March 11th, 2006


gooooo check it out~~*O*!!!!!

updated~~~with some new manga~~~~~*O*!!

still selling, wanna get rid of stuffies :3~~~!!cliky!!
yaoi, manga, Dj and whoot :3
selling manga(english, chinese and japanese)
yaoi (bboy love, Junk!boy ext..),
dj ect~~~

such pretty things~~~!! lookie :))))!!!!

payment method: IMO (i'm from canada) or concealed cash at the moment :3

pictures at request

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also wondering if anyone has for sale/trade:
putumayo stuffs~ h.naoto ect...~~~
egl bibble ect..:)!!!
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Please make an offer on anything!
email me at:
I take Paypal and Money order for payment
Most items are used but are in good to perfect condition

Gundam Wing Blind Target 1
Kazeranai kokoro no mama - Midorikawa Hikaru Album

Magic User's Club Magic Box - Complete Boxset
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Collection 0:1
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Director's Cut: Resurrection
Dirty Pair Flash: Angels in Trouble
Weiss Kreuz/Knight Hunters - Dead Ringer
Excel Saga Volume 1
Excel Saga Volume 2
Jubei chan - The Ninja Girl: Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch

Playstation Games
Star Wars Episode 1 - The phantom Menace
Bust A Groove
Bloody Roar II
RPG Maker

Dead or Alive 2
Space Channel 5

Super Nintendo
Street Fighter II
fun 'n games

Nintendo 64
Gex 64 Enter the Gecko
Donkey Kong 64
Diddy Kong Racing

Sailor Moon Deluxe Adventure Dolls
Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus

Love Hina Manga Vol 1 (English)
Gundam Wing: Episode 1 (English)

Rare and Semi Rare Pokemon Cards
Please ask me for what you are looking for

if theres anything else you need please ask me for it
cause I might have it!


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Selling manga, all translated in English. :) Prices include shipping within the US. If shipping internationally, prices will be slightly higher ~ :) I really want to get rid of this stuff and get some cash, so if you buy in bulk and make reasonable offers, I'll probably take them. Thanks! Money orders/mail cash is preferred, but I also take paypal. :) Trades ... are open, but unless you've got something from my wishlist, I'm less inclined to do it :)

Basara 1-4 (Really awesome series, only selling these volumes because I bought a set in order to get the books I wanted *3*;)
>> $23 shipped
Girl Got Game 1-5 ~ for fans of Hanakimi :P shojo story about a girl who crossdresses as a boy to play basketball. this is ridiculously funny. :)
>> $25 shipped

Angelic Layer 1-3 ~ futuristic series about fighting toys by CLAMP (Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa etc)
>> $15 shipped

Marmalade Boy 1-4 ~ shojo romance betweena girl and her stepbrother, another girl and a teacher. by Wataru Shimizu (Ultra Maniac, Random Walk etc)
>> $23 shipped

Erica Sakurazawa: Angel, Between the Sheets (2 books) ~ self contained stories aimed at mature audience.
>> $12 shipped

Video Girl Ai 1, 4 ~ seinen story about a video girl who comes to life :P by Masakazu Katsura (I''s etc)
>> $12 shipped

Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow 1-6 (COMPLETE)
>> $45 shipped

Chicago 1-2 (COMPLETE)
>> $15 shipped

Ranma 1-21 (old huge Viz versions), 22-26 (new small ones)
Make an offer

If you make any purchases, get any of the following for an extra $3-4
Real About High School 1
Chobits 1
Confidential Confessions 2 (oneshot story)
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing 1

Kodocha 2
Fushigi Yugi 9
Blade of the Immortal 1
Ceres, Celestial Legend

(japanese manga)
Tokyo Crazy Paradise vol 5-7 ($4 each shipped, $9 for all 3)

HK bootlegs
got these from a little shop in my neighborhood. Subtitles are alright :P
Escaflowne: the movie $7
Cardcaptor Sakura: the first movie $7

I bought these bootlegs while they were still in theaters (haha) while I was vacationing in NY. Never actually watched them. If a previous purchase is made, you can get these for a buck fifty. :)
The Terminal
The Day After Tomorrow
Harry Potter 3

Legit dvds
Harry Potter 3 (PoA) $10
I received 2 of these for xmas last last year. :) Brand new ~

