February 28th, 2006

4sale @ Ebay! ♥

Click image to check out my auctions @ Ebay!

Everything starting at .99 cents! :o)

- Hello Kitty bag + free items
- Nintendo Game Boy Color & Zelda game
- Resident Evil game & movie
- Powerpuff Girls items + free stuff
- Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith Lithograph
- FFX-2 Rikku cellphone charm

Thanks for looking! ♥

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Is anyone selling the guide for FF9? apparently I thought this one person was selling it, but then informed me that it was already sold, so much for that. *sighs*

But you are selling it, I'm interested in buying it, since I'm already buying the game from this one person.
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Hello Kitty Plushies

I'm looking for Hello Kitty Plushies....

I'm not looking to spend to much on these, thats why I'm looking here for some deals. I'm interested in all different sizes. I am not interested in keychain plushies though.

So please list the size of the plushie in inches. Anything rare would be great.

Please show me pictures and prices including shipping to Wisconsin.


Illig pants anyone?

I am currently looking for some Illig pants.

Not black please: I would love olive or even lighter colors like sand or eggshell.

The best size would be 28.

If you have some of those babies sitting in your closet waiting for me, please tell me!!

Thank you!

Looking to buy

Hello! I am looking to buy a few things if anyone is selling. If you have any Hawaii/Ganguro hello kitty items, Marie (from the Aristocats), and/or super dollfie 13 clothes (I am picky though what my darling Elizabeth may wear), please let me know.

And Sailor Moon. I <3 Sailor Moon mucho, but since I have been collecting for ten years now I might have everything on your list. Let me know anyway!


J-rock/visual-kei CD's & DVD's for saaale.
Ridiculously low price! I'm practically giving these away.
CD's are $8 & DVD's are $15, Singles are $5.
Shipping cost is $5 for every item.
Please have a look!

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