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16 March 2006 @ 12:08 am
Selling lots Fullmetal Alchemist doujinshis...
so for now there are all available on my homepage!
its mostly Yaoi!!...

which one?? just look here ^^Collapse )

>>my Homepage<<
>>my eBay<<
16 March 2006 @ 12:54 am
-I only accept cash USD OR SG DOLLAR(Singapore)
or Payment through DBS/POSB funds transfer( 4 local. -Local: By post or Meet up(preferrence)
-For overseas: Pay 1st, goods 2nd :)
-Prices are nigotiatable. :)
-To overseas: shipping co$t not included in stated prices.
-I am not responsible for lost money/mail.
-No refunds or returns.
-No backing out once addresses are exchanged.
-First come, first serve basis

Cure going for US$12
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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16 March 2006 @ 02:38 am
ajsales - my personal selling journal.

Anime T's, manga, & more stuffs.
I updated my selling journal! Lots of stuff for sale! There's plushies, wallscrolls, DVDs, manga and more!

Please check it out at sakurachan21. Thank you! ^__^

I'm also running an auction on Ebay for the box set of Sailor Moon Season One. It's the official ADV US release. It is brand new and unopened. It has 3 days left. You can view it HERE. :)
16 March 2006 @ 10:33 am
Hi everyone, I'm selling a lot of 45 collectible Chobits cards. They include both prism and matte cards. There are 28 different designs with doubles of some cards, for a total of 45. The cards are all straight out of the pack; they may have some slight wear on the corners due to normal packaging, but otherwise they are all in excellent condition. $10 for the whole lot.

Pictures of the cards:

Prism cards (all of the cards shown here are prism or special glossy cards, even though they might not look like it):

The rest (some of the designs are the same as the glossy cards, except these are matte):

Shipping is $2.50 via first-class mail within the U.S. International buyers welcome. Paypal preferred but I will accept money orders via snail mail.

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Sleeping Princess Syndrome
16 March 2006 @ 12:12 pm
i'm selling two shirts with japanese characters on them!

pictures under the cut!Collapse )
16 March 2006 @ 01:57 pm
These manga are still on sale. All of these are at least a fraction of their original prices, so if you've wanted any of these manga, here's your chance!! All items have little shelf-wear but are in very good condition.

Manga (English):

Eerie Queerie Vols. 1-4  $13; make an offer if preferred
Kill Me Kiss Me Vols. 1, 2  $3 for one ; $7 both
Prince of Tennis Vol. 1  $4
Saiyuki Vols. 1, 2  $4 for one; $8 both
Chobits Vols. 1, 3 $3 for one; $7 both
Fruits Basket Vol. 1 (some wear on cover) $3


Gravitation Vol. 1 (viewed only twice; notes inside still intact) $7

Payment: Checks, money orders. Cash at your own risk.
Shipping: About $4-5; ask me for details about specific items.

Contact me at stripesflutter@gmail.com or leave a comment if you're interested in buying. Thanks!
16 March 2006 @ 02:32 pm
Missed it before? Here's your last chance!
Brand new, in package, official Antic Cafe 2006 Calendar!

16 March 2006 @ 05:47 pm

I'm selling a rare Dir en grey 2003 Calendar. Please click the photo to get to the auction:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Thanks for looking!
16 March 2006 @ 06:24 pm
This is my first post here :D

I have so many things to sell, but I don't want to put them on ebay nor only in my journal.
So I made a selling journal for all of my items!

Please take a look:

There you can find:
  • J-fashion mags ( SEVENTEEN, Cawaii!, CUTiE, KERA, SEDA, PS.....)
  • clothes (sweaters, shirt)
  • cute accesories (jewelry, phonestraps....)
  • special: I have 1 pair of cute boots! check them out!
Please take look!!! :D
& I will let you know about updates (^-^*)

x-posted at garagesalejapan and fruitsyauctions
16 March 2006 @ 06:56 pm
I still have a few GLAY doujinshi for sale over here. I appreciate you guys looking, and the completed sales. ^_^
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16 March 2006 @ 08:21 pm
Official Saiyuki Shitajiki.
Never used or taken out of plastic
Official Movic [1003]
released 03/10/31

Official Fruits Basket Shitajiki.
(no back, clear!)
Never used or taken out of plastic
Official Movic [0100]
Buy both for $10 (shipping included!)