Trigun 2006 calendar $8 shipped; really nice calendar, I'm just not into Trigun that much :)

I have various out of print comic issues of Sailormoon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Miracle Girls, Gundam Wing: Blind Target, Gundam Wing: Ground Zero (w/ color pages), Animerica, Hana to Yume if anyone was interested. I'd probably sell each for $1-3 each with a minimum shipping fee of $2.00. Please leave a comment if you'd like more information on these. :)

I also have various posters for Sailormoon, Fushigi Yugi, Gundam Wing, and Pokemon if anyone was interested. Please leave a comment if you'd be interested in these.

I have a bunch of Hanakimi zenins, and I know some people were asking about these so I'll try my best to include some pictures + prices soon. SOON. I really hope. What I have are:
Hanakimi planner 2005 zenin
Hanakimi art prints zenin
Hanakimi zipper fasteners zenin
Hanakimi phonecards zenin
Hanakimi keychains zenin

LOOKING FOR (in English); bolded are the ones I really want:
Utena 4-5, movie book
Nodame Cantabile 3, 5+
Demon Ororon 4
Basara 11, 12, 16+
Antique Bakery 2+

Ranma 27+
Earthian 2+
Loveless 1+
Your and My Secret 1+
Duck Prince 1+
Anything else by Ai Morinaga? :P
How to Draw Manga or whatever this series is called, ONLY vol 1-2
any yaoi/BL manga :P or even if you don't have any BL manga to sell, could anyone give any recs to what's out in the English market ? Thanks for any help in advance :)

Escaflowne series soundtracks
Cowboy Bebop series soundtracks
G-nib pens ? :D ;;;;;; (long shot, I know)
Hanakimi FUROKU/items. Very specifically I'm looking for the cute hanakimi pencil boards and furoku folders ;________;
nice bookmarks? :P
Harry Potter doujinshi
Full Metal Alchemist doujinshi
Eyeshiled 21 doujinshi (ShinxSena !!!!)

I generally cut breaks if you buy a lot of stuff so *3*; thanks for looking !

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Hello~ Not sure if this is allowed or not, but I was planning on purchasing some things from the Sex Pot site, only to realize that............they won't deliver to the US xDD;;; So I was wondering if someone in Japan could possibly get the items, and then ship them to me, and I can pay them via PayPal? Or...some other more secure way xD; Who knows. Thanks in advance!

Seiyuu magazines for sale

As posted to seiyuu:

I've decided to part with my remaining collection of seiyuu magazines, which includes 12 Voice Animage and one Seiyuu Grand Prix. Every issue is completely intact and show little wear n' tear. Collapse )

Also, I've decided to compile all my remaining Sasaki Nozomu sale items from this previous post into a collection lot. I'm willing to accept $100 for all 9 solo CDs, 2 VHS videos and 2 photo books. Originally at my already reduced asking prices everything would have cost over $150, so please consider giving them a new home at this great, low price!

These are my last remaining sale items then, and I'd really like to see them off. And I'm sure everyone's sick of my sale threads. LOL ;) Thanks for reading!
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Sale! Manga! Movies! Anime! Books! CDs!

i'm selling engish mangas, anime dvds, asian dvds (chinese, japanese & korean), movies, cds, books and other miscellaneous things... please click on the image for a complete list! thank you!

Sale! Sale! Sale!
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Now on eBay!

  • Anime DVD collection

    Lot contains HK DVDs of Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Get Backers, Aquarian Age, Project ARMS and a VHS of Sequence. Free gift included.

  • Anime yaoi & shounen-ai collection

    Lot contains all but one of the complete FAKE manga, Gundam doujinshi, Be-Boy VHS and Bishounen HK DVD. Free gift included.
  • Fruits Basket TohruNekoNezumi

    What I am selling now

    I am selling some backissues of Hana to Yume:
    Volume 20 2005
    Volume 22 2005
    Volume 23 2005
    *all three has Frubra chapters 116 (20), 117 (22), 118 (23)

    I am still trying to sell Suki from Clamp too...

    These items are in my ebay listing:

    If there is a certain backissue of Hana to Yume (2004 or 2005) you are looking for or if there is a question about any items, email me at

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