March 4th, 2006


&hearts Updated Selling Journal; Looking for KERA magazines!

Hi! ^^

I just finished the next update on my selling journal. I added a ton more stuff, so please have a look! If you see something you like, but don't like the price, please feel free to make a lower offer. I will consider it, I promise! :) Also, if you have some friends that you think may be interested, please pass the link on! I'm in a tight spot for money right now ><;


Also, I'm willing to trade, but only for KERA Japanese fashion magazines. I am also looking to BUY KERA magazines. If you have an issue that I do not yet have, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know! I am hopelessly addicted to this magazine.

The issues I currently have are here!

Thanks for looking! :)
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TV/Vampire Diaries - Caroline/Klaus

(no subject)

ajsales - anime t-shirts, manga & more.

I'm looking for cell phone charms/straps (something cute or maybe anime).

edit: I am also looking for DeG, Gackt, Miyavi, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, & Bis (older) posters or flyers. Please, please comment if you have some!
editx2: Jrock buttons too! Yeah. =)

Items 4sale @ cheap prices! ♥

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Everything at a cheap price! :o)

Hello Kitty bag + free items!
Nintendo Game Boy Color & Zelda game!
Resident Evil game & movie combo!
Powerpuff Girls items + free stuff!
Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith Lithograph!
FFX-2 Rikku cellphone charm!
Colorful hair accessories & items!
Hamtaro keychain & ball!
Vintage bracelets & earrings!

Thanks for looking!



They're all in excellent condition unless stated otherwise
Make an offer^^~
I just want to get rid of these


Newtype English Dec 2 2002 Volume 01 Number 02
Newtype English May 5 2004 Volume 03 Number 05
Newtype English Nov 11 2003 Volume 02 Number 11
Newtype English Jun 6 2004 Volume 03 Number 06

Beckett Anime Unofficial Collector Aug 2004 Vol.6 No.8 Issue 60
Beckett Anime Unofficial Collector Oct 2005 Vol.5 No. 10 Issue 10
Beckett Anime Unofficial Collector May 2004 Vol. 6 No. 5 Issue 57
Beckett Anime Unofficial Collector Nov 2005 Vol. 5 No. 11 Issue 51
Beckett Anime Unofficial Collector Dec 2004 Vol.6 No. 12 Issue 64

Shonen Jump

Shonen Jump February 2005  Volume 3 Issue 2 Number 26 (*Newly Packaged Never Opened)
Shonen Jump January 2005 Volume 3 Issue 1 Number 25 (*Newly Packaged Never Opened)
Shonen Jump November 2003 Volume 1 Issue 11
Shonen Jump October 2004 Volume 2 Issue 10 Numer 22
Shonen Jump September 2004 Volume 2 Issue 9 Numer 21
Shonen Jump July 2003 Volume 1 Issue 7
Shonen Jump June 2003 Volume 1 Issue 6 (Front 2 pages show wear and tear)
Shonen Jump May 2004 Volume 2 Issue 5 Number 17
Shonen Jump January 2004 Volume 2 Issue 1 Number 13
Shonen Jump April 2004 Volume 2 Issue 04 Number 16
Shonen Jump July 2004 Volume 2 Issue 7 Number 19
Shonen Jump December 2003 Volume 1 Issue 12


Now #2
The Candidate for Goddess #1
Mobile Gundam Seed #1
Ranma 1/2 #1
Comic Party #1

mal d&#39;aurora

Buck-Tick and authentic EGL clothing for auction

all items with buy it now option...i do combine shipping.

Gothic Lolita authentic clothing:
Metamorphose black victorian blouse, med
Miho Matsuda floral lace print sweet aproned black skirt, sm


Tour Diana wristband
1998 Sexstream Liner Type O photoset w/folder and Sexstream Liner tourbook
1993 B-T cover, Rockin' on Japan Darker than Darkness special
1991 Kurutta Taiyou tourbook
1995 Somewhere Nowhere tourbook
1994 Schaft cover Ongaku to hito sold!
Candy and Kodou 1st edition cd singles
VHS lot: Climax Together and Sweet Strange Live film
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Video Games

I got some video games for sale
I'll take offers!
if you're interested leave a comment or email me at:

note: these are mostly cartridges

Nintendo 64 Games
Diddy Kong Racing
Yoshi's Story

Super Nintendo
Killer Instinct
fun 'n games

Game boy
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
The Little Mermaid
Bart & the beanstalk

Wild Arms 2
Final Fantasy 8