March 17th, 2006

lots of manga lots on eBay!

I have the following titles available on eBay now... at least 2 books of each title, and in some cases an almost complete series.

Sensual Phrase
Lament Of The Lamb
Flowers & Bees
Forbidden Dance
Marmalade Boy

I offer combined shipping on all these books, and I am also offering the media mail shipping rate as an option for buyers.

all auctions start at $9.99!
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Is anyone interested in a good-as-new Jlist hoodie? Comes form pet-free, smoke-free home in CO
I've had the white hoodie with the green emergency exit sign on it since I was in middle school, but I haven't really worn it since then. It's really cuddly and soft, size XL.
This is the only picture I have on my computer now, it's from like 2003 XD so don't mind the hair, it doesn't come with the hoodie! XD *has short hair now*
">Image hosting by Photobucket
I can get more pics if you want. I don't think they sell this anymore, I can't find it on their site! So here's your chance to get it! Please make a reasonable offer.

...I would do a partial trade for one of these jlist tees:
"Respect the Emperor, Expel the Foreign Barbarians"
or maybe even
"Beware of Perverts Reverse Version"

Thanks for looking!

And don't forget, my selling journal:

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Would anyone be interested in my Hello Kitty flashing necklace or Hello Kitty wooden sandals? Necklace flashes red when you press in Hello Kitty's face :) Mint condition. The Hello Kitty shoes are brand new and never been worn. The size ranges from a 7.5 to 8.5. Please let me know if you need measurements. More pics under the cut!

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Revolutionary Girl Utena Manga/Anime for Sale among other Older Goodies...

Hi! The newest item I am selling is the complete series of Revolutionary Girl Utena manga. This includes the 5 original books and the manga adaptation of the movie, The Adolescence of Utena, so that's 6 books total. I would like to sell them as a set if possible.

They are in perfect condition except vol. 2, which has about a half-an-inch slight bend right over the dark pink bottom bar of the book. I couldn't get a good picture of it to post, but it's only noticeable if you hold it up in the light and bend the book a certain way -_- I bought it from the store like that, so I couldn't tell you what happened. I'm asking for $40 shipped for all 6 volumes, and to buy them new it would be $60 not including tax ^_^

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These are other items I am selling, some of them had holds on them that lost interest so they are back on the market.

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Also, I will soon be putting up the complete Revolutionary Girl Utena series, which includes the box set of Season 1 (and the movie), 4 separate DVDs for Season 2, and the box set for Season 3. These are all Region 1 and OFFICIAL RELEASES. With the exception of 1 or 2 cases, the entire set is in like-new condition. If you are interested, please make an offer. The original cost of the set totaled to about $275, but obviously I am not expecting that :) Just something to keep in mind.

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Selling one ticket to the Dir en grey concert in New York! Will be sold to the highest bidder. Bidding closes Saturday evening, 10pm EST. Full details can be found here. My mom ended up not being able to go, and so I'm stuck with an extra ticket. ^^;;; I know there are a lot of people out there searching for tickets!!

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Credit to anyone who did this

I hope this okay..

A girl bought a GB Advanced for me and i have been trying to contact you by emails but i keep having the same errors if you read this
i wrote this:
o.o did you get my other emailed i sent the gba yesterday ^_^ here i put it on the transaction page.

and is weird i've been emailing you for days now and it said this =\

The following message to was undeliverable.
The reason for the problem:
5.1.0 - Unknown address error 554-': (HVU:B1)\nTRANSACTION FAILED'

thanks i hope is okay to do this..if not please delete it ~.~
fuck me pumps

J Pop/Visual Kei stuff for sale!

Hey All-
I'm moving and have a large collection of Japanese stuff to sell...Please comment or email if you want pics/details or to discuss price.