CDs (all official japanese releases!):

Malice Mizer - Mervielles *first press book type!* Make offers ^^;
current offer:$27
Moi dix mois - dialogue symphonie *on hold
Malice Mizer - Bel Air (3 inch) $8
Malice Mizer - Au revoir (3 inch) ~sealed~ $9
Malice Mizer - Gekka no yasokyoku (3 inch) ~sealed~ $9

m-flo - tour 2001 expo expo 2CD [digi-pak] {first pressing} $20
m-flo - the replacement percussionists [digi-pak] $15
both for $27

SOULHEAD - reflection (best CD) *promo cd $9
SOULHEAD - lover, knight, man *promo cd $5
both for $10

La Mule -kekkai~Glass shinkei to jigakyoukai~ {WHITE VERSION) $8

Kamikaze - Yakyuu ga koroshita
still sealed! $8
Buy La Mule and K@mikaze for only $10

Cure - Japanese Rock collectionz
Shoxx - shock jam vol 2
both on hold ***

hitomi - h - $8 *crack on case
AI - 2001 AI - $8 *promo/sample CD
Ayumi Hamasaki - Unite! - $6
tommy heavenly6 - hey my friend (first press)- $5 *promo/sample CD
tommy heavenly6 - love is forever $4
Buy all five CDs for only $25

Shipping is not included (unless specified!)
All items will be shipped from Canada :D
you can send me e-mails at delirious.asian [at] gmail.com ^^
payment methods:
concealed cash
money orders

I will trade for:
Dacco Plushies
Uglydoll keychain plushies
stuff from kidrobot/magic-pony XD;;
Kozi's Khaos/Kinema
English Manga:
Lies & Kisses
Empty Heart
Death Note
16 March 2006 @ 09:02 pm

Hello all! My friend recommended this community to me for selling my items, so I thought I would try it out!

I'm selling a few things on ebay at the moment which may interest someone~
It's a mix and match of Anime items really; Manga and Doujinshi in both English and Japanese. Titles include Final Fantasy VII, Saint Tail, Gundam Wing, Pokemon, Yami no Matsuei and more!

Any questions about items should be directed to me through ebay.

Thanks for your time! ^-^

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16 March 2006 @ 09:02 pm

MOON (Full album) - Gackt. In Perfect Condition. No scratches, dents, ect. Cover in excellent condition. - $20

SECRET GARDEN (single) - Gackt. In perfect condition. No scratches, dents, ect. Cover in good condition. - $10

LAST SONG (single) - Gackt. In perfect condition. No scratches, dents, ect. Cover in good condition. - $10

Prices do not include shipping. Please contact me with your zip code and I'll figure out the shipping costs. I accept paypal (credit cards or transfer...although I'll have to add a small fee to the credit card transaction).

16 March 2006 @ 09:16 pm
Oks, It's selling time again.

Right now I can only accept paypal and cash. NO moneyorders please. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or email me at lenore.ana@gmail.com

And please suggest a reasonable price.

Please buyCollapse )
16 March 2006 @ 11:02 pm
hide cards for sale $1 each plus 39 cents shipping if in the U.S. if you're outside the U.S. it'd be about a dollar

16 March 2006 @ 11:52 pm
all manga/anime is in english/or subtitled. all in good condition and most only read once.
Prices! $5.00 and down. (except yaoi^^;)
Read more...Collapse )
please if you do not intend to buy dont make the offer. Its not fair to others. feedback is loved. and happy shopping ^_^

Note: If you have a series or volume your looking for, ask I might have it in stock or know someone who does.