March 9th, 2006

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Updated list again. ^^ (Plan to add a little more when I have more time.)

Please comment or email me at if interested in anything. All secondhand and should be in good to excellent condition, with bits of wear. If not, noted with asterik. I'll accept MO (if not postal office MO, please give me some days to allow it to clear), concealed cash (at your risk), or Instant Transfer/pre-existing Paypal Funds through Paypal.
I'd also trade for the following.

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Prices don't include shipping. $4.05 up to 2 djs for Priority Mail, add $1.25 for each book after that; flat rate of $8.10 if you buy 7 books or more. $2.65 (Delivery Confirmation included) up to 5 djs for Media mail.

Edit note: All figures quoted are for domestic US shipping only. If you are from overseas and would like to pay by MO, it has to be the pink postal MO you usually use to pay international stuff with. ^^;; Sorry.
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Full Anime Collection (Shitajiki/Cels) Sell-off

Good morning! I'm currently in the process of selling off my entire shitajiki and anime cel collection and this community was recommended to me. This collection was started around 1997 and I continued collecting until around 2000 when I had to stop for financial reasons. I love this collection, but it's been sitting around, metaphorically collecting dust, and I think it's time to pass it along to someone else who will love it as well. I also have an inordinate amount of credit card debt and would like to pay it off.

I've been slowly auctioning off on eBay, but have been also offering my (bad) photographs up as a "pre-sale" to anyone who'd like to either make an offer or ask us to name a price. This is a way for us to avoid insertion fees and for you to save because we're avoiding insertion fees. Anything sold, already spoken for, or already on eBay should be clearly marked. If you're interested, please email myself and my boyfriend (who is currently running the sales and auctions for me because he's a wonderful guy) at item-sales (at) clampcampus (dot) com.

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Thank you so much for taking a look and I hope to hear from you all soon!

Looking for new Kera mag.

Does anyone have the new March '06 Kera magazine for sale? I really want to buy this one, or really if you have any of the recent Kera magazines(not the Dec.2005 issue though, I had that one before). Also, I'm interested in recent Cawaii magazines as well as Zipper mags.


Hikaru no Go Doujinshi for Sale

I'm currently selling the following doujinshi on eBay. Maybe someone would be interested in them?

Imagine by by Shimarisu no Koya (book 1)
Beethoven ni koi wo shite, dokidoki suru no ha Mozart by Irish Dance
Gentle Stress by Seturi Yoshino
Shiawase by Nanairo Shukujo
Dangerous Part by Red Data Book (Ryuki Amano)

All are either AkiHika or HikaAki :) Interested? Take a look here!
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Items still up for sale!

I'm low on cash, so these items are up for sale at reasonable prices. All of these are at least a fraction of their original prices, so if you've wanted any of these manga, here's your chance!! All items have little shelf-wear but are in very good condition.


Eerie Queerie Vols. 1-4 $16; make an offer if preferred
Kill Me Kiss Me Vols. 1, 2 $4 for one ; $8 both
Prince of Tennis Vol. 1 $4
Saiyuki Vols. 1, 2 $4 for one; $8 both
Chobits Vols. 1, 3 $4 for one; $8 both
Fruits Basket Vol. 1 (some wear on cover) $3


Gravitation Vol. 1 on DVD (viewed only twice; notes inside still intact) $7

Checks and money orders are accepted! Well concealed cash at your own risk. Shipping should be about $4-5; ask me for details about specific items.

Contact me at or just leave a comment if you're interested in buying. Thank you!

For Sale: Yukata and Obi Set (and many kimono and kimono accessories)

I'm selling the above yukata and obi set for $45US plus shipping.  It's brand new never worn and taken out of it's original garment bag only for pictures.  A very nice find for taller women who enjoy wearing yukata as it's longer than most yukata. ^^

Click on the picture for more details as well as other kimono and kimono accessories I have for sale, all directly imported from Japan!

Looking for some manga...

Does anyone have these series and is willing to sell them?

I'm looking for:

Kare Kano 5+

Mars 11+

Tramps like us 2+

Host club 3+

I'm also still selling a bunch of manga, Final Fantasy VII doujinshis and a Sims PS2 game if anyone is interested. If you want something email me or leave your email with your comment. Otherwise I can't hold items for you, sorry about that.

(Items for sale)

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I won a contest and got this hat as my prize. It's handmade in the likeness of Cow Form Haru! I sadly do not have the money to keep it ;-; Make an offer, I'll get pictures only if you are serious in buying! Thank you~!

Complete Anime Series up for auction on EBAY!

Hey all! As a newbie, I'm trying to sell these anime series on Ebay. Links and descriptions are as follows:

Complete Escaflowne Unedited English Dubbed (8 VHS)

Complete series, 8 tapes, All Unedited English Dubbed. Amount asking is $35+s/h. All tapes in excellent condition and watched once. No pics available, so you'll just have to take my word! ~_^

Shipping: Shipping is $20.00. Payment must be received within 5 days after the end of the auction. Any questions please feel free to contact me!

Complete Escaflowne Unedited Subtitled Special (8 VHS)

Complete series special Clamshell edition, Japanese import, subbed Unedited. 8 Tapes. Amount starting is $35+s/h. In excellent condition and watched a couple of times. Sorry for not having pics! ~_^

Shipping: Shipping is $20.00, Priority Mail. Payment must be received within 5 days after auction ends. Any Questions feel free to contact me!

Complete Fushigi Yuugi series+First 2 OAVs Subbed (19VHS)

Complete series+first 2 OAVs (1-9). 19 tapes, All Subbed. Suzaku season in a boxed set, rest are separate. Amount asking is $50+s/h. In excellent condition and watched a few times! Sorry for the lack of pics! ~_^

Shipping: Shipping is $20.00, Priority Mail. Payment must be received within 5 days after the end of the auction. Any questions feel free to contact me!

Entire Unedited Gundam Wing Series+OAV (VHS, 17 Tapes)

You are looking at the entire Gundam Wing series plus the OAV 'Endless Waltz' English Dubbed, unedited, and on 17 VHS tapes. All are in excellent condition, some watched a few times, most watched once.

Once again, those are the UNEDITED and ENGLISH DUBBED versions of the entire series of Gundam Wing plus the OAV. Sorry I don't have any pics to prove my words, but you'll just have to trust me. ~_^

Shipping: Shipping cost is $20. Payment must be received within 5 days after the auction has ended. Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Kingdom Hearts/Loveless/Sukisho Merchandise

I was wondering if anyone had any Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts 2 merchandise they were selling? (and accept paypal too). No games/strategy guides/cds/manga (i'm looking for a present, and my friend has those already xD). Stuff like... doujinshi (not that these even exist xD), figures, jewelry, shitajiki (I saw some before), etc! (mainly looking for KH2.. theres some pretty figures/postcards out there :x)

Also looking for loveless and sukisho merchandise like shitajiki, doujinshi, and art books. (no manga/dvds/etc)

If you have anything relevant, please post here and/or email me at! Thanks. x3
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Sukisho DVD's 1-3 for sale complete series

I've got Sukisho(yaoi) Vol's 1, 2, and 3 up for sale on my LJ. I'm really only looking to sell at this time I really need the funds. I had a set back on my Jedi costume so now I have to spend more it looks like on boots -_-;

If anyone has tan, redish-brown, brown size 10-12 boots must be riding boots they must go to the knees. Just show me whatever styles you got. Willing to buy out of the US, just bare in mind I'm not looking to spend over 100.00.

I've already spent too much on this costume and I still need to get two more things.

my selling journal: heathers_junk
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(no subject)

Free Image Hosting at <--click for bigger image

bareMineral medium starter set
I paid $65 + tax for this (well, my sister did) its not the right color for me =="
it comes complete with 3 brush set. (note these brush if you buy seperate range from 28-30 dollars)
it comes with a lotion to hydrate your skin (prior before applying the minerals)
it comes with 2 id mineral foundations (Medium Tan and Tan), 1 warmth all over color, 1 mineral veil, 1 dvd and booklet on how to use the makeup. Everything is compact in a square sturdy box.

i'm letting it off for $55 with shipping included. (the box itself with the contents are quite heavy).

this brand of makeup is very good, my friend used dark minerals for cosplaying and medium for normal kogal style wear ^^...and if ur skin is already tan, this make up is perfect for you ^^ it just makes ur skin looks much more even out.

I can sell the brushes, the lotion, and the mineral veil seperately if anyone is interested ^^

[b]Japanese related books for sale[/b]

1. OUT by Natsuo Kirino $10 with s/h
2. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami $12 with s/h

[b]Other types of books[/b]

1. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson $6 with s/h
2. 100 Strokes of the Brush Before Bed by Melissa P. $10 with s/h
note: this book is very erotic...its like autobiography with some fiction in it. A veery good read
3. Beijing Doll by Chun Sue $10

Bascot Deer for sale!

i only have the black one and white one! on the other side of their backs, there are flames! there's also flames on the tail. it'd be cute as a gothic lolita/visual kei accessory!

dimensions: 10" tall, 7" long (nose to tail)

let me know if you're interested-- Bidding starts at $13! and ENDS on the 15th of March, 5PM eastern coast in the US time. please comment with your e-mail and bid! thankies!

Shipping within the US will be $6--
to canada-- $8
internationally other than the us and canada-- $12


BLACK -- $22 to wildroselolita
WHITE -- no bids