(items marked ON HOLD means they have been spoken for but not paid for)

Gackt Stuff:
"Just Bring It! Live Tour 2002" Book
"Kimi Ga Oikaketa Yume" Book on hold
Secret Garden CD Single
Gackt Moon CD w. Coffin Charm
Gackt Rebirth CD
Malice Mizer Ma Cherie Book/Single

L'arc-en-ciel/Hyde CDs:
Hyde- Roentgen (special edition with white leatherette cover) ON HOLD

Other CDs;
Judy and Mary- Fresh ON HOLD
Luna Sea- Mother
Luna Sea- Shine
Shazna- Gold Sun and Silver Moon
Shazna- Melty Love single
Globe- Departures Single
Shiina Ringo- Stem single
Kahimi Karie-My first Karie
Mitsuhiro Oikawa- The Encyclopedia of Desire
Tackey&Tsubasa Hatachi- Special Big Envelope w. CD and pictures
Smap- La Festa- MISSING CD! But will send booklet for cost of postage

Gothic&Lolita Bible Vol. 8 (2003) ON HOLD
FRUiTS #45 (from 2001) ON HOLD
Arena 37 No. 190 (IZAM cover, 1998)
Pop Beat October 1998 Malice Mizer Cover
Pop Beat December 1996 Glay Cover
CD Data May 1997 Glay Cover
Ego System Feb. 2002 (Kogal Mag)
Kera June 2003 (Tsuchiya Anna Cover)
Kera Maniacs Vol. 2 (Tsuchiya Anna Cover)

Bosozoku- photos by Masayuki Yoshinaga
Tokyo Love- Photos by Nobuyoshi Araki and Nan Golden
Clover #1 (Clamp)
Paradise Kiss #1

Seitekina Healing 1 & 2, VHS Shiina Ringo

Shipping is from USA (California). Paypal preferred!
Email me at
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i'm selling engish mangas, anime dvds, asian dvds (chinese, japanese & korean), movies, cds, books and other miscellaneous things... please click on the image for a complete list! thank you!

Sale! Sale! Sale!
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For Sale

I just put up a few items for sale over in my journal.

Yu Yu Hakusho DVD
Yu Yu Hakusho VHS
Inu Yasha Manga
Yu Yu Hakusho Manga
and a bunch of other stuff.

Prices are fairly low, and some can be haggled.

Thank you!
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Paypal is mine again and Jedi boot hunt begins again! Yippie! ^_^

Good news everyone! I will be getting my funds back! I just have to wait for the funds to return and the -15.97 balance to vanish and I can use my Paypal again. I just hope it's working at least by Monday.

Now onto the boots...

I am seeking a pair of boots like Obi-Wan Kenobi's from movies I, II, III.

*Tan, brown, reddish brown I would rather get color wise or black(I can always rub out the black color if I must)

Size: 9.5(or bigger but nothing past a 10.5)
Calf size: 17+
Boot size: Knee high
Heal: flat or a small heal
Shape of shoe front: Round only not pointy(unless I'm 100% desprete for them)

Here is a pair that I bought from the UK they are a size 9 but didn't fit my calf. I think it's a size 14 the calf. So something like THAT or close to it. If you need pictures of the boots like Kenobi's I can get you pictures.

The boots:

Re-listing goodies just for you!

hello there! i still have a few items that have got to go. they're fantabulous things, believe me. hehe ;)
so name your own price (please be reasonable) and PAYPAL ONLY. its sad when money gets lost in the mail. pictures of items upon request.

pierrot arm band (never taken out of plastic) (HOLD)
12012 "Increasingly" CD single (played once, great condition)(HOLD)
kagerou "zekkyp psychopath" dvd (viewed once, great condition)(SOLD)
malice mizer "au revoir" single release poster (good condition, some wear around the edges, tacked on wall, 3 years old)

chobits chii plush
princess mermaid by junko mizuno (english, good condition)
this book that's a collection of hentai shorts by yukarigawa yumiya, great art! little censoring (japanese, great condition)
how to draw manga- illustrating battles (english, a little warped because mushed in bookcase)
inuyasha seshomaru poster
yu yu hakusho kurama poster
naruto sasuke and naruto poster
megatokyo poster (signed, my name is on it)
magic knights rayearth chibi poster
(all posters have been pinned to my wall, but otherwise are in pretty good condition)
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Gackt poster

this is my first post here. i am trying to sell this gackt unofficial poster.

i will be selling it for 5 USD.(shipping not included) anyone interested can leave your comments. i only accept concealed cash.

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