February 23rd, 2006

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More stuff for sale~

DVDs, Japanese CDs, Japanese/English Manga, Doujinshi & Pencil boards

Series: Prince of Tennis, Weiss Kreuz, Whistle!, Apocripha/0, Naruto, Evangelion, X/1999, Saiyuki, Sailor Moon Stars, Cardcaptor Sakura, Marmalade Boy, DN Angel, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hikaru no Go,

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Selling stuff, grab while it lasts


Gravitation manga : Volume 2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

price: $5 each. great conditon read only once.

SHOXX: vol- 2005

price $10 each. great condition each, read once.

Shonen Jump sneaks: $3 never read, gives you a sneak peak at manga

Sneak peak : $3


Malice Mizer: Bara no Seidou

price: $15 listened to once.

Miyavi: rocks with dvd $20

Miyavi: ism -with limited DVD $20


Kingdom Hearts- $15

Bloody rowr 3-$5


2Miyavi from shoxx-$3 ea.

Gackt from Moonchild-$10


Hello Kitty watch with changeable face plates-$9

3 pink bracelets-$5

Long pink necklace with short version-$8

2 rainbow bracelets: $5

pink beaded ring:$5

Small teddy bear keychain:$5

Cute color Tiara:$5!!!(great for decora!)

Jumbo pink heart ring: $5

Martini ring( with diamants): $10

Butterfly flower ring:$5

SPider ring (Sterlign silver): $20

Butterfly mood ring (looks antique): $15

Multicolor bag of hair clips: $8


Winnie the Pooh and friends Uchiwa(FAN): $5

Multicolor neck ties: $5 each. red, green, black, purple.

cute purple star Septer: $10

cute ring holder: $5

flower Leia: $7

Small cute back pack: $8

Moonchild DVD-$20

Gothic(and Lolita) shoes : cherry red, small scuff at inner toe $30 ( i paid 70,lol.)

Cyber shoes-never worn $30

slight worn white creepers: $40 ( i paid 120!!)

. i accept money orders, and live across the street from the Postal office so i will ship as soon as i get it ( not as soon as it cleares, thats mean :()
SO yes. if need be please make any requests necessary to get this stuff out of my house! ie: pix, or whatver, enjoy :)

If interested please mail me at Vapor_Saturnine -AT- yahoo.com
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(no subject)

I'm looking for a good condition copy of the Marmalade Boy 6 english-language release. I've looked on ebay but unfortunately could only find it in Japanese.

Anyone selling or know of someone who is selling (and accepts paypal)?

Also looking for any Guilty Gear doujin or the official comic (English or Japanese)

If you can help, I'd be very thankful :)
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(no subject)

Moon Child (Original Japanese import featuring Gackt/Hyde) Includes 3DVDs and photo album with photos. In great condition. $40 (shipping included) (ON HOLD)

CD -
Gackt - Crescent
(original Japanese import. Including the original plastic sleeve. In great condition)
$24 (shipping included)

I accept Paypal and if you are interested either email me - kamijoanna@keromail.com or leave a comment.

(no subject)

Selling D'espairsRay "Maverick" first pressed on ebay!! Ending in a couple of hours!!! Current bid is at $3.25!


I have some other visual kei items up for sale here

bands including Cuartet, Dummy Children, Black Jack, + more!

Take a look.

thank you! (・∀・)