March 2nd, 2006

Updated items 4sale @ Ebay! ♥

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Everything starting at .99 cents! :o)

Hello Kitty bag + free items!
Nintendo Game Boy Color & Zelda game!
Resident Evil game & movie combo!
Powerpuff Girls items + free stuff!
Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith Lithograph!
FFX-2 Rikku cellphone charm!
Colorful hair accessories & items!
Hamtaro keychain & ball!
Vintage bracelets & earrings!

Thanks for looking!

Final Fantasy Advent Children RENO WIG!!

I'm selling a brand new Reno wig for the Final Fantasy Advent Children cosplayers out there.

I had an auction posted for it earlier today, but eBay took it down because it had a link to my site (which doubles as a sales site). The problem is fixed now and the wig is up in a new auction. If you had bid or watched that auction, please change it to this one as the original auction is no longer valid. ^^;;

$0.99 no reserve. Please check it out! ^^

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Hello! I just wanted to remind everyone that my Ebay auction for Mai (limited edition from the USA opening) super Dollfie is ending in about four hours. The last on I saw on Ebay sold for $1440 and mine is only at $900 right now! Quite a savings! Here is the link, and thanks for your time. [/shameless plug]

Oh, and if you were buying things off my selling journal, a lot of people sent me money without including a note saying what they were buying or their address. Um, if you know I owe you a package would you get in touch with me?
Loki, Sakura

Items for sale!


Newest items:
Clothing is now featured.

View selling lj: j_sales for more...

Also, I am currently selling some J-rock merchandise, mostly Miyavi/Miyabi, hide, and various other Jrock/VK flyers and items. Also, for the EGA/EGL/Gothic lovers Ihaveafew corsets also for sale.

Sales Post ^^;

Hello! Im new to this community but I sell stuff on ebay all the time.. so :) Im okay. I have some stuff for sale that I dont think would do too good on ebay, and with all the fees I thought Id try here if anyones interested. You can either comment here or email me at "" I might do trades depending on what you have if theres anything I want. :P

Heres the stuff, Offer because well.. I dont know what to ask lol. :D Pictures available on request.

btw; I live in the US and will ship internationally if your willing to pay shipping. I also except Paypal mostly, but we can talk about something else...

MANGA: (All english.)All in good condition.
X/1999 Sonata Vol3 (The newer smaller ones.)
Death: At Deaths Door Vol 1 (Although Ive never seen any other vols..)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol 1 (Special Edition flipped so its Japanese style reading.)

DVD: (All english reg 1)Ask about condition. They all run fine but some of them were gamedoctored :/
Pilot Candidate Vol 1
Knight Hunters Vol 1 Dead Ringer
Magic Knight Rayearth Daybreak Vol1
Love Hina vol 1
Love Hina vol 2

CDs: Excellent condition.. but bootleg, so I dont know about a price.. (I bought these a long time ago and I didnt know what bootleg was xD)
Card Captor Sakura OST 1
Bubblegum Crisis 2040 "AS SEKIRIA" Priss Vocal Collection
Gundam Wing Operation 1

I dont think this ones bootleg since it says Smile Records:
DDRMAX2 Original Soundtrack

Thirteen for the PC: Never been played.

Like 20 Tenchi Muyo Cards.. american. 1 foil one I think that came when I bought a VHS too.

Azumanga Poster from Newtype.
Wedding Peach Poster from Newtype.
Meltylancer Poster from Newtype.

Hello Kitty bag. Courdoroy(sp?) blue material.

2 black and white random anime bags.. One has mainly CCS and the other has mainly Angel Sanctuary. I dont know much about them I got them as gifts but they were bought in the US. (AS one on SOLD)
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Thanks for reading. ^_^;