March 1st, 2006

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Hi guys, I'm looking for anything even remotely related to the talented Daisuke Asakura (well, anything but the anime Gravitation DVDs...). CDs, magazines, posters... don't care. His CDs of Quantum Mechanics, or his groups of Mad Soldiers, or Iceman... even AXS. If anyone can help, I'd be extremely grateful! Either comment here, or my e-mail is . Much appreciated!
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Rin Cosplay

Hey everyone!

I was wondering if anyone had, or knew where I could buy, a cosplay outfit...

From Fruits Basket: I'm looking for Rin's (Isuzu) school uniform (also Kagura's uniform), either winter or summer uniform (I think the only difference is the length of the sleeves). I dunno if anyone by any chance had one out there (long shot) or saw a website at some point that sold them. Much help would be appretiated, since I can't sew one myself >.<

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Thanks for your help in advance!!!

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Lot of 19 Star Wars books for sale & my Anime/non-anime dvds

I've got 19 Star Wars books up for sale on ebay. I would like to try and get that amount listed for the buy it now on ebay.

If you don't have ebay I would be willing to end the auction and lower shipping down to 10.00 for you.

If paying through money order I will knock off $2.00 dollars for you.(this is why i hate ebay you lose money from them to sell and if you take paypal another chunk.)

So if paying by paypal: $35.00
Paying money order/CC/pc=(personal check)(must have 50 or more positive feedbacks for PC): $33.00

The auction:

Please check out my selling lj for feedback and other items(got all my dvd's up on ebay also): heathers_junk

P.s. Shipping prices listed are only to US residents. Price will change if out of the United States!

Game and anime piano books for sale

Hi everyone, I've got the following piano books for sale. Most have Final Fantasy tunes. Please please please PLEASE do not ask me to translate or romanize anything!!!! I might be able to give photos or scans of tracklists, but nothing else otherwise. I'm giving ISBN numbers and any links I can find to help.

Each book is $20. All of them are new except where noted, excellent condition with slight shelf wear, and may have some slight creases on the spine from the book being opened. Shipping for 1 book is $6.75 via priority mail within the U.S.; anything above that, costs will be calculated. International buyers welcome. Paypal preferred but I will accept money orders via snail mail.

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Thanks for looking!

(no subject)

Here's what I'm looking for, if you want to sell them to me. I am asking a reasonable price, so if you really don't want to get rid of it, think about it twice. (I'm willing to trade, but I don't really have too much. If there's something you want, you can at least ask, right?)

>Getbackers manga books 10 and up
>Diabolo 3 (manga)
>Saiyuki Reloaded Manga (any)
>Loveless DVD
>(almost) any yaoi DVD
>Samurai Champloo manga vol. 2

Also, I really like trigun and yaoi books, so if there's something you're looking to get rid of there, let me okay, 'kay?
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CardCaptor Manga question

Hi everybody - I hope this sort of question is allowed.

Baiscally I've been in this community for a little while [hi!] trying to get a full collection of CardCaptor Sakura manga [both the original series and Master of the Clow] in English, however there doesn't seem to be a simple Volume 1, 2, 3, etc. order to it. Well there is, but, well basically I'm very confused.

Over on Anime News Network, they list the English CCS manga as:
2000-03-06 (English Volume 1)
2000-12-04 (English Volume 2)
2001-04-23 (English Volume 3)
2001-08-10 (English Volume 4)
2001-11-26 (English Volume 5)
2002-04-16 (English Volume 6)
2002-08-20 (English Volume 7)
2002-12-10 (English Volume 8)
2003-02-04 (English Volume 9)
2003-04-08 (English Volume 10)
2003-06-10 (English Volume 11)
2003-08-05 (English Volume 12)
2003-10-07 (English Box Set 1)
2004-05-04 (English Box Set 2)
2004-07-06 (English Volume 1 Re-Release)
2004-09-14 (English Volume 2 Re-Release)
2004-11-09 (English Volume 3 Re-Release)
2005-02-08 (English Volume 4 Re-Release)

Okay so, for example could I buy Volume 2 from 2000 and it would fit into my collection if it turned out I had Volume 1 and 3 of the re-release? Like, are they interchangeable?

I've already bought a few volumes of CCS from [lovely!] people on here, but at the time I wasn't aware of the re-releases. I've heard people say that vol 1,2,3,4 is really 6,7,8, etc. I'm really trying to get the full collection [as in,the entire story, not a collection of the original manga AND then the re-releases], so I'd appreciate any clarification on what I should be looking out for!

Thank you so much!

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i'm back again for some SHOXX for sale. I have way to many magazines in my closet that I'm trying to make more room. please take these off my hands!

all magazines are 5 bucks each! if the magazine that you want comes with a poster, it's 6 bucks. we'll talk about the shipping if you become interested in the magazine.

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Any other questions, please feel free to leave here~ ^-^
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Crapload of stuff.

Well, my spending ways have caught up to me once again and I need to raise $300 to pull myself out of debt. This means I am selling A LOT of things, so please look behind the cut to see if there is something you want. <3 All items are direct-sale. Included are CDs, manga, books, and some artist merchandise. EVERYTHING MUST GO~

If you buy anything, I will throw in this Kirito promotion card from Sounday to the first person who claims it, free of charge.

I will NOT hold items anymore. I've had too many possible buyers back out. You can tell me you're going to buy an item, but I can't guarantee somebody who is ready to pay already won't beat you to it.

I accept payment via Paypal and concealed cash. No money orders. If you really want an item though, we can work something out. My Paypal address is

Onto the goods!

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Comment if there's something you want to buy, or drop me a line at

EDIT: Updated March 3rd, 2006!
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Looking for items!

Looking for:

Yami no Matsuei Japanese version (not interested in the English version) by Yoko Matsushita. Preferably a set.

Prince of Tennis plushies, doujinshi (OishixKikumaru or OotorixShishido)

I still have items for sale and trade here. Thanks for looking!
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More ebay selling of my collections!

I am selling more of my collections under the ebay username kaworulover. This time around are some artbooks, my shitajiki/pencil board collection (with some odd series - Boogiepop Phantom, Yami no Matsuei, Vampire Savior, Sailormoon musical, Tokyo Mew Mew, Pretear and others). I'll be listing some more this week as well! Thank you so much for looking!