March 8th, 2006




Super glamorous special! HYDE x NEWSMAKER collaboration - Special HYDE original rubber wristbands. Comes in 3 colours: RED / WHITE / BLACK. You will only be receiving one of the three colours.

Release: April 1st, 2006.
Cover artist: Not stated. (Most likely Hyde...)
Back artist: Yukihiro.
Price: $18.00 USD
Status: Pre-order (releases April 1st.)

Shipping USA:
Media Mail: $5.00 (8 days) w/ free tracking
Priority Mail: $11.00 (2 Days) w/ free tracking
Insurance: $1.50 w/ tracking

Shipping Canada
Flat rate: $11.00 (4 - 7 days)
Insurance: $1.50 w/ tracking

Shipping International:
Flat rate: $25.00 (4 - 7 days) - This is maximum. It will be adjusted to your country/region.
Low rate: $15.00 (4 - 6 weeks) - This is maximum. It will be adjusted to your country/region.
Insurance: $2.00 w/ tracking

Payment methods:
paypal, cheque, money order, concealed cash (at your own discretion)

All residents of California are subjected to an 8.25% tax.
All paypal payers are subjected to a 3% fee.

Comment with your e-mail, country (and if from California, please state that), preferred method of shipping and payment, and whether you would like insurance with it or not. You will then receive an invoice in your inbox.

Deadline: March 09th, 2006 - 12:00AM PST.


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(no subject)

Hello, everybody :D
I'm looking for a messenger bag with a cute design (please, no sanrio) that would sit at the waist and can hold things the size of a binder or so.
Also, I'm looking for anything dir en grey or gackt related.

thanks alot! ^__^
evangelion: ecstasy of ayanami

stuff for sale.

Death Note 1-4 set: 15$
Gokinjo Monogatari: 1: 3$
Gokinjo Monogatari: 4: 3$
Shimotsuma Monogatari: 5$
Utena Cinemanga Volume 4: 3$
Totoro Cinemanga Volume 4: 3$
Versailles no Bara 1 (Fairbell 2005 Reprint Edition): 3$
Versailles no Bara 2 (Fairbell 2005 Reprint Edition): 3$

Shoujo Beat - Preview Issue: 5$
Shoujo Beat - First Issue (July 2005): 5$

Shurayuki Hime (The Princess Blade - HK edition): 5$
Utena: The Black Rose Blooms (Black Rose Arc 1): 8$
Utena: Impatience and Longing (Black Rose Arc 2): 8$
Cutie Honey (Live Action Movie) Special Making of Promo DVD: 5$
Stand Up!! Complete Drama VCD set (8 Discs): 5$

Nakanomori Band - Raspberry Pie (Sample but with all tracks): 5$
Foo Fighters - One by One (Special Edition with limited DVD): 10$
GaGaaLing - Royal Punx (Sample but with all tracks - hard to find!): 15$
m-flo - The Tripod E.P.: 5$

Cowboy Bebop Cigarette Tin/Keeper: 5$
Cowboy Bebop Pencilboard: 5$
Mini Moni Figurines (set of four from the film): 5$
Mini Moni Cards (4, one for each member): 2$
Mini Moni Movie Manga Promo: 2$

On Hold:
Utena: Revelation (Apocalypse Arc 1): 8$
Utena: Finale (Apocalypse Arc 2; Finale): 8$


All shipping from the states - shipping depends on where you live in the world, what method you want, and how much you buy.

Please buy and give this stuff good homes, okay? I REALLY need the funds.
Bittersweet Memories

Lots of stuff for sale! Please help a poor, college-bound student in need!

I'm new to the group and have been searching everywhere (aside from ebay) to find a place where I may be able to sell off some of my anime and manga collection.  I have quite a bit of stuff here (with probably more to come once I clean out my room again) so take a looksy.

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I accept money orders, checks (at least two weeks to clear), and well concealed cash.  I may be accepting paypal soon, but don't count on that.  You will have to pay for all shipping and handling, but I will make it as cheap as I can since I hate paying jacked up s&h prices myself.    If you have any questions feel free to ask them, especially if you'd like to see a picture of the product.

Don't have the cash, but want something you see here?  Check out my wish list (which will be updated in the next day or two).  Maybe we can come to a trade agreement ^_~.

Thanks for looking!

April ^_~

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Sale! Sale! Sale!

i'm selling engish mangas, anime dvds, asian dvds (chinese, japanese & korean), movies, cds, books and other miscellaneous things... please click on the image for a complete list! thank you!

Sale! Sale! Sale!
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updated~~~give these goodies a good home :)!

still selling, wanna get rid of stuffies :3~~~!!cliky!!
yaoi, manga, Dj and whoot :3
selling manga(english, chinese and japanese)
yaoi (bboy love, Junk!boy ext..),
dj ect~~~

such pretty things~~~!!

payment method: IMO (i'm from canada) or concealed cash at the moment :3

pictures at request

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also wondering if anyone has for sale/trade:
putumayo stuffs~
egl bibble ect..:)!!!
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Manga and Music for sale!

Manga and Music for Sale!

All Japanese comics are in excellent condition and shipping for each book starts at $2. Please add an extra $1 for each additional book if you order more than one manga. Sets are sold as is and they will not be sold individually because it is difficult to sell the rest separately.

So please have a look. If you have any questions, I'll be more than happy to answer them and feel free to bargain! I will only accept money orders and cash (but you'll have to send cash at your own risk).

Please notify me if you're out of the US because shipping charges will change.

Enjoy and thank you for taking the time to read this!

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anime, music, posters, and toys for sale

I have lots of anime DVDs and music at reasonable prices, I really need to get rid of it all. Please take a look in my journal. Thanks!

If anyone is interested in the following jrock items, let me know.

Gackt - Love Letter album (Japan Version, still has plastic seal, first press, only played once, and 2005 calendar card included) - $26
Gackt - Metamorphoze single (Japan Version, limited edition with DVD including promotional video and interviewsp, only played twice ) - $12
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Jiyuu he no Shoutai single (Japan Version) - $6
L'Arc~en~Ciel - The Best of C/W (opened, but haven't played) - $23


PINK DD Rocking Horse Shoes...

Hi Kitties,

-Selling a Brand new pair of pink DD Rocking horse shoes in box, size 24.5CM, around a 5UK or 7.5US. There's something else I'd prefer to own right now, please buy these, £50GBP or highest offer wins. Shipping will be £6GBP within the UK & £10GBP Worldwide. PLEASE COMMENT HERE...

vanilla ice

Harry Potter Shisinden Yaoi Doujinshi

Selling 2 Shinsinden Harry Potter Doujinshis.

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The Moon is Made of Green Cheese II.
42 pages (8 novel)
Sirius x Remus.
In very good condition.

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Lagrangian Points
86 pages (8 novel)
Sirius x Remus.
In very good condition.

Shipping within the US is $3.50 insured for one or $4.50 insured for both.

(insurance is provided by DSI Insurance)

I take Money Order or NON-credit/debit card Paypal only. (if you want to use credit card paypal payment, you'll have to cover the fees which you can calculate with the Paypal Reverse Fee Calculator)

Or if you wish to use credit card but don't want to pay any additional fees, I will take gift certificates. (which is also fast since they do send certificates through email)