20

3.Magic Night Rayearth : 9 photos + 3 post card
Price : $6

**Shipping Cost : $5

My email address is

I accept paypal.

still selling and WTB

Clamp no kiseki 3-6 brand new sealed only 30 left!!!!
sailor moon Dolls
escaflownme model kits brand new sealed
bleach manga
fruits basket manga
inuyasha manga (jap and eng)
ranma 1/2
bjd clothing
and tons more things form other animes

sailor moon artbooks all except 1 and 2
ranma 1/2 season 2 boxset
elfen lied, chrono crusade, fruits basket, full metal panic dvd boxsets
chobits manga
clamp artbook
theres a detailed list on my sellers page

please take a look
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Bunny girl

GRAVITATION MANGA 1-12 complete set 55$

Hi! I'm selling a full set of Gravitation manga (1 to 12 by Tokyopop) for 55$USD (shipping to US or Canada included, please ask for internationnal order).
If no one's interested by tomorrow evening, I'm gonna have to break the set and sell them 5$USD each (except #1&4 would be 4$ each), some people are already interested. They're in great condition, and I was hoping to ship them all together, it would be less of a hassle for me.

Information and pictures
Other items and transaction